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Lethalwow.com Exclusive Danyah Rivietz Interview

By Arron Carlton
June 2nd, 2008, Lethalwow.com

    Height: 5'8" - Weight: 128 lbs
    Birthday: February 25 (More Birthdays...)
    Hair Color: Blonde - Eyes Color: Green
    Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
    Trained by: Rob Fuego & Johnny Devine
    Debut: May 15, 2005

    Titles Held:
    PWX Women's Champion (June 06 - April 07)
    3-time GCW W.I.L.D. Champion
    PWA Women's Elite 8 cup winner (February 24, 2007)
Official Site: Danyah's Myspace.com Page

Danyah Photos:
Danyah Danyah Danyah Danyah Danyah Danyah Danyah Danyah Danyah

    Shimmer and Independent Wrestler Danyah (Danyah Rivietz) AKA Danyah Rays joined me for an exclusive lethalwow.com interview. In the much anticipated Shimmer DVDs...Volume 17 & 18, Danyah teams up with Jennifer Blake to take on the The Experience (Lexie Fyfe & Malia Hosaka) as well as The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew (Lacey & Rain).

    Danyah is among the elite women's wrestlers that have come from Squared Circle Training... which includes Gail Kim, Angelina Love and Traci Brooks, Shantelle Taylor and Tiana Ringer. She quickly rose from a May 2005 debut to becoming a recognizable name in the Independent scene, taking on the best of the best in Natalya Neidhart, April Hunter, Sirelda (Jaime Dauncey) and many more.

    Wrestler DanyahArron Carlton: Hello Danyah, Thank you for taking the time to do this interview...how are you? I hope all is well?

    Danyah: I’m doing great! Thanks for interviewing me.

    Arron Carlton: It's my pleasure

    Arron Carlton: Numerous women in wrestling's past made transitions from fitness to wrestling, you share a similar story...how was the transition for you? In general, would you say that it is an easy transition for let us say, a fitness model?

    Danyah: It was an easy transition for me since I came from an athletic background, and grew up watching wrestling. Coming in, I knew what to expect. I grew up playing many different sports, and used cardiovascular activity and weight training to build the strength and stamina necessary for these sports. I also came from a Martial Arts background, and was a competitive kickboxer for four years before I started wrestling.

    It was my athletic and fitness base that allowed me to transition into wrestling so easily. I came in fit, strong, and fully aware of how hard the wrestling training was going to be.

    In terms of transitioning from fitness modeling to wrestling, thatís a completely different story. Just because youíre good with weights, cardio and nutrition does not mean you possess the athletic skills necessary to be a pro-wrestler. Itís one thing to sculpt your body, and itís another to learn to fall, roll, jump, flip, and learn the psychology of a good wrestling match.

    Arron Carlton: Approximately how long did it take training before you actively became a competitor?

    Danyah: It took about 10 months of consistent training before I had my first match. One of my trainers, Rob Fuego from Squared Circle Training, fully believes you have to be competent and confident in your skills before you step into the ring and perform. He wanted to be sure I was ready before allowing me to wrestle, and I thank him for that.

    Arron Carlton: You made your wrestling debut in May of 2005? Tell me about that experience.

    Danyah: My first match was a tag-team match at Warrior 1 Wrestling in Oshawa, Ontario. I teamed with Tiana Ringer against Shantelle Taylor and Cherry Bomb. The match itself went really well, and after experiencing the rush of being in front of a crowd, I knew that this was something I wanted to pursue for years to come.

    What made it special was that I was wrestling with the girls I trained with, and we were very familiar with each otherís repertoire, and we knew what we had to do to pull off a solid match.

    Arron Carlton: And what was the outcome of the match? Do you recall the specific date?

    Danyah: It was May 15, 2005. Tiana and I won with a double spine-buster to Cherry after some shady, under-handed tactics.

    DanyahArron Carlton: You've held numerous titles since your debut, which was the first and who did you defeat?

    Danyah: My first title win was for the Pro Wrestling Xtreme Womenís Title. I wrestled Cherry Bomb for the title.

    Arron Carlton: Do you recall any of the dates or timeframe of winning and losing the title?

    Danyah: June 10, 2006...I won the title from Cherry via schoolboy with my feet on the ropes.

    Arron Carlton: You've locked up with "Cherry Bomb" on numerous occasions since your debut...tell us about her.

    Danyah: Cherry is like a sister to me, and she's one of my best friends in and out of the ring. We started training together and have been close ever since.

    She is a very talented worker with tons of charisma. Wherever she goes, she is over.
    Arron Carlton: Who are some other notable ladies that you have had the privilege to work with?

    Danyah: LuFisto, April Hunter, Sara Del Rey,Gail Kim, Tiana Ringer, Traci Brooks, Angel Williams, Rain, Lexie Fyfe and Malia Hosaka.

    In terms of Ontario ladies, I love working Misty Haven, Cherry Bomb, 21st Century
    and Haley Rogers.
    Arron Carlton: Who is on your current list of women you would like to get in the ring with that you haven't had the opportunity to wrestle?

    Danyah: Allison Danger, Cheerleader Melissa, Nikki Roxx, Jackie Moore,and Awesome Kong.
    Danyah Arron Carlton: Speaking of Ontario, what's your thoughts on Trish Stratus?

    Danyah: Trish is amazing. I hold nothing but respect and admiration for her. She came in to the WWE as a fitness model, and worked her butt off to learn how to work. She had the look, and the talent. What I really admire about Trish, is that she continues to strive for things outside of wrestling. A lot of workers fade out and vanish. She continues to evolve and progress and always has something on the go. She recently opened up her own Yoga studio just North of Toronto, and had a great vision for it.
    Arron Carlton: Gail Kim, Traci Brooks, Angel Williams, Rain, Cheerleader Melissa, Nikki Roxx, Jackie Moore and Awesome Kong...we practically have the TNA knockouts roster listed...have you had a chance to catch TNA?

    Danyah: I watch TNA almost every week, mainly for the women's division. I know a lot of the girls, and many of them have helped me out by critiquing my matches and giving me advice. Gail, Angelina and Traci were all trained at the same school I went to (Squared Circle Training) so we share that in common.

    Arron Carlton: What has stood out for you thus far?

    Danyah: The women's division has definitely stood out. All the girls are different and bring variety to the show. I also love the fact that they hired girls who can wrestle and are not just models who were trained to do a few moves.

    Arron Carlton: How would you compare the TNA knockouts against the WWE Divas?

    Danyah: I love the TNA knockout division because all the girls can work. They're wrestlers first. I also love the fact that they chose women based on their talent, not just their looks. I'm a little soured by the WWE Divas as they consist of a mix of wrestlers and models, and the viewers are constantly forced to watch the wrestlers carry the models to a good match. At the same time, I know the WWE is catering to a demographic, and they're doing what they believe is best for business by hiring the girls they do.
    Arron Carlton: Are you still doing "Tha O Show"?

    Danyah: Yes, I'm still with Tha O Show. I contribute every once in a while, as my schedule is extremely busy. My main goal as a writer is to promote Ontario Indy talent and promotions.
    Arron Carlton: Ideally, what would you like to get accomplished within the next 2 years?

    Danyah: I would be honored to work for TNA. That's my main goal. At the same time, I simply love wrestling, so any opportunity to work and learn keeps me satisfied. I would love to travel, see the world, and work as many people as possible.
    Arron Carlton: Do you have any upcoming shows we should know about?

    Danyah: June is going to be an extremely busy month for me. I will be traveling a lot. Check out my myspace for dates www.myspace.com/danyah
    Arron Carlton: Where can anyone get videos or DVDs of any of your matches?

    Danyah: People can contact the individual promotions that I work for to buy DVDs of my matches, as well as view a lot of talented Ontario workers.

    They can also check my GLORY profile, and my myspace.

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