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TNA women are a Knockout
- By Kirsty Wood
The SUN, 07 March 2008

    Awesome Kong JUST six months since its launch and TNA’s women’s division is awesome, with Kong leading the way.

    For years TNA had considered creating a Knockouts belt for its girls and at Bound for Glory the women proved why their own division had been long overdue.

    After a highly entertaining Knockout Gauntlet match featuring a mix of veterans and new faces, it was TNA’s leading lady Gail Kim who was crowned the first ever TNA women’s champion.

    Since her Impact debut in October 2005, Kim has become one of the group’s most popular performers.

    She started her TNA career managing some of the company’s biggest stars in Jeff Jarrett and America’s Most Wanted.

    As she became comfortable in her role, TNA let her show what she had in some fantastic mixed tag team matches.

    And TNA rewarded that dedication by making her the first queen of their women’s division.

    Gail carried the belt proudly and relished the opportunity to defend the belt against some very talented newcomers.

    She soon lost it to Awesome Kong though, the monster who has made the biggest impact in TNA over the last year.

    Standing 6ft tall and weighing over 200lbs, she isn’t your typical model WWE diva.

    But this doesn’t matter to the TNA faithful.

    Recognising her talent, the Impact zone has reacted warmly to the Japanese monster.

    Gail Kim She had the match of the night with Gail Kim at Final Resolution – losing to the underdog but taking her belt at the next Impact show after three Awesome Bombs.

    Destroying all in her path, she has come across as a woman not to be messed with.

    Another lady that you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley is ODB.

    Not just another pretty face, ODB has let her different style and look do the talking for her.

    She already has the fans chanting her name as she swigs out of her ringside flask.

    Her Dutch coverage served her well when she took Awesome Kong to the limit at Against All Odds before mistimed assistance by Gail Kim cost her.

    Another former OVW star that has made her way to TNA is Angelina Love.

    TNA Knockout ODB After being released one day after her OVW debut, Angelina landed a job in TNA just five months later.

    She has had some impressive showings alongside Gregory Helms’ girlfriend Velvet Sky.

    Known as Velvet Love Entertainment, these girls add sex appeal to the women’s division without needing to run around in bra and panties.

    Gone are the bikini contest days for Christy Hemme, Salinas and Jackie Moore, who along with Roxxi Laveaux, add diversity to the division.

    Another lady who has evolved from posing in the ring in her underwear is Traci Brooks.

    Now that she has ditched Robert Roode, this buxom babe is standing up to the man who used to drag her down.

    As well as contending with Roode, Traci has also found herself in cat fights with Roode’s new manager Payton Banks.

    A newcomer to TNA, Payton has show she is more than capable of mixing it up in the ring after many great catfights with Miss Brooks.

    The range of talent in TNA’s knockouts division has never been seen in women’s wrestling before and has become the most entertaining part of TNA television.

    With a triple threat title match set for Destination X between Gail Kim, ODB and Awesome Kong, the women’s division continues to go from strength to strength.

    Bound for Glory was the perfect stage for the debut of the women’s division as so far it has been a Knockout.

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