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Lethalwow.com Exclusive Ashley Lane Interview By Arron Carlton

SHIMMER TAG  Team Titles

"Ashley Lane is living her dream"

October 19th, 2008 - Lethalwow.com

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Ashley Lane Ashley Lane Ashley Lane Ashley Lane Ashley Lane Ashley Lane Ashley Lane Ashley Lane

    If there's any woman on the independent wrestling circuit that reads future WWE Diva, it's Ashley Lane. On the surface that can be attested to her blonde hair, stunning looks and petite body, a mold that Vince McMahon deemed the ideal look for a Women's Wrestler. But too often we associate a sexy woman as being less capable in the ring, a stigma that the WWE created after throwing countless models and aspiring actresses in the ring who were not up to par with seasoned grapplerettes. There's a difference in this case though--Ashley is no model turned wrestler. She is has been paying her dues and honing her craft, all stemming from a childhood love for wrestling, in which she notes that her dream has been to be WWE women's champion since the age of 9.

    Wrestler Ashley Lane Ashley is most know for her stint in Shimmer Wrestling where she is featured in Volumes 15 through 20. There she tagged with Nevaeh, gracing Shimmer with her remarkable athleticism. She has already held the Ohio championship wrestling Women's Championship and is contending for the Shimmer Tag Team title. You can be sure that this girl will hold a number of titles within the coming years. While she haven't lived the dream of becoming WWE Women's Champ, she's living her dream competing in the ring and having the opportunity to do what she loves most as much as she can. In an exclusive Lethalwow.com interview she talks about working for Shimmer, Dave Prazak, Allison Danger, TNA, WWE, Shantelle Taylor, ODB, Tracy Brooks and much more.

    Arron Carlton: Hello Ashley, I'm glad that you took the time out of your schedule for lethalwow. com--You have definitely been developing a following here on the Internet and around the country. What has been going on with you for these past few weeks?

    Ashley Lane (Madison Rayne): Hi Arron, thank you for taking the time to interview me…the last few weeks I’ve been laying low a bit, giving my body a chance to recoup from the crazy summer I had…I’ve been doing a lot of studying lately though, and training, keeping myself in good ring shape and getting ready for shimmer in a few weeks.

    AC: Studying? Is this wrestling related or college related?

    AL: By studying I mean studying my craft…Studying different styles of wrestling…studying my future opponents and re-watching my own matches to learn from my past mistakes.

    AC: Earlier this year, there was some buzz about your being injured...was this true?

    AL: I had a minor setback in early august…nothing major, I’m back in the ring at one hundred percent right now, but I had a nagging injury that I needed to get taken care of while it was just that, and nothing serious. I missed out on a few shows, and was pretty bummed about that, but I’ve taking care of myself in the meantime so I’m as good as new now.

    AC: Would you like to elaborate on what this injury was or would you rather not?

    AL: I'd rather just keep a low profile on the injury. It was a small injury but it needed to be fixed before it became a bigger problem.

    AC: A lot of people took notice to you in SHIMMER Volumes 15 & 16, how has it been working for the promotion and what relevance do you see it having in the industry as we speak?

    AL: Shimmer has been an absolute blessing to me. When I debuted last November, I was one of the newest girls in the locker room. To have the opportunity to compete with some of the best women in the world and really show what I’m made of is awesome. I think they've got something really great there. They give women in this business a platform to showcase their abilities on, and it's helped jump start a few girls' careers! I'm glad to be a part of that!

    AC: Any thoughts on the man behind Shimmer; Dave Prazak and Allison Danger?

    AL: I can't say enough good things about the two of them. They saw something in me when no one else was ready to and the support they give all of us is incredible. Dave has an eye for good talent, and Allison is one of the most talented women in professional wrestling. Together, they run a pretty tight ship, and are a big part of why Shimmer is so successful!

    Ashley LaneAC: In Shimmer Volume 17, you and Nevaeh were defeated by "The Experience", Malia Hosaka & Lexie Fyfe. Malia, who has been wrestling since the 1980's, and Fyfe, a respected technician in her own right--did you realize the significance at the time? How was it working with these ladies?

    AL: I met Lexie at a show in Cleveland a couple years ago. She had no idea who I was, but she still took the time to give me a few pointers to help me along. I knew going into that match that Nevaeh and I had our hands full. They were all-around more experienced than us. We looked at it as a time to prove to ourselves and everyone else what we've got and although we didn't come out on top, I think we learned a lot from being in the ring with those two and coming out still standing at the end. I'm looking forward to the rematch.

    AC: Speaking of the 80's, former GLOW Women's Champion Lisa Morretti (Ivory) refereed a huge match in your career--tell us about that.

    AL: As if a first match doesn't make someone nervous enough, mine was at my old high school, with all my family and friends there, and Ivory as the special guest referee for the match! It was so much fun though. She was incredible to work with and she really helped us out that night! People say you never forget your first match, and to this day, I don't think there's been much, if anything, top that night.

    AC: In Shimmer Volume 18, you finally picked up a win in the promotion, you and Nevaeh defeated Lacey & Rain. In volume 19, you were victorious again over Cat Power & Veronika Vice. How has it been working with Nevaeh?

    AL: Nevaeh and I wrestled each other for two years straight, all over Ohio, before we started tagging together. By that time, we knew each other like the backs of our own hands. We are best friends inside the ring, and out. I think that gives us an advantage against other teams. We're like sisters; we're going to fight to the death for each other. We can read each other so well, I really think our chemistry in the ring is going to take us places.

    AC: You and Neavah will compete in the Shimmer tag team championship gauntlet. What are your thoughts? Is that a belt you will like to add to your championship list?

    AL: We have our hands full this time going into the tag team gauntlet. As a team, Nevaeh and I already have losses against two of the teams, and in my debut match, Portia and Nicole Matthews got the best of Lorelei Lee and I. We're coming into this match more focused than ever though. We've been pushing ourselves to the max. Since the last Shimmer show and I have a feeling people are going to see a whole new Nevaeh and Ashley lane this time. We're coming determined to wear the tag team titles home at the end of the night.

    Ashley Lane AC: Ohio Championship Wrestling also played a substantial part in your career. You are a 2-time OCW Women's Championship and have wrestling quite a few matches for the promotion. Enlighten those of us who are who are not familiar with the promotion.

    AL: Ohio championship wrestling (OCW) is based out of a small town in Ohio (Coshocton), where I grew up. I was trained there by the owner of the company, Jeff Cannon. They have done big things for my career. Giving me the opportunity to test my skills against some of the top names in women's wrestling (Shantelle Taylor, ODB, Tracy Brooks, Hailey Hatred). OCW is the first place I tasted championship gold as well! I guess we can blame them for my drive to hold another championship come October.

    AC: You've taken on or teamed with a few of the Knockouts, namely Shantelle Taylor, ODB and Tracy Brooks. Any matches, thoughts or experiences you care to share?

    AL: Those three ladies gave me a run for my money, I’m telling ya! ha-ha. Really though, when I think back, working with each of them taught me so much. Shantelle taught me how turn my size disadvantage into speed and fire. Tracy took me under her wing and some of her advice goes with me everywhere now…and my match with ODB helped me prove to myself that no matter how hard I get hit…and I got hit hard that night…that I can and will get back up and keep on going…they're awesome and I’m really happy to see all 3 of them where they are now.

    AC: With there now being a TNA Women's Division, and the WWE Division, is your ultimate goal to work for either of the Top 2?

    AL: My goal since I was 9 was to be WWE women's champion. It's a goal I’ve been working towards for 13 years. With the up and coming women's division in TNA now, it'd be living a dream for me to one day be a part of either of those companies.

    Lexi Lane AC: If you had to choose a career path of one federation, the WWE or TNA, to work for first, which would it be and why?

    AL: They both offer so many advantages that I’d be thrilled to have a contract with either one.
    TNA's objective from day one with their women's division was to get women in there whose passion is wrestling, and showcase beautiful women with incredible talent to the world. And they've done exactly that…WWE has gone through stages with their women's division, but I feel like it's at a point now where, regardless of whether they grew up with aspirations to be there, or have been signed by chance and in the meantime fallen in love with the sport, they have a good core group of women athletes as well.

    AC: A lot of people have said that you have the WWE Diva look and would make it in the WWE. What are your thoughts?

    AL: It’s flattering to me if people do say that, because the WWE divas are some of the most beautiful women in the world. I hope they're right, I hope someday I do make it. But until that day comes, I’m going to keep training, keep focused on what my goal is, and keep embracing every opportunity I get along the way. If I never make it to TNA or WWE, I’ve always said that getting in the ring at all has been a dream come true.

    AC: What are your goals for 2009?

    AL: 2008 was good to me…I achieved a lot and I feel like I grew both in the ring, and in my personal life…I feel with the opportunities I was given this past year…consistently wrestling for shimmer, getting a debut match with ring of honor…that it's made me even more hungry and determined than ever…fingers crossed, and god willing, 2009 will bring big things for me.

    AC: Where can anyone get videos or DVDs of any of your matches?

    Ashley Lane: Dvd's with me included can be found on the Shimmer website at www.Shimmerathletes.Com, at the OCW website (www.Ocwrestling.Net), and very soon, a compilation of some of my best matches, stay tuned for more information on that.

    Thanks again for the interview!!! Lethalwow. Com rocks

    Arron Carlton: Thank you for your time!

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