WWE Divas, Great Balls of Fire Results – Sasha Gets Blissed Off
Posted on Monday, July 10th, 2017

WWE Divas, Great Balls of Fire 2017 Results

Alexa Bliss* vs Sasha Banks [Raw Women's Championship]


WWE served us up the luridly named Great Balls of Fire last night, promising us a Women’s Championship match to go along with it. Alexa Bliss has been the champion for two months now, enjoying plenty of success since joining the Raw roster. Two weeks ago she witnessed a Gauntlet match to crowd her new #1 contender – and it’s The Boss Sasha Banks. She tapped out to the Bank Statement on last week’s Raw, so it remains to be seen if lightning strikes twice.

Winner and STILL Raw Women’s Champion (via countout): Alexa Bliss


I can remember the summer of 2014 very well. I remember hearing a report that a match between two NXT women on a house show got rave reviews, and even a standing ovation. Those women were Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks. Both at very different points in their careers; Alexa had just debuted on NXT television as the sparkly fairy princess, while Sasha was still very much in Charlotte’s shadow and putting over all the other women. They made it to TV of course, but those matches were short and hardly memorable. Alexa did get a title shot against Sasha while she was NXT Women’s Champion, but again she was still quite green. Now look at where they are; both multiple champions and the top two women on Raw. I wasn’t entirely as excited for the match as I should have been, mostly due to WWE’s half-assed attempt at a go-home show this past week. But this match was a nice surprise. It wasn’t too long, it wasn’t too short, it wasn’t trying too hard to be epic, and wasn’t lacking in anything in particular. It was a fun, spirited encounter that showcased what this generation of women wrestlers are all about.

The reports of real life heat have circulated around the internet since the spring. Whether they’re true or not, Alexa and Sasha did their darn hardest to make them seem true. Both women seemed to have brought a stock of extra fire in keeping with the theme of the PPV; from that stiff dropkick Sasha did in the opening, to Alexa’s brutal forearms this felt like a fight. If the real life heat rumours are true, then credit is due to the both of them for being professional and giving us an entertaining bout. The heat between Charlotte and Sasha was reportedly legit during their NXT feud – and at times it did seem as though their matches were more like routines that had been learned off by heart – but the chemistry here was the sort that just only appears when workers are on the same wave length. Just add Alexa to the list of women that Sasha works so well with. With regards to The Boss, I feel that sometimes she doesn’t get enough credit for how good a babyface she is. She is a great heel, yes indeed. But she is also a great face. It’s not like when Paige or Charlotte do it and they feel watered down; Sasha brings that right amount of badassery to still be a threat, while with enough virtue to make us root for her. And her selling…I cringed after she took that bump on the apron.

Speaking of which, I loved the psychology behind this match. Not just the obvious – Sasha having suffered back problems in the past – but the other layers to the story being told. It felt like there was a logical reason for everything each woman did. Alexa choosing to do the dislocated arm trick made perfect sense, because she’s already been beaten by Sasha. Alexa knows she can’t overpower her or match her tenacity – so The Boss must be outsmarted instead. Sasha played off the spot very well – showing that small bit of virtue, demonstrating that even she wouldn’t go after someone who may be seriously hurt. And her immediately trying for the Bank Statement made perfect sense from a story perspective; if Alexa is going to fake a dislocated arm, then she must have all manner of tricks up her sleeve, and it’s best to end things early before she can try something even more drastic. Even the count-out end worked; Alexa slapping Sasha to stop her from leaving the ring and breaking the count.

The finish was pretty logical. Sasha isn’t an underdog like Bayley, and a clean win over her would do more harm than good for the feud. They haven’t been feuding long enough for there to be anything personal between them yet. This rivalry still needs to be developed, and a count-out victory is a more than reasonable step to follow from. Overall this match wasn’t a MOTY candidate or anything close to five stars. But it was a fun showcase for two top women, and a very good opener to what could be the hottest feud of the year. We also saw Dana Brooke and Emma exchange words on the pre-show. I doubt that’ll be the hottest feud of the year, but a passable one is more than possible.

Grading time.

Alexa Bliss* vs Sasha Banks

*Technical Ability: Super stiff looking strikes and other moves. 17/20

*Chemistry: Even though it felt like a fight, it was in a good organised way as opposed to sloppy. 17/20
*Creativity: Brilliant psychology. No complaints. 19/20
*Personality: Sasha really sold the importance of the match and helped inject a story of her own in there. Alexa was fine too. 17/20
*Overall Entertainment: Not five stars but very entertaining nonetheless. 17/20
Final Score: 87%

  • conan_kun

    Alexa and Sasha brawl like they really hate each other, look like Sasha gonna tosses Alexa through the screen, Alexa’s punch to Sasha’s stomach looked hard without holding back and then slams her to the table hard like she gonna breaks Sasha’s nose. They may have rematch with some No DQ stipulation like No Hold Barred, Street Fight or Falls Count Anywhere which should take place at Summerslam, not on certain Raw where Sasha may win the title on Raw then lose at upcoming PPV again.

    Emma and Dana should reunite, perhaps they feud with Bayley and Mickie. Like during Mickie vs Emma on certain Raw, Dana turns on Mickie to help Emma wins, later Bayley helps Mickie even the odd.

    • Bobby Calloway

      I think Sasha was known for being stiff back in NXT, not sure if she’s gotten better now that she’s on the road full time.

  • Francisco Baguer

    Honestly it seemed really shocking that this match took place knowing the real life heat between Sasha and Alexa. They don’t follow each other on Twitter, and Sasha made disparaging comments on Raw Talk where she claimed Alexa doesn’t respect the business. I bet Alexa took offense to the comment and decided she was going stiff Sasha in the match. Those forearms strikes from Alexa looked to be intentional as she trying to break Sasha’s nose, like when Sasha broke hers on NXT. I didn’t like the conunt-out finish because it feels like it was tacked on last minute since knowing their heat, Sasha and Alexa didn’t want to lay down for the other or put each other over. They probably had a huge argument over who’d look the strongest, so WWE decided to do that finish so that they wouldn’t upset either girls.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Or y’know they’re just working the fans :P

      • Francisco Baguer

        Do you really think Sasha and Alexa would’ve been able to cooperate to do that? Honestly them having a shootfight would probably be better than the match, but I digress.

        • Bobby Calloway

          I mean the whole ‘real heat’ could be a work. Internet fans are known for being eagle-eyed, it’s entirely possible the two throwing shade at each other online has been part of the plan from the beginning. Back in NXT Sasha was famed for never breaking character so I would buy it indeed.

          • Francisco Baguer

            You think them not following each other on Twitter is a work? Sasha making shoot comments on Alexa is work? You can’t say there’s no legit hatred between the two. On NXT, Sasha broke Alexa’s nose and never apologized to her for it.

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