WWE Divas, Mae Young Classic Qualifiers – Aliyah Needs To Try Again
Posted on Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

Mae Young Classic Qualifying Match

Aliyah vs Bianca Bel Air


The Mae Young Classic has officially started, and the first qualifying match sees NXT’s resident cutie and The Cat’s Meow Aliyah taking on a newcomer called Bianca Bel Air.

Winner: Bianca Bel Air


Wow, not a very good match at all. I wouldn’t even call it a match. It seemed more like a demonstration of various moves and holds for Bianca – with varying degrees of success. If I could tell anything about Bianca Bel Air from this showing, it’s that she is far too green to be given a spot in this tournament. Aliyah is far from a perfect worker herself, but she’s been wrestling for four years and can work a decent match that can even be quite good if she’s with the right woman. She was clearly holding back and limiting herself to make up for Bianca’s greenness. She kept her offence to mostly basic clotheslines, strikes and elbows – and Bianca bumped horribly off the ones she did early on. She sold the wheelbarrow victory roll awkwardly too. All of this adds up to a worker who is not ready yet. When she was on offence, it was a bit better. There were still glaring problems with how she applied her holds however; she didn’t make it look like she was actually working a body part or something. It looked more like she was demonstrating the positions you would be in to apply the hold for real. Aliyah isn’t exempt from criticism either. It’s the same thing with her – lack of personality. At least early on. She acted like a jobber and was treated like one in the opening moments of the match. She did thankfully fire up as the match went on, but she needs to step it up. That’s the one area where Bianca outshone her. She does have a good look and I imagine she’s a good character. But she is far too green to be in this tournament. Working shorter bouts or tag matches on NXT would have been a much better way to introduce her on TV.

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