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The 10 Most Influential Stars is 1998.

"Ringside Wrestling" Magazine - March 1999 - George Napolitano
Sable ranks # 6

    In the March 1999 issue of Ringside Wrestling, the cover story featured the Top 10 most influential Wrestlers of 1999. In a rank with top male competitors such as Goldberg, Strong Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and many more, Sable was the only woman to make the ranking at #6. 1998 was definitely Sable's year. - Lethalwow.com.

    "When reviewing the most influential people of 1998, the lovely Sable has to be included in the top 10. While the blonde beauty always had the look, no one had any idea she had the talent. After she beat up 'Marvelous' Marc Mero, Sable was looked upon in a much different light. Her altercations with Luna and Jacqueline proved she was not one to be messed with. The crowning moment in her career come on November 8th in St. Louis when she defeated Jacquelyn to win the WWF Women's World championship. Finally, Sable has once and for all proved she wasn't just a pretty face. In 1999, Sable should continue to be one of the top stars in the sport."

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