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  • June 2004: True or False WWE.com Feature
    Featuring Molly (Nora Greenwald) & Jazz

      1)Jazz: "False. Iím really not in to the Harry Potter movies at all."

      2)Jazz: "True. I feel that the womenís division has come so far that we could make a big, big name for ourselves if we had the opportunity to do a Hell in a Cell. "

      3)Jazz: "True. Itís going to be hot, fun, sunny. You can get out and have fun Ė walk around, do some things. Iím looking forward to WrestleMania 21 in L.A."

      4)Jazz: "True. I feel I can. I know I can. All I need is the opportunity.

      5)Jazz: "Thatís a tough one. False. She has so much going for her, I donít think sheís ready to settle down and be a housewife or mom right now."

      6)Jazz: "False. Evolution Ė there are so many of them, so Eugene will definitely be outnumbered out there. The only way Eugene could beat Triple H is if there is nobody out around the ring."
      Statement 1:
      Youíve seen, or intend to see, the new Harry Potter movie.

      Statement 2:
      Women should have a Hell in a Cell match.

      Statement 3:
      Los Angeles is a good choice to host WrestleMania 21.

      Statement 4:
      You will surpass Trishís record of five reigns as Womenís Champion.

      Statement 5: You believe the rumors that JíLo is pregnant.

      Statement 6:
      Eugene will beat Triple H on Monday Night RAW.
      1)Molly Holly: False. Iím not a big science-fiction fan.

      2)Molly Holly: True, as long as it doesnít involve me. (Laughs)

      3)Molly Holly: True. Judgment Day sold out, so people there obviously love WWE.

      4)Molly Holly: False. Because when I hold the title, I have it for a long period of time. I may not have it more times, but technically Iíll have had it longer. Iím not one of those champions who gets the title for a month and then loses it.

      5)Molly Holly: I did not know that was a rumor.

      6)Molly Holly: False. Because the other members of Evolution could get involved.

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