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The wiles of Wilson: WWE Diva Torrie Wilson reveals all—her secrets to success, that is

by Matt Berkowitz - Wrestling Digest, June, 2003

      TORRIE WILSON'S WRESTLING career actually began with the demise of a wrestling dynasty. WCW was in its waning years of existence when Wilson found herself backstage with a friend at a non-televised event.

      "I never watched wrestling. I didn't have cable growing up," says WWE Diva Wilson. "I was pursuing acting in LA. and went to a house show and got backstage because the guy that I was dating was a huge wrestling fan. He was pointing out who everybody was."

      Wilson was then presented an opportunity that would change her life. "One of the guys backstage asked me if I would like to walk out to the ring with Scott Steiner. I said, `Sure. Why not?' It was kind of a love-at-first-sight thing. Feeling that crowd all around me was an awesome feeling."

      A week later, the Boise, Idaho, native received a phone call from Kevin Nash, who was working as the primary WCW booker at the time.

      "[Nash] asked me if I'd be interested in a doing a little thing with David Flair for a couple months, and it worked out well."

      Wilson's life turned upside down. Before her time in WCW, she had a fledgling career as a fitness model and aspiring actress.

      "I was in L.A. doing a lot of fitness modeling and swimsuit modeling and stuff like that. I was taking acting classes," Wilson says. "[Wrestling] is the perfect thing, a mix of the two."

      Wilson was having a blast on the road. However, in the ring, it was a whole different story.

      "I really had no idea what I was doing when I got into wrestling. It was so foreign to me," Wilson says. "[WCW officials] would just tell me, go out to the ring. I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't know whether I was good, bad or what."

      Situations like that and the glass ceilings in WCW led to its eventual downfall.

      "[In WWE], a lot of the younger guys who are mid-card wrestlers feel like there is no glass ceiling for them. Everybody gets the chance to be a star, and everyone gets their title shot," she says. "That was not always the case in WCW. You have a lot more opportunity with Vince McMahon."

      In 2001, WWE not only brought Wilson to its main roster, the promotion taught her how to wrestle.

      "Fit Finlay has worked with the girls a lot in the ring. Johnny Ace and actually a lot of the wrestlers have been helping us out, too. It's a really hard thing for a girl to do, especially if you're not a tomboy. And I'm not a tomboy at all--so I'm always afraid of getting hurt."

      Torrie's boyfriend, Billy Kidman, is one of the wrestlers helping improve her in-ring skills.

      "Billy has helped train me. I've learned a lot from him," Wilson says. "The only thing is he's a high-flyer, and I'd love to be able to work that style. I'm still trying to get the basics down."

      On the road most of the year, Wilson has had to adapt to a difficult lifestyle.

      "Most of my friends are in the wrestling business or somehow related to the wrestling business. When I'm home for two days out of the week, the last thing I want to do is go out and make friends somewhere. It'd be nice, but it's hard," Wilson says. "I don't even get to see my family that often."

      Wilson does see several of her co-workers at home. Wilson is engaged to Kidman, and the couple lives close to most of the wrestlers on the WWE roster in Tampa.

      "We all live in the same subdivision in Tampa," Wilson says, while laughing about her choice of housing. "A lot of people say they couldn't handle [Wilson and Kidman] being together 24/7 like we are. But for us it works really well. I don't know if I could handle this being on the road by myself."

      Recently, Wilson was involved in her first big WWE angle, the controversial marriage or her real-life father, Al Wilson, to her in-ring rival Dawn Marie.

      "I don't think he looked at the kiss I taped with Marie at the pay-per-view. I noticed in the catering room when they aired the show he was staring at his plate of food," Wilson says. "We have kind of a weird relationship. He didn't exactly raise me. We're not super-close. So it was kind of easier for me to see him out there making a fool of himself."

      Wilson's experience in WWE continues to open doors for her acting and modeling. She models for all the WWE Diva photo shoots and was a guest on a Girls Gone Wild pay-per-view that aired in March.

      And yes, that's her on the cover of the May issue of Playboy.

      Wilson's come a long way, from a small town in Idaho to the top of WWE Divadom.

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