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Women of Wrestling

    1999 - WWF/WWE Women's Matches:

    - Raw - Smackdown - Sunday Night Heat - Saturday Nights -

    Spotlight Stars:
    (Rena Mero)

    (Jackie Moore)

    (Luna Vachon)

    (Joanie Laurer)

    (Terri Poch)

    (Lisa Moretti)

    1999 WWF(WWE) Raw Matches

      January 11, 1999:
      Luna pinned Gillberg
      The World Light Heavyweight Champion in aNon-title match.
      - Luna pins Gilbert after a cross-body from the top ropes.

      January 11, 1999: A 1999 Spotlight.
      Chyna won a "Corporate Royal Rumble."
      Chyna wins by throwing Vince McMahon over the top ropes
      Chyna's Biography

      January 18, 1999: A 1999 Spotlight.
      Chyna pinned Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco
      Face: Chyna
      Heel(s): Patterson and Gerald Brisco
      Chyna's Biography

      February 15, 1999:
      Jeff Jarrett and Debra McMichael vs D'Lo Brown and Ivory
      No Contest
      Face(s): Ivory & D'Lo
      Heel(s): Debra & Jeff Jarett
      - The encounter ends when Debra smashes a guitar over Ivory's back

      February 22, 1999:
      X-Pac pinned Chyna

      March 1, 1999:
      Ivory defeated Debra McMichael by Disqualification
      Face(s): Ivory
      Heel(s): Debra
      - Debra & Ivory catfight, untill PMS (Jacqueline & Terri Runnels) does a run-in, and Debra gets disqualified.

      March 8, 1999:
      Tori defeated Luna Vachon by Disqualification
      All this match entailed was Luna Vachon viciously attached Tori, and gets disqualified. Tori is attacked by Sable after the match, and gets her shirt ripped off.

      March 22, 1999:
      Women's Champion, Sable, pinned Ivory
      Face(s): Ivory
      Heel(s): Sable
      Short wrestling match, meant as a Sable warm up match before Wrestlemania, with some spots not going too well. Sable wins after hitting Ivory with a power bomb. Tori does a run-in after the match.

      March 29, 1999:
      Tori and Ivory defeated Sable and Jacqueline (w/ Terri Runnels)
      Face(s): Tori & Ivory
      Heel(s): Sable & Jacqueline
      - Sable hits her partner, Jacqueline in the back with the women's title during the match, causing Tori to pick up the win.

      April 12, 1999:
      WWF Women's Championship Match
      Women's Champion, Sable vs. Ivory vs. Tori vs.Jacqueline
      No Contest
      - Sable's body guard, Nicole Bass, attacked Sable's challengers Ivory, Tori, and Jacqueline, and the match could not precede. Tori is bodyslammed, while Ivory and Jacqueline are choke slammed.

      May 10, 1999:
      WWF Women's Title Match
      Debra defeated Sable in an evening gown match to win the Women's Title
      Face(s): Debra
      Heel(s): Sable
      Sable won the evening gown match, however, the commisioner reversed the rules, and awarded Debra the Women's title.

      June 7, 1999:
      Debra defeated Nicole Bass in a bikini contest

      June 14, 1999:
      WWF Women's Title Match
      Ivory defeated Debra to win the Women's Title
      - Short match, Nicole Bass provides a distraction, and Ivory roles Debra up with a school-girl for the pin

      July 12, 1999:
      Rocky Maivia, Jesse James, and X-Pac defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Chyna, and Billy Gunn.

      July 19, 1999:
      Jesse James and Chyna fought to a No Contest in a dog pound match

      July 26, 1999:
      Rocky Maivia fought to a No Contest with Billy Gunn and Chyna in a handicap match

      August 9, 1999: A 1999 Spotlight.

      Chyna defeated The Undertaker and Hunter Hearst Helmsley in a falls count anywhere match, to win the #1 contenders spot for the World's Heavyweight title.

      August 16, 1999:
      A 1999 Spotlight.

      Chyna pinned Hunter Hearst Helmsley
      Mankind pinned Chyna, to win the #1 contenders spot for the World's Heavyweight title

      September 6, 1999:
      Intercontinental Champion, Jeff Jarrett, defeated Jacquline

      September 6, 1999: A 1999 Spotlight.
      WWF Women's Title Match

      Women's Champion, Ivory, pinned Tori in a hardcore match
      Featured in WWE Women's Hardcore History

      September 13, 1999:
      Luna defeated Intercontinental Champion, Jeff Jarrett, by Disqualification
      Ivory hits Luna with a guitar over the head, to get Jeff Jarret disqualified

      September 20, 1999:
      Test and Stephanie McMahon defeated Jeff Jarrett and Debra

      September 20, 1999:
      Test and Shane McMahon defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Chyna by Disqualification

      September 27, 1999:
      Chyna and Debra defeated Jeff Jarrett and Tom Prichard

      September 27, 1999:
      The Fabulous Moolah & Mae Young defeated WWF Women's Champion Ivory in a handicap evening gown match

      October 4, 1999:
      The Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young defeated Miss Kitty and Ivory

      October 4, 1999:
      Chyna defeated The British Bulldog by Disqualification

      October 11, 1999:
      Women's Champion, Ivory defeated Mae Young by Disqualification

      October 25, 1999:
      Chyna and D'Lo Brown defeated Chris Jericho and Stevie Richards

      October 25, 1999:
      Ivory pinned WWF Women’s Champion the Fabulous Moolah (w/ Mae Young) to win the title.

      November 1, 1999:
      Intercontinental Champion, Chyna, pinned Stevie Richards
      December 13, 1999:
      The Kat, pinned Tori, in a "chocolate pudding match "
      December 20, 1999:
      The Dudley Boyz defeated The Acolytes and The Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young in a triple threat match

      December 27, 1999:
      Chyna pinned Crash Holly

      December 27, 1999
      Ivory and Prince Albert defeated The Kat and Val Venus, Jacquline and Viscera, and Gangrel and Luna Vachon in a four corners match

    1999 WWF(WWE) Smackdown Matches

      August 26, 1999:
      Evening Gown Match:
      Tori defeated Ivory (Women's Champ)
      Heel: Ivory
      Face: Tori, Luna
      Post Match: Tori continues to attack Ivory, Luna Vachon then runs down to the ring, and pulls Tori of Ivory, as she tried to calm Tori down.

      September 2, 1999:
      Chyna defeated Billy Gunn

      September 9, 1999:
      Hardcore Holly vs. Chyna

      September 16, 1999:
      Billy Gunn and Chyna defeated Hardcore Holly and Crash Holly

      October 7, 1999:
      Mud Wrestling Match
      Women's Champion, Ivory, defeated Miss Kitty
      Jeff Jarett would trick the WWF women's Champion into wrestling in a mud-match
      Heel: Ivory
      Face: Miss Kitty

      October 21, 1999:
      WWF Women's Championship
      The Fabulous Moolah vs. Mae Young

      November 11, 1999:
      Women's Championship
      Ivory vs. Tori
      Heel: Ivory
      Face: Tori

      November 18, 1999:
      WWF Women's Championship match: Hardcore
      Women's Champion, Ivory, defeated Luna Vachon and Jacqueline
      Featured in WWE Women's Hardcore History

      November 25, 1999:

      Gravy Bowl Match
      Ivory defeated Jacqueline

      December 16, 1999:
      X-Pac defeated Tori
      Heel: X-Pac
      Face: Tori

      December 23, 1999:
      No Disqualification Match
      Women's Champion, The Kat, defeated Ivory.
      Heel: Ivory
      Face: The Kat

      December 30, 1999:
      Hardcore Holly and Crash Holly defeated The Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young

      December 30, 1999:
      Viscera and Jacqueline defeated Gangrel and Luna Vachon

    1999 WWF(WWE) Heat Matches

      February 7, 1999:
      Women's Title #1 Contender Match
      Luna Vachon pinned Jacqueline
      - WWE Women's Champion, Sable, was at ringside

      February 28, 1999:
      Ivory pinned Jacqueline

      March 28, 1999:
      Pre-Wrestlemania Match:
      Jacqueline (w/ Terri Runnels) pinned Ivory
      Face: Ivory
      Heel: Jacqueline & Terri Runnels
      - After the match, Terri Runnels burns Ivory with a cigar.

      April 4, 1999:

      Tori defeated Jacqueline by Disqualification

      April 25, 1999:
      Mixed Tag-Team Match
      Val Venis and Nicole Bass defeated D'Lo Brown and Ivory

      May 30, 1999:

      Test and Tori defeated Meat and Jacqueline

      June 6, 1999:
      King of the Ring Qualifying match:
      Chyna pinned Val Venis

      June 13, 1999:
      Road Dogg and Ken Shamrock defeated Billy Gunn and Chyna.

      June 20, 1999: Four corners match:
      Chyna defeated Road Dogg, X-Pac, and Hardcore Holly.
      Chyna pinned Billy Gunn.

      August 8, 1999:
      Tori pinned Lexy Fife
      After the match, Tori is attacked by Ivory

    1999 WWF(WWE) Jakked Matches

      May 1, 1999: Shotgun Saturday Nights
      Tori defeated Jacqueline

      October 23, 1999: Jakked
      Luna Vachon defeated Jacqueline

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