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Posted on Monday, July 24th, 2017

WWE Divas, Battleground 2017 Results

Charlotte vs Natalya vs Becky Lynch vs Lana vs Tamina Snuka [Elimination Match]


As SummerSlam is fast approaching, and it’s the time when our best and brightest will showcase their abilities, we can expect that Naomi will be defending her Smackdown Women’s Championship. But we also need a #1 contender. And so for Battleground, we have the remaining five women of the Smackdown division - Becky Lynch, Tamina Snuka, Natalya, Charlotte and Lana competing in one match together to decide. And it’s elimination rules!

Winner and #1 contender: Natalya


We Smackdown fans haven’t been quiet about how we felt that this was pure filler for SummerSlam and the resulting match kind of was. It’s the third #1 contender’s bout we’ve gotten in about a month – featuring most of the same women at that. Just take out Lana, replace her with Carmella, add a ladder and you’ve got the same match from the last PPV. The match was okay in parts, but it was missing something for sure. I felt as if we skipped a proper opening and went straight to the middle. Suddenly everyone was down, and it was just Lana and Tamina in there with Charlotte. There seemed to be missing a big match opening – although I did pop for Lana throwing Becky into the announce table. The story of Lana and Tamina working together to take out Charlotte didn’t seem built up enough; a story could have been told from the start, but they didn’t convey that very well. And they picked the wrong two women to give the most ring time at the beginning. Lana I think is a great actress and a fine character – and she could probably be a decent wrestler one day. Tamina meanwhile is a decent character too, but the two of them are just not up to scratch. When I watched them dominating Charlotte, I just kept thinking of how differently Becky, Natalya or Carmella would have done it. The low points were Lana’s mistimed kick on Charlotte, and Tamina’s weak looking suplex. Both women have their strengths, but they weren’t played to at all in the match.

I wasn’t a fan of the rapid eliminations one after the other – first Tamina’s out, then Lana, then Becky. For one, it robbed Becky of a lot of ring time. For two, it prevented the match from really getting going. Don’t get me wrong – a mediocre 2017 match is still better than most of the stuff that came from the Diva Era – but the standards have been raised to a higher degree. Probably my only real ‘I loved that’ moment of the match came when Natalya jumped in, ran over Charlotte’s back and dropped her. The timing there was perfect. Everything else was just ‘meh’.

But we did get two very nice storylines brewing from this match – which admittedly was more about stepping towards future shows. Tamina got eliminated by Becky, while Lana did nothing. Lana may have just been too out of it to help. Or she may have been thinking of her own title opportunity. Whichever it was, I don’t think either option will sit well with Tamina. The Ravishing Russian is going to have to answer for her mistake on Smackdown. And Natalya of all people got the win. Natalya. The eternal supporting player. The spare part. The workhorse of the division. Granted in the last year, she did slip through the cracks when it came to the other Smackdown women. But she was involved in a MOTY candidate with Nikki Bella earlier this year, and she has settled into a nice role as the hammy heel. Her last title match was June of last year, and it’ll be interesting to see how she fares against Naomi. I didn’t have her down as a potential winner, but I’m very glad that it wasn’t someone more obvious like Charlotte or Tamina. Naomi and Natalya have impressed me with their chemistry in the past, and I very much look forward to seeing them duke it out on a bigger stage.

Grades time!

*Technical Ability: The match was rather ragged, with some very cringey moves from Tamina and Lana. The veterans fared better of course, but still a patchy match. 12/20

*Chemistry: No one really had any here. Even Charlotte and Natalya’s memorable chemistry from the past felt a little watered down. 10/20

*Creativity: Not a lot of that either, and the rushed eliminations were pretty predictable. Even the finish was rather weakly thought out. 10/20

*Personality: Lana thankfully shined in this area, as did Natalya. Charlotte…why must you continually forget that you’re meant to be a good guy out there? You made such progress last week. 14/20

*Overall Entertainment: Decent show but pretty forgettable. 14/20

Final Score: 60%

  • Francisco Baguer

    Wow, they did it, they finally gave someone else a chance at the spotlight and its Natalya. I’m really looking forward to Summerslam, as Natalya & Naomi will tear the house down in their match one on one. The thing is its needs be built properly and given the circumstances of Road Dogg writing the show and how he’s inferior to Ryan Ward in almost every way possible. Lets hope that with the match over, they can finally concentrate more on individual storylines and kill the trend of multi women matches. Congrats are in order of Nattie.

  • conan_kun

    Charlotte eats a pin against Tamina, Becky and Natalya in a row, if Asuka ends up on Smackdown, will she get booked as dominant as she is in NXT, though Smackdown always make all women equal.

    It looks fishy that Charlotte said she was willing to take on both Naomi and Natalya at SummerSlam for the title during Fallout video. Perhaps Charlotte said that she’s still own a title match where her last title match is interrupted by Welcoming Committee, force the match into 3 way at Summerslam. If not, Charlotte & Becky vs Tamina & Lana may happen.

    If Asuka ends up on Smackdown, will she get booked as dominant as she is in NXT, though Smackdown always make all women equal. At least it’s all but guarantee that she won’t get booked the same as she’s in NXT, like her fellow Japanese Shinsuke Nakamura never the same as he’s in NXT.


    updates? or have u stopped posting

  • Francisco Baguer

    @bobby_calloway:disqus whats happened to you? Where’s the updates? Is this site dead?


    could u atleast have the kindness to tell us ur taking a break or not posting anymore so we dont have to check the website every week

    • G.I.R.L.

      He has passed away

  • Francisco Baguer

    This site is dead unless he has gone on vacation

  • Francisco Baguer

    @bobby_calloway:disqus you might as well shut this site down if you have given up & no longer post.

    • G.I.R.L.

      He passed away

      • Francisco Baguer

        I’m sorry to hear that. How did you know?

      • Francisco Baguer

        How do you know?

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