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Lethalwow.com Exclusive Kacee Carlisle Interview

By Arron Carlton
April 9th, 2008, Lethalwow.com

Kacee Carlisle
    Height: 5' 3"
    Birthday: February 11 (More Birthdays...)
    Hair Color: Light brown
    Eyes Color: Blue
    Hometown: San Francisco, California

    Titles Held:
    NWL/HoPWF Women's Champion;
    UCW Women's Champion;
    WXW Ladies Championship
Official Site: Kacee's Myspace.com Page

    WXW Ladies Champion Kacee Carlisle joined me for an exclusive Q&A session for lethalwow.com. We discussed her ranking on WrestlingClothesline.com's "Top 50 Women", World Xtreme Wrestling, World Women's Wrestling, Missy Sampson, OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) Women's Champion Josie, and much more.

    Wrestler Kacee CarlisleArron Carlton: Hey Kacee, how are you? I hope all is well?

    Kacee Carlisle: I'm doing very well. Thank you for taking the time to interview me.

    Arron Carlton: It's my pleasure.

    Arron Carlton: For the last couple of years, WrestlingClothesline.com's "Top 50 Women" has been an extremely influential list, honoring female workers in the United States, more specifically on the Independent circuit.

    In 2006, you ranked number 49, and in 2007 you moved up two spots to 47.

    Were you simply honored to be ranked among your colleagues? or did you feel that you should have been ranked higher?

    Kacee Carlisle: To me it's always an honor to simply be included in any type of Top lists. There are so many ladies on the scene right now, anytime you're considered one of top, it's something to be proud of. The Wrestling Clothesline's list is very well done, and for me to have moved up two spots in the past year is something that made me happy. It also gives me motivation to possibly move up the list again next year, if I'm lucky enough to be included.

    Arron Carlton: Which matches, opponents, or time spent in a specific promotion during 2006 and during 2007 do you feel attributed to you being ranked in each respective year?

    Kacee Carlisle: That's a tough question. I'm not sure honestly. I would imagine my matches at WWW were part of the reason I was included in the 2006 list. I hadn't met Bret prior to that, and I believe he bases the rankings on matches he's actually seen, rather than what might be the popular opinion. It's also possible my work with WXW had a hand in the 2007 list as well. I was lucky enough to have many matches for them over the year, and even won their Women's Championship, so perhaps that contributed to my move in the rankings.
    Arron Carlton: And this would be World Xtreme Wrestling and World Women's Wrestling?

    Kacee Carlisle: Yes
    Kacee CarlisleArron Carlton: What are some highlight matches and opponents during your history working for these promotions?

    Kacee Carlisle: I only worked a few shows for WWW, three to be exact. All the shows were very fun, and the ladies up there are all very talented.WWW has a very professional locker room, and I thought the shows were always put together well. Being on the WWW shows gave me the opportunity to be in a new "territory", as I hadn't wrestled that far north before. It was a very good experience.

    For WXW highlights have been working the past two Elite 8 shows (their annual 8-woman tournament). In 2006 I was in the tournament for the first time and was lucky enough to go all the way to the final round, where I ended up loosing to Mercedes Martinez.

    In 2007 I wasn't in the tournament because I am the champion, but I had a good match with Missy Sampson. It was my first time in a singles match with her, and I was happy with the match. I've really enjoyed working for WXW overall. It's been a great experience for me, getting to work two live TV shows, obtain more experience doing promos, etc. It's also a huge plus to have the advice and help from Pops (Arthur "Afa" Anoa'i). That means a lot to me. He has a great mind and a great passion for the business, so to have somebody of his caliber offering advice is, to me, priceless.
    Arron Carlton: The WXW Ladies Championship, as with numerous Independent promotions seem to have gaps in public records, you care to enlighten us on dates and opponents in your win and losing of the title?

    Kacee Carlisle: I won the title from Mercedes (Mercedes Martinez) in March of 2007. I was presented with the title on their 3/3/07 show, and was able to explain to the crowd that I won the title in a non-televised empty arena match. I'm still the champion today, and have held the title for the entire past year.
    Arron Carlton: You mentioned Brett Schwan,anything you'd like our readers to know, experiences or about him in general?

    Kacee Carlisle: I met Bret once, at the first WWW show. I didn't get to talk to him very much, and haven't seen him since, but he was very nice. I do know Bret is an avid supporter of women's wrestling, and a vocal one at that, which is appreciated my me, and I'm sure many others.
    Arron Carlton: How have sites such as WrestlingClothesline.com, Myspace.com and GloryWrestling.com been beneficial to your career?

    Kacee Carlisle: Well the primary benefit has been the increased number of people who become familiar with who I am, and what type of worker I am. Anytime fans, or others in the business, have the chance to read about you, see pictures of you, and learn about you in general is a positive thing. I've had the opportunity to work in several different states, for several different promotions, thanks to MySpace, GLORY, etc. The other plus is getting to meet and interact with fellow wrestlers and fans. It just gives you a broader view of the business as a whole, and allows you far more contact with people outside your immediate area who you normally wouldn't know of or have contact with.
    Arron Carlton: At WrestleMania XXIV, we got BunnyMania, Ashley Massaro & Maria Kanellis vs. The Glamazon & Melina Perez. Basically tying into Maria Kanellis's Playboy issue, much like the Wrestlemania women's match has in the last couple of years. How do you feel about this? What's your opinion on the tone surrounding the WWE Women's Division in recent years?

    Kacee Carlisle: Well, it makes complete sense to have the WrestleMania match tie in with the Playboy coming out, or vice versa I guess. It's smart business, and that's really the bottom line. Sometimes that's hard to accept, but it's true. The WWE Women's Division has had it's ups and downs over the years, in my opinion. I don't think it's as strong now as it was in recent years past. WWE lost a few very talented ladies, for example Molly Holly,Trish and Lita. WWE has tried filling those voids. There are several core women who can work,regardless of whether or not they're able to showcase that on tv or not. Overall, there will always be a place in wrestling for the "T&A" and for the "Workers". It's just a matter of finding a good mix. I think WWE is close, but not there yet. There are so many indy ladies that would be wonderful additions to their roster, it's just a matter of who gets that call and when, if ever. That being said, I also think fans of women's wrestling should just be happy that there IS a Women's Division, as good or bad as it appears to be. There were so many years without a women's match being seen at all, at least some spotlight is better than none.
    Arron Carlton: If you could have booked the WrestleMania XXIV Women's match, what would it be?

    Kacee Carlisle: That's tough. I think it's hard to book a women's match because the fans can be so split on what they want to see. I think Beth Phoenix is an awesome wrestler, she is beautiful and is able to really carry herself well in the ring. You can tell she has years of experience under her belt and a true love for the business. I'd like to see her in a match with either Melina, who I also appreciate as a wrestler, or somebody like Jillian Hall, Victoria, or Mickie James. All those ladies have a lot of talent and are able to not only look good, which so many fans crave, but put together a very solid match that could potentially rival some of the men's matches if done well and correctly.
    Arron Carlton: Have you had a chance to catch what TNA has been doing with their Women's Division since Gail Kim became the first TNA Women's Champion at Bound for Glory 2007?

    Kacee Carlisle: I have yet to see a TNA Knockouts match

    Arron Carlton: I would do an injustice if I didn't mention a couple of tremendous match-ups within the last few months...Gail Kim vs Awesome Kong at Turning Point 2007 and Gail Kim vs Awesome Kong at Final Resolution 2008 are great matches to start with.
    Arron Carlton: You have wrestled the OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) Women's Champion Josie, how is it working with her?

    Kacee Carlisle: Well I've only worked her once, about two years ago. I was very fun, Josie was very professional and really knows how to put on a great match. She couldn't have been sweeter, and I think we had a very good match. It seems as though Josie is doing very well down in OVW, I've heard and read nothing but good things about her time down there. She deserves all the success she has coming her way for sure.
    Arron Carlton: Who is on your current list of women you would like to get in the ring with that you haven't had the opportunity to wrestle?

    Kacee Carlisle: There are a few ladies I'd like to work with, if for no other reason then to just be in the ring with them and try to learn from them. Some of the first names that come to mind are Nikki Roxx, Sara Del Rey, Allison Danger, Simply Luscious and Malia Hosaka. Really, I look forward to working with anybody, since I try to learn from each match and opponent.
    Arron Carlton: Any upcoming shows we should know about?

    Kacee Carlisle: I actually have quite a few shows coming up in the next few months. The best way to see all the dates is to check my MySpace page or my Yahoo Group. I also have show dates listed on GLORYWrestling.com. The shows range from New Jersey to Florida, and points in between.
    Arron Carlton: Where can anyone get videos or DVDs of any of your matches?

    Kacee Carlisle: Unfortunately I don't have any matches online right now. That is a goal I've had for a long time and have yet to achieve. I do know that some videos with some of my matches from WXW are for sale either through WXWWrestling.com or RFVideo.com. The PGWA also has a full match of mine (vs. Sarah Lynn) available for download on their website, Ladysports.com.
    Arron Carlton: Lastly, do you have any advice for anyone who wants to get into this business?

    Kacee Carlisle: Have your own reasons for getting into the business. Don't do it just so you can walk to the ring with your boyfriend. The business deserves the respect of you actually wanting to be a part of it. If you can't or won't dedicate the time and effort to it that it deserves, please do wrestling a favor and stay on the other side of the railing. Women in wrestling have a hard enough time earning respect as it is. If you DO really want to be involved, train hard, and keep your ears and eyes open and your mouth shut. The only way to be respected in wrestling is to earn it.

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