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Lethalwow.com Exclusive Allysin Kay Interview By Arron Carlton

Wrestler Allysin Kay

"Getting to know Allysin Kay"

March 2, 2011 - Lethalwow.com

Allysin Kay Photos:
Allysin Kay Allysin Kay Allysin Kay Allysin Kay Allysin Kay Allysin Kay Allysin Kay
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    Allysin Kay vs. Jamilia Craftf
    Allysin Kay vs. Jamilia Craftf:
    "WSU - "The Final Chapter" (Review)"
    Arron Carlton: What have you been up to in recent weeks?

    Allysin Kay: Wrestling, of course! I've been training, and doing a lot of studying, mainly of my own matches. Just picking up on what works, what doesn't, mistakes I may have made, things I should have capitalized on.

    Arron Carlton: I recently saw you wrestle in your debut for WSU, which was “The Final Chapter” Internet Pay-Per-View... very impressive match. What are your thoughts on working with Jamilia Craft?

    Allysin Kay: Thank you very much, I appreciate it. I wasn't as impressed with it, considering I lost. But Jamilia is extremely talented. I was excited to work with her and I was not disappointed. It was definitely a learning experience.

    AC: How did you wrestling for WSU come about?

    AK: I heard nothing but good things about WSU from multiple sources. I did my research, the promoter and I got in contact and a couple months later I debuted. I was relieved to discover that all the good things I had heard were true!

    AC: What other promotions have you wrestled for?

    AK: AIW, Beyond Wrestling, CAPW and MCW in Ohio, and BCWA in Detroit

    Allysin Kay
    Allysin Kay
    Tiffany Kelly Photography

    AC: How long have you been wrestling?

    AK: Just over two years.

    AC: Where did you train?

    AK: I was trained in Detroit by Mathew Priest & Bill Martel (BCWA).

    AC: For those of us who do not know much about BCWA (Blue Collar Wrestling Alliance), tell us a bit about the promotion, and how long did you train there before your first match?

    AK: BCWA started in 2007 in the metro Detroit area. We are currently running every Sunday out of Southgate and Flat Rock, Michigan. We're a featured attraction every summer at Vans Warped Tour & Rockstar Mayhem Fest in Michigan. For those who can't make the live shows, the website runs a live feed every Sunday...www.bcwaonline.com.

    I started training in July 2008. I trained for 6 months before my first match, but my training wasn't over at that point. Not even close. My training is still going on to this day. You never stop learning. Once you think you're good enough is when you start to slip.

    AC: Who did you wrestle in the first match?

    AK: In my very first match I wrestled Shavonne Norrell on December 28, 2008. My first match outside of BCWA wasn't until March 2010 when I faced Jefferson Saint at Beyond Wrestling.

    AC: Which wrestlers inspired you to pursue becoming a wrestler?

    AK: There are so many that inspired me in different ways and for different reasons. I'm not going to lie, I was a huge Lita fan back in the day. However, I wanted to become a wrestler way before I saw her on TV. It wasn't so much about any specific wrestlers as it was about the wrestling itself that intrigued and inspired me. But she definitely solidified my obsession.

    AC: Have you held any titles thus far?

    AK: Not yet! But I plan to change that very soon.

    AC: Tell us about your move-set, what moves should fans look out for when we watch an Allysin Kay match?

    AK: I really don't focus on moves. I don't like my opponents to know what to expect, so I generally don't stick to the same move-set. If an opportunity arises where there is a move that will benefit me, I will use it. But I primarily rely on my wits, size and strength... and joint manipulation. However, I am a fan of neckbreakers and have been known to use a variation of them.

    Shavonne Norrell & Chase Burnett vs. Allysin Kay & Cyrus Parker

    Allysin Kay
    Team Be Jealous
    Allysin Kay & Jessicka Havok

    Tiffany Kelly Photography

    AC: Who has been some of your favorite wrestlers to work with so far?

    AK: Shavonne Norrell and Jessicka Havok definitely top that list.

    Shavonne and I feuded for a year. We knew each other's next move with our eyes closed, which is where I learned to change it up so your opponent doesn't know what's coming. She's as tough as they come and is always down for whatever.

    Jessicka and I were in a heated feud for months, so we've seen the worst of each other. Now, we get along so famously. I've learned so much from her. We've come to find out we're so much alike, it's almost ridiculous. A lot of people ask if we're sisters.

    Another one of my favorite people to work with is a guy who wrestles mainly with BCWA and now Beyond Wrestling, KJ Crush. There's never a dull moment working with him.

    AC: Yes Indeed, you and Jessicka do look like sisters at times in the photos I have seen. She currently has her eyes set on the WSU Championship; however, what are your thoughts on seeing the tag team of Jessicka and Allysin in WSU?

    AK: Well, the answer is in the question. Jessicka indeed has her eyes set on the WSU Championship, and I support her 100 percent. Though we do make an awesome team, if I do say so myself, I have a different agenda in WSU as well.

    AC:Who have you not wrestled, that you hope to get in the ring with in the future?

    AK: I would love to wrestle Madison Eagles. I met her recently and am a huge fan of her work. But I have a lot more training to do until I'm up to her level.

    AC: What do you ultimately hope to accomplish in this business?

    AK: When I decided I wanted to become a wrestler as a child, my ultimate goal was to make it to WWE. Whether you agree or disagree with what they put on TV, they are the top of the mountain, the highest you can go. A lot of times when you admire something from a distance, you admire it blindly. Then, as you get closer and closer you see it in a different light. Your opinions change. A lot of my opinions and goals have indeed changed since I've been a youngin’, but I still believe that in whatever you do you should aim for the highest target you can possibly hit. My goal is to take my career as far as possible, and stay humble and respectable throughout. They say a trick to hitting your target is to aim higher, so I'm aiming to jump over the mountain.

    AC: Who would you want to feud with if you were signed to the WWE right now?

    Wrestler Allysin Kay AK: Either Alicia Fox or Michelle McCool. Both are very talented and the most entertaining to me. I think we could make it very interesting. Also, as far as Jessicka and I being a team, Team Be Jealous would love to give Lay-Cool a run for their money.

    AC: To all those aspiring wrestlers out there, what advice do you have for them?

    AK: Don't wait. Dn't make excuses, get out there and do it! Put everything you've got into your training. Training is more than physical, it's mental as well. Study, study, study! "Never give up" is so cliche, but no other broken record has ever proven to be so effective. Oh yeah, and don't be an asshole. Stay humble.

    AC: Thank you so much for your time, Where can fans find you?

    AK: No no, Thank you! My Facebook page is the way to contact me: www.facebook.com/allysin.kay
    I'm getting close to my friend limit, so if you have trouble adding me, you can always "like" my fan-page to stay updated with my shenanigans!
    Fan Page: www.facebook.com/AllysinKayFanpage

    You will also find me at:

    Other than that, catch me at a show!

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