WWE Divas, Mae Young Classic Qualifiers – Vanessa Is Borne For Something
Posted on Thursday, July 13th, 2017

WWE Divas, Mae Young Classic Qualifying Match

Vanessa Borne vs Jayme Hachey


It’s time for Match 2 of the qualifiers for the Mae Young Classic tournament. Newcomer Bianca Bel Air already qualified, defeating Aliyah to do so. Another newcomer Vanessa Borne - formerly known as Danielle Kamela – will attempt to qualify two. She steps into the ring with indie talent Jayme Hachey.

Winner: Vanessa Borne


And this tournament’s second match gets underway…and for the second time I’m left feeling let down. Vanessa Borne was thankfully less botchy than Bianca Bel Air’s disastrous performance, but she still didn’t impress. A look at her background states that she is a former dancer and cheerleader, and actually got some training under Rikishi and Gangrel at Knokx Pro Entertainment prior to being signed. So she has about a year’s worth of training – and it shows. Everything about her seems to be -50%. Her entrance for one; there was some personality shown but not enough. She made gestures as if she’d taken notes and was following a plan – raise arms, preen, gesture to crowd etc. There was a look but no character to go with it. Contrast with the recently debuted Lacey Evans, who is just as green but is in full control of her character. For a former cheerleader and dancer, her athleticism was pretty patchy. Any athletic spots she did either looked mistimed or half-assed. There was nothing really impressive at all. I can understand that she’s been injured for a while too, but it just goes to show that these NXT girls are too green to be given spots here. The decision to put Bianca Bel Air over Aliyah was a dumb one, and while Vanessa got through the match without botching, I’m not exactly keen to see her in action again. Just about the only solid moment was the double chop to the chest; that got a pop out of me. Jayme Hachey felt pretty bland out there. Not bad, significantly more solid in the ring than Vanessa, but not exactly a good showing for her either.

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