WWE Divas, Raw & Smackdown Results – Repetition & Suspension
Posted on Thursday, July 6th, 2017

WWE Divas, Raw & Smackdown Results


Great Balls of Fire is fast approaching, and we’ve got a Raw Women’s Championship match to look forward to. Alexa Bliss defends it against The Boss Sasha Banks. But before that, she must face the Boss in tag team match. Sasha naturally teams with BFF Bayley while Alexa recruits Nia Jax. Over on Smackdown, Lana will receive her third championship opportunity in a row against Naomi. We will also hear from the official Ms MITB - Carmella.

Sasha Banks & Bayley vs Nia Jax & Alexa Bliss

Winners: Sasha Banks & Bayley


Not overwhelmingly good build-up to our title match, I must say. The Gauntlet match last week was something different and I enjoyed how they crowned Sasha the #1 contender that way. But this is how they give her momentum? It’s starting to feel like a rinse and repeat scenario of the months leading up to WrestleMania - where it was Sasha/Bayley vs Charlotte/Nia every other week. Besides that, it felt like a bad move to put Sasha and Alexa in the ring so suddenly. This is the big title match we’re supposed to tune in at the PPV to watch – so why give it away for free on Raw? A better story would have been for Alexa to try and keep her distance from The Boss. It would also tie into her attempts to recruit Nia as a bodyguard. But they just had a standard tag match. They all worked decently together, but that’s a given these days. And what is up with how Bayley was booked? Are they trying to make her look weak? This is almost as bad as when AJ Lee had to sell being knocked down by the Big Show (except he barely tapped her). Let’s ignore the fact that NXT Bayley withstood a 30-minute Iron Man match and took it to Asuka. Not two weeks ago did she make a triumphant return and go through several women at once. This week she’s out after a little bump into the security wall? They really don’t know what to do with Bayley at the moment sadly. But I digress. With Sasha getting the clean win over the champ, that gives her the momentum she needs heading into the title match. Alexa’s still on a roll, so I don’t expect her to drop the title yet. She and Sasha can probably still have a good feud, and I’m sure they’ll do good things in the ring at the PPV. I just wish I was more excited for it. And I also wish the likes of Dana, Mickie and Emma were featured this week.


Naomi* vs Lana [Smackdown Women's Championship]

Winner and STILL Smackdown Women’s Champion: Naomi

James Ellsworth is suspended.


At first I rolled my eyes at seeing Lana being granted another pointless title match. But it was absolutely the right decision to make. I don’t know about all of you but Lana was selling her defeat in a different way than usual. She didn’t sell it as if she were a joke heel getting her comeuppance. She sold it in a way that evoked sympathy from the crowd. She’s a trained actress, so I feel as if she was hinting at a face turn there. Tamina arrived on the scene and bossed her around. I imagine we could see the start of a storyline where Tamina bullies and antagonises her, building up the audience’s sympathy for the Ravishing Russian. Lana is pretty green in the ring, and a face role might be easier for her. Plus the silly dancing character would probably work better as a fan favourite. I’m not sure how a feud with Tamina will work out for Naomi though. True they have history from their Team BAD days but pushing Tamina isn’t exactly a strong idea. She’s only a step up from Lana in terms of ring ability. But we shall see, we shall see. And the glowing title belt? Love it!

I also loved Carmella’s segment. I make no secret of the fact that I’m championing her 100% as Miss MITB, and I’m going to keep doing so unless she turns into Eva Marie overnight. Having Ellsworth taken off TV will be interesting to see. Their pairing hasn’t been traditional in the same way as Charlotte having her father at ringside per say. Carmella has never had any problems getting wins, until the MITB match. But with his interference there, it leaves her credibility in question. When she heard she’d be stripped of the briefcase, she got him the H out of there at once. It’s definitely got the makings of an interesting program; Carmella has a briefcase that could get her the Women’s Championship if she strikes when the champ is down. But she also has people questioning whether she earned the case on her own merits. So if she cashes in when Naomi is weakened, is that not just proving everyone else’s point? I look forward to seeing how Carmella evolves as Miss MITB.

  • Francisco Baguer

    Raw: All I have to say is Alexa will retain against Sasha, but I would like to see Bayley get involved and ruin the match by costing Sasha and turn heel. Bayley should be the one to turn heel because her character is dead. Sasha is over as face, while Bayley gets booed out of buildings and lukewarm reaction since Extreme Rules

    SD: Naomi wins a 10 second squash and finally ends the feud with Lana. Naomi obviously needed those wins to regain credibility after the whole welcoming committee shtick. With Tamina coming out, hopefully it will be Naomi vs Tamina for the title as the feud writes itself.

  • conan_kun

    Raw women division after Superstar Shakeup is simply Charlotte changed to Alexa as top heel then nothing much changed with Sasha, Bayley and Nia are still remained the focus along with Alexa, while other women are not getting screen time much. Alexa remains top heel champ like she was just a short while ago on Smackdown.

    How they make Bayley so weak that she gets carried to backstage and doesn’t return to continue, unlike Charlotte who gets assaulted backstage but still comes out and fights or Nakamura gets jumped by Corbin during MITB but still ends up coming out later. And why do they let Sasha overcome Alexa and Nia and win clean, at least it can protect Sasha even if she loses in 2 on 1 situation, now it makes us feel that if Sasha can beat them in handicap match, then she is in a must-win situation at GBOF.

    Why do Nia still team with Alexa after she said that she wanted Alexa’s title last week, not to mention Alexa walked out of her and Emma during 6 women tag a few weeks ago, they keep booking Nia as dumb heel who one time team with heel champ, then another time mentioning she threatening the heel champ. She should be frustrated and destroyed all women after she fell short last week.

    While on Smackdown, even Charlotte moves to there, she didn’t get instant push to be champ right away after she got a lot of accolade in the last 2 years, instead she’s taking backseat a bit in order to let Carmella breakout to be current top female heel, new addition Tamina also looked like a threat during 2 MITB ladder match. Current Smackdown top babyface remained unclear whether it’s Charlotte, Becky or Naomi.

    Look like Tamina is replaced Andrea (Sage Miller) role for being Lana’s enforcer during Lana’s NXT live event time or she wanna let Lana to be her manager, what if Lana brings in Sage Miller as her another hired gun to team with Tamina as female destructive duo.

    Naomi may not lose the title soon after she got her personal belt. If Carmella wins the title from Naomi, can she do like JBL destroyed US spinner belt, blow up Naomi’s LED light belt to add more heel heat for her

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