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About This Site: Lethalwow began in 1999, and has been a prominent website featuring North American professional female wrestlers, managers, and valets ever since. Featuring women past and present from the independent circuit, WWE, WCW, LPWA, AWA, USWA, G.L.O.W, ECW, TNA, Shimmer, WEW, WSU and many more. Content includes results, news, rumors, reviews, spoilers, biographies, photo galleries, facts, women's wrestling title histories, rankings, interviews, videos, forums and much more.

Lethalwow's Mission:
In a male dominated sport, Lethalwow.com's mission is to cover the female side of professional wrestling, which is often overlooked.

History: Lethalwow began in 1999 under various incarnations of "lethal ladies." After being hosted by Geocities for 2 years, "Lethalwow.com" was registered on August 8th 2001.

-Arron Carlton: Arron is the founder, web master, and lead news-reporter (2005-Present) at lethalwow.

Anthony Soriente: Anthony worked as a graphic designer, and lead news-reporter at lethalwow from 2001 to 2005. Anthony was very instrumental in lethalwow gaining key viewers with his journalism, and providing web site consultation.

Contributing Reporters: Cornelius Wilson (pwrestlingnews.com); Kevin Werleman
    Special Thanks:

    Wrestlers & Valets.
      Biographical information, historical information,news submissions, and time for interviews.
    Wrestling Fans
      Various fans have contributed their time to Biographical research and news submissions.
    News & Rumors Sites
      What would we be without those sites with major inside sources?

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