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Posted on Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

WWE Divas, Raw & Smackdown Results


As we draw closer to SummerSlam, both our Women’s Champions have targets on their backs. Alexa Bliss was pinned in a tag match last week, and seeks retribution for it now – facing Bayley in singles action. The Smackdown women have a big #1 contender’s match to prepare for on Sunday at Battleground - but first a taster of Charlotte taking on Becky Lynch. You can bet the other women won’t be too far away either.

Bayley vs Alexa Bliss

Winner: Bayley


A tidy encounter between Bayley and Alexa. Far more enjoyable than their far-too-short match at Extreme Rules and quite satisfying. There were lots of little moments that really showed the chemistry between the two – such as Alexa rolling back while Bayley rolls forward to clothesline her. Perhaps Bayley was getting a little worried that management appear to be favouring Sasha now, and she’s putting extra effort into her Raw matches. And I have to say, I loved how Sasha took out Nia. Rather than just a generic ‘babyface makes the save’ moment, the spot they did was really creative. It looks like they’re doing their best to restore what damage was done to Sasha’s character last year. But now Bayley now has two victories over the champ. Sasha likewise didn’t lose her title match at Great Balls of Fire - so with a #1 contender’s match next week, things are falling into place for SummerSlam. But where does this leave Ms Nia Jax? Either as a fourth competitor in the match, or else in Alexa’s corner. I’m not entirely sure which one I’d prefer. I’d honestly rather Sasha just face Alexa by herself at the PPV. Sometimes WWE can go too far by trying to include everyone in the title picture. Alexa and Sasha are two very over stars who could tear the house down if given twenty minutes on the big stage. I feel a singles between them is worth of the SummerSlam card. After all, Trish vs Lita wouldn’t have been quite as special if WWE had been desperately trying to cram Molly Holly, Victoria, Jazz etc into all their bouts too. Poor Emma and Dana though; a potential storyline hinted at on the Great Balls of Fire kick-off show, possibly continued on Main Event and now forgotten on Raw. They’re really not bothering with those girls, are they?


Charlotte vs Becky Lynch

Winner: Becky Lynch

Carmella antagonises Naomi.


Smackdown delivered quite a nice show. In spite of their Battleground match being a rather repetitive one, the build for it this week has been fun. Starting with the match between Charlotte and Becky, it was probably their best yet. I remember at last year’s Royal Rumble they had an absolutely dreadful showing – with the main flaw being Charlotte not looking like she could keep up. A year or so later and their chemistry is significantly better. The reversals and grapples were each a thing of beauty. I almost wish they would get a higher profile showing, just to demonstrate this great chemistry. Sadly the one flaw was Charlotte’s behaviour. Last week I praised her for finally acting like a face in the ring. This week she regressed into her old tricks. Maybe she realised the crowd would automatically side with Becky? Maybe she just forgot? Maybe she just felt it was better to give the match a de-facto heel? I was happy to see Becky pick up the win, because it made her look very good out there. Charlotte is at the point where she’s already established as the four-time champion who had an undefeated streak on PPV. Her getting wins doesn’t usually do anything, since we’re so used to it. She put Tamina over last week, and Becky this week. So it shows that Smackdown’s booking team are wisely using her kayfabe legitimacy to elevate the girls who don’t have enough of it themselves. And it does help with hyping up Sunday’s match. The cards seem to be stacked in Tamina’s favour – what with her recruitment of Lana. We could however see a swerve where Lana fails to help Tamina win – and thus suffers punishment next week. In any case the match is one we don’t normally get, and I will enjoy seeing what the girls have to offer.

  • Francisco Baguer

    The stage is set for SD at Battleground. Surprisingly Becky won her against Flair Jr. Good for her, but I’m worried Flair is going pull out that shovel of hers and bury the competition in one match. You’ve got all these women who could use a shot against Naomi at Summerslam, but knowing WWE they will go the predictable route by giving you know who the win.

  • conan_kun

    Hope Sasha wins and faces Alexa again at Summerslam but it’s obvious that Alexa and/or Nia will interfere to end it No Contest, Alexa thought there’s no challenger for her at Summerslam. They should have done Sasha vs Alexa in stipulation match at Summerslam, keep Bayley away from title picture and let her restart from bottom like feuding with Emma.

    Raw writers and creative team should take note of SDL on how to book their women division, perhaps SDL throwing all woman into one segment is a lazy way, but at least all SDL women are used and more relevant than half of the current Raw women and being given something to do on TV.

    Raw only cares about Sasha, Bayley, Alexa and Nia while other women are remained on the shelf. See how Emma vented her frustration on twitter for not being used on Raw for weeks, they should have move Emma to SDL if Raw don’t use her, then she’s definitely in contender match instead of Lana. If Naomi is drafted to Raw since brand split, she will definitely be on the same spot as Emma, Dana and Mickie now on Raw, let alone the title run.

    Becky vs Charlotte is what a match should be, no shenanigans, no non-finish. If Becky has the right opponents with good chemistry, she will give a great match. I don’t like what they do to Carmella, they didn’t feature her too much when they keep Ellsworth off from her for 30 days, she only have around 1 minute backstage promo 2 weeks in a row, thus her momentum gonna goes to waste.

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