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Lethalwow.com Exclusive Brittany Force Interview By Arron Carlton

"Getting To Know Brittany Force"

September 1, 2009 - Lethalwow.com
Brittany Force
    Name: Brandy Way
    Wrestling Names: XTC, Brittany Force
    Height: 5' 5"
    Weight: 130
    Birthday: August 10 (More Birthdays...)
    Hair Color: Brown - Eyes Color: Brown
    Trained by: Kato

    Titles Held:
    PWR Women's Championship, DCW Women's Championship
Official Site: Brittany Force's Myspace.com Page

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Brittany Force Brittany Force Brittany Force Brittany Force Brittany Force Brittany Force Brittany Force Brittany Force
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    Lethalwow.com got a chance to get to know independent wrestler Brittany Force much better, in an exclusive interview. I first saw Brittany in a match-up against TNA Knockout Roxxi (in which Brittany won by the way), and I was fairly impressed. In her two years in the business, she has taken-on recognizable names such as Roxxi (Nikki Roxx), Madison Rayne, Hailey Hatred, Sassy Stephanie and Nevaeh, to name a few. Among the subjects talked about in this interview was her beginnings in the business, her goals, numerous wrestlers she has worked with, and much more.

    Wrestler Brittany ForceArron Carlton: Hey Brittany, What have you been up to lately?

    Brittany Force A lot of wrestling, trying to get in as many shows and federations...wrestling as many female wrestlers as possible.

    Arron Carlton: That's good, how long have you been in the business?

    Brittany Force: I have been a wrestler for 2 years

    AC: How did you get started?

    BF: I began my career as a manager, while I was training and then here I am

    AC: What year did you begin training?

    BF: June 2007

    AC: Where did you train?

    BF: KCW (Keystone Championship Wrestling) with Kato, who is AWESOME

    AC: Kato?... Paul Diamond? or Ken Downs?

    BF: that would be Ken Downs

    AC: Was there ever a moment while taking bumps that you had second thoughts about being a grappler?

    BF: Absolutely not, sure I have been bruised and sore and borderline injured but never. I love this business and I love what I do.

    Brittany ForceAC: Who were you most inspired by at the time?

    BF: Beth Phoenix and Trish Stratus-seen Beth wrestle in the Indy's and she was just amazing, and the 1st Indy girl I had ever seen

    AC: Who did you wrestler in your first match?

    BF: Sassy Stephanie and Angeldust in a triple threat match at NEPW (New Era Pro Wrestling) in Ohio

    AC: Since then, who have been some of your favorite women to work with?

    BF: Nikki Roxx, Madison Rayne, Neveah, Hailey Hatred, Angeldust, Roxie Cotton, Lorelei, Sassy, Jes Havok, and Viki Gambino

    AC: Madison Rayne has done an interview for Lethalwow.com in the past as well...what do you think of the job she has done in TNA with the Beautiful People so far?

    BF: I look very forward to working with a lot more here in the near future. I also look forward to her current story line with the beautiful people, hoping she turns on them cause she is too good for them.

    AC: And Roxxi, another fan favorite here on Lethalwow, what was it like working with her?

    BF: Roxxi is an absolutely amazing person. She is an inspiration to not just the new girls coming up but to all of the women in wrestling period. She is a good friend and I just wish the best for her. Hope to one day see her in WWE. The match can be found on youtube and also my www.glorywrestling.com profile (Brittany Force)

    AC: Who have you not worked with, that you are looking forward to working with in the future?

    BF: Sara Del Rey, Daizee Haze, Portia Perez, would love to do some wrestling with Taylor Wilde and Victoria (Tara).

    Brittany Force AC: Who are some of your current favorites in the WWE and TNA Women?

    BF: Tara, Taylor Wilde, Mickie James, Beth Phoenix and Gail Kim.

    AC: How would you compare the promotions as far as Women's Wrestling is concerned?

    BF: Some companies encourage, and some are 100 percent against it, and to those companies who are against it, I say your loss. No big deal most companies love having a women's match especially with women who can go and who can get the job done

    AC: Is your ultimate goal to be hired by either of these promotions?

    BF: I would love to do some work with TNA.

    AC: Where do you see yourself in 2010?

    BF: Still wrestling, still working out hard, still loving wrestling and I will always be improving myself
    in and out of the ring. I will incorporate as many promotions and female wrestlers in as
    humanly possible

    AC: Any upcoming shows we should know about?

    BF: I have shows nearly every weekend - In September I have KCW, PWE, and PWR
    as of now.

    AC: Lastly, what is your advice for anyone who wants to get into this business?

    BF: Find a respectable, good trainer and work hard. Open your ears and shut your mouth
    Hit a gym-Lots of cardio-get in shape both physically and mentally. RESPECT

    AC: Thank you for your time!

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