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Posted on Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

WWE Divas, NXT Results:

nxtApologies for the lack of NXT the last two weeks, but we’re getting a double dose of reviews. Last week’s NXT saw the much awaited return to the ring of Ember Moon – who is now medically cleared to compete and did so with one half of the Iconic Duo Peyton Royce. And on this past week’s NXT, Asuka will have to make up for the title match that never was against Nikki Cross. They brawled all around the ring and the arena, so it’s only fitting that they be given a Last Woman Standing match!

Ember Moon vs Peyton Royce

Winner: Ember Moon


I’m always relieved when our NXT girls get plenty of time to actually wrestle – and that’s exactly what they got here. This match wasn’t showy or overly lavish. It was a nice length and allowed two nice talents to showcase their abilities. I make no secret of the fact that I think Peyton is the unsung heroine of NXT. Even when she was jobbing to the established women, she produced fun and enjoyable matches – and always left me wanting to see more. While Billie Kay still looks a little awkward in a heel role, Peyton is born for this character. Every time I see her in the ring, I want to beg the NXT higher ups to pull the trigger on her – because she could become a breakout star. She controlled the match and used a psychology that was simple but so effective. Even in her little things, like the way she elbowed Ember’s shoulder to add some extra pain in the submission. She never gets enough credit for how gifted she is in the ring. The spot of the match was Peyton’s spinning heel kick to counter the handspring. But don’t worry, folks. I didn’t forget the other woman in this match. I’m a big fan of Ember too, and I’m happy that her injury wasn’t serious enough to keep her out for too long. She hasn’t missed a trick and looks as fiery and explosive as ever. I think people tend to get too hard on Ember when it comes to how she’s been presented. It’s not a knock on her; she wrestles good matches and does her best with what little she’s been given. It’s the booking and lack of character development for her that’s prevented her from really reaching the heights of which we know she is capable. It was the same for our Women’s Champion – who tore the house down whenever she wrestled but never got anything good from week to week.. NXT did something right with Asuka over the last few months, so I want them to do the same with Ember.

Asuka* vs Nikki Cross [NXT Women's Championship; Last Woman Standing]

Winner and STILL NXT Women’s Champion: Asuka


Can you say ‘Match of the Year’? Well certainly a candidate anyway. I praised the triple threat match from Takeover as being the first NXT match in ages to properly capture the magic we used to feel whenever the Horsewomen went at it. This took the good points from that and escalated them to the extreme. It blew the Alexa Bliss/Bayley match at Extreme Rules out of the water at the very least. I should preface by saying that I’m not normally a fan of Last Man (or Woman) Standing matches. Much like Iron Man matches, they’re hard to do right. The typical wrestling match holds its tension around near-falls and potential pins – most of which are fast paced moments. Last Man Standing matches require you to wait to see if the person will stay down for a ten count. Essentially it’s like a match where you can only win by getting counted out. So it is really hard to make those types of matches interesting or exciting. Whenever the TNA Knockouts have done one, the result has usually been pretty dull (see a terrible Madison Rayne vs Mickie James match from back in 2011). But we’re talking about one woman who was touted as the best worker in the company not too long ago, and another who on the indies proclaimed herself ‘Best In The Galaxy’. This was full tilt, balls to the walls action as soon as the bell rang. It felt like a fight, and the Last Woman Standing stipulation actually added to it – rather than detracted. Maybe it’s down to the way the match was put together, or how the women sold it – but waiting for one of them to get up before ten was edge-of-your-seat stuff. Although the result was known, due to it being taped, and anyone savvy on wrestling booking knew Asuka would be walking away with her title – damn if the match didn’t make you question whether Asuka might just have an off-night. Nikki was booked excellently coming out of this. This was definitely how they should have booked Ember going against her back in April – and she should be booked this way in their presumably upcoming feud. I feel like this will be Asuka’s last successful title defence. She has nowhere to go after beating Nikki like this. The next encounter will be the one to finally unseat her. If the booking is good, Ember will come out of it finally looking like a top woman.

  • conan_kun

    Look like NXT won’t give Billie and Peyton a serious push to become NXT women champ, perhaps move them to Smackdown, like Alexa and Carmella getting success on Smackdown without having to win NXT women title.

    Great match for Asuka and Nikki and last week probably the best ever week for women as women main eventing 3 shows in a row:
    Raw’s women Gauntlet match: 28:21
    SDL’s women MITB Ladder match: 24:29
    NXT’s Last Woman Standing: 26:00

    • Bobby Calloway

      Ember needs challengers when she becomes champ. Either one of the Iconic Duo would likely get that push.

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