WWE Divas, July 13th Main Event Results – James Gang Meets Emmacrats
Posted on Friday, July 14th, 2017

WWE Divas, July 13 Main Event Results:

Mickie James vs Emma


It feels like forever since the women were given a match on good old Main Event. That’s not something to complain about – as it means they’re being featured on the main shows – but we’re happy to have them all the same. Emma made her second return of the year a few weeks ago, having been taken out with a back injury, and she’s ready to prove herself once again. Her opponent is the long time veteran Mickie James.

Winner: Mickie James


An okay match. Since the B-shows aren’t exactly a haven for the women like they used to be – and they’re actually getting time on the main shows – it makes sense that there’s less urgency to perform on them now. Mickie and Emma is a match we haven’t seen before, so it was good to get something fresh. There were some good parts – namely Mickie’s kicks, the powerbomb to take control and a few minor exchanges that were fun. Mickie is very good at what she does. She’s not as spry as Sasha, Becky or Bayley – but she plays her character well and wrestles as good as she did ten years ago. Unfortunately there didn’t seem to be much chemistry between her and Emma. The latter did her moves well, but she seemed stuck on slow motion. Playing a face was her default role for so many years, but I thought she grew into her heel role on NXT quite nicely. Now? In this match here, it felt like we were getting the Emma who didn’t seem comfortable. Granted she has been injured, but I really want to see more of that ruthless Emma we came to love. There is something special about her in the ring – both with her wrestling and her character – so I would love to see her tap into it for the main roster crowd to enjoy. Sadly she takes another loss, and with Alexa being the top heel, I don’t see that changing. We did however see Dana watching from backstage – so that does give me some hope of WWE picking up the story they started back when Emma first returned. Whether the story makes it to Raw or Main Event remains to be seen.

  • conan_kun

    Mickie and Emma deserved better than just a filler, they should have keep Mickie on Smackdown and move Emma to Smackdown. Though I hope this match to be on Raw, but it’s okay to be on Main Event where they have more time to compete, look like Dana gonna turns on Mickie and reunites with Emma if they continue thing starting from GBOF kickoff, since Dana is not too suitable as babyface and her dynamic with Emma is perfect as they’re back to NXT. When Mickie is outnumbered by Emma and Dana, she may get some woman to help even the odd like Alicia turns face to make them a veteran duo or Paige due to her history with Emma, but I’m afraid they won’t let Paige return after Alberto’s scandal.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Dana hooking up with Emma again might not be a bad idea.

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