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Women of Wrestling

    WCW World's Women's Heavyweight title - History

    Undefeated Champ: Akira Hokuto

    Height: 5'6"
    Birthday: July 13th, 1967
    Hometown: Kitakatsushika
    Wrestling Debut: May 28th, 1985

    On, December 29th, 1996, Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee: WCW Starrcade on Pay Per Per view, Akira Hokuto pinned Madusa to win the WCW Women's titles, in the final match of a Tournament.

    WCW Women's Title Tournament 1996
    Madusa Micelli___
    Reina Jabuki_____|          |
    Zero (Nagoya)____           |          |
                     |Zero______|          |
    Malia Hosaka_____|                     |
                                           |Akira Hokuto
    Kaoru____________                      |
                     |Kaoru_____           |
    Sonoka Kato______|          |          |
    Akira Hokuto_____           |
    Meiko Satomura___|
    Akira Hokuto then went on to defend the title, until it was vacated in 1997.

    Top Contenders:

    March 31, 1997 - Nitro:
    World Women's Champion, Akira Hokuto, pinned Debbi Combs

    April 6, 1997 - Tupelo Coliseum - Tupelo, MS
    Spring Stampede 1997 - Pay Per View
    WCW Women's Champ Akiro Hokuto beat Madusa

    June 9, 1997 - Nitro:
    World Women's Champion, Akira Hokuto, pinned Malia Hosaka

    June 15, 1997 - Mark of the Quad Cities Arena - Moline, IL Great
    American Bash 1997 - Pay Per View
    Women's Champ Akira Hokuto beat Madusa

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