WWE Divas, Raw & Smackdown Results – Gauntlets & Good Graces
Posted on Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

WWE Divas, Raw & Smackdown Results:


The last week saw a massive power struggle in the Raw women’s division. Seven women all can’t decide on who should be the one to challenge Alexa Bliss for the title at Great Balls of Fire. So what is the solution? A #1 contender’s match! Nia JaxBayleyEmmaDana BrookeMickie James and of course Sasha Banks will compete in a Gauntlet Match to determine Alexa’s next challenger. Meanwhile the Smackdown women will have a Money In The Bank rematch – as all five women who were in the ladder match will compete in another to determine the true Ms Money In The Bank. Rematches are the order of the day as Naomi once again puts the Smackdown Women’s Championship up for grabs against Lana.

Gauntlet Match To Crown the #1 Contender

Winner and #1 Contender: Sasha Banks


What an unexpectedly great showing. I did expect to get a #1 contender’s match, but I had a few fears that it would end up a mere battle royal or something uninspired like that. I suggested a Gauntlet Match last week not expecting to get it – but that’s exactly what we got. What a great idea; it allows for every woman on the roster to be featured in a way that a battle royal doesn’t really allow (you’re often too busy trying to figure out who’s who before they get eliminated). We rarely see Gauntlet Matches in the women’s division – usually because they require more time than the bookers would be willing to give – and I enjoyed it. Bayley vs Nia was a tidy encounter. We’ve seen them go for much longer on NXT, and they’re very familiar with each other in the ring, so they entertained for a few short minutes. Bayley did look quite decent coming out of this. She wasn’t squashed and she wasn’t dominated. Nor was she too overpowering. She looked like the underdog and left with her dignity. Mickie vs Nia was probably my favourite of the mini-matches – Mickie really pulling off some nice kicks. The crowd really popped for them. My favourite moment of the match was when Nia countered the DDT. She too looked okay coming out of the match – putting up a decent fight against Nia.

Dana Brooke? Poor girl. She was a joke as a heel and seems to have slid into that role again as a babyface. I don’t think it was a good idea to job her out so quickly against Nia. And it was even less of a good idea to do the same to Emma. I get that Emma is a heel and so shouldn’t be put too long against Nia, but this is the second time she’s been jobbed out since her return. Is it punishment for getting injured? Boy I hope not. Overall I think the decision to have Nia last the whole match probably wasn’t the best. I would rather have seen Emma pick up two early wins just to look credible – and then have Nia appear and dominate. There was certainly room for time to give the others a bit more. While I did love the work between Nia and Sasha, it did go on a bit. I enjoyed it overall, but I would have preferred some focus given to Emma.

Sasha winning was what I expected, but it was handled in a good way. Sasha’s character suffered a huge setback in the debacle that was her feud with Charlotte – and all the hot potatoing of the title. Having her be the winner of the Gauntlet served to put her over as The Boss we all know and love – and remind everyone that she is the badass of the division. I even loved how she took it to Alexa after the match. This feud has been anticipated since Alexa was moved to Raw, so hopefully it lasts longer than Lexi’s beef with Bayley. A SummerSlam bout could be especially juicy.


Naomi* vs Lana [Smackdown Women's Championship]

Winner and STILL Smackdown Women’s Champion: Naomi

Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Winner: Carmella


Rinse and repeat. Smackdown gave us an episode of rematches. Naomi and Lana’s felt especially pointless. Why give Lana a second chance only to squash her so quickly? Not that I’m saying she should have won; it just makes for odd TV. The only thing this accomplished was to give Naomi another strong title defence after a long period of losses. I wasn’t a big fan of the little gesture she did afterwards either; bit too bullying and heelish for my tastes, even if Lana did attack her from behind.

The MITB match was lots of fun thankfully, and just as fun as the first. Obviously it didn’t feel quite as high scale as the first, but it didn’t need to. Tamina was again shockingly everywhere. Throwing Carmella into the announce table, laying everyone out with Samoan Drops, struggling with Charlotte…she put herself forward and again made it look like she had a chance of winning. I wonder if being part of such a spirited and high impact division has lit a fire under the next generation girl? The other generationers – Charlotte and Natalya – took the big bumps and took them well. Charlotte took a great bump off one of Becky’s suplexes and I could hear the crowd popping for it. Natalya seemed to get lost in places, but she did at least do a nice discus clothesline. The bit with Ellsworth and Becky was of course a nice comedy bit, and gave Becky some nice focus in the match. They really sold her as the one most likely to win. But it was Carmella who won…again. I wasn’t surprised, as this match seems to have been put on just to appease the backlash from the first win. I’m overjoyed that Carmella is still getting a push, because she and Naomi could probably do something great. Now that the post Money In The Bank fallout is behind us, I look forward to seeing what direction storylines will take.

  • Francisco Baguer

    @bobby_calloway:disqus This week is a double review from me. As usual SD kills Raw because Raw is Dead and SD is the new A show.

    Raw: Jealousy of SD success in the women’s division, they try to outdo them a day before by having their match in the main event. A match that wasn’t even advertised until the actual show because Raw is trying to play catch up to what SD is doing. They have gauntlet match where a bumbling giant woman with 3 moves and gets gassed in 5 minutes, squashed and buried Bayley, Mickie, Dana, Emma, only to lose to Sasha via submission making her look weak. WWE killed the entire Raw women’s division in one match at the expense of Sasha and Alexa. Bayley needs to be off TV because her character is dead. Bayley need a complete repackage or turn heel.

    SD: MITB 2.0 where Naomi squashed Lana in 68 seconds. I’m happy that Naomi is still champion and hopefully she’s going to get over the hump of losses she had recently and have a good run with the belt. Then we have Carmella getting the briefcase back that she rightfully deserves and will soon be champion. With all this fallout finished, I hope that next week we can go in a new direction and have individual feuds again.

  • conan_kun

    Good week for Raw and SDL main event with Gauntlet match and MITB Ladder rematch.

    They should let Emma and Dana start first, Emma beat Dana, Bayley beat Emma, then Nia beat Bayley then Mickie in close fights, finally fall to Sasha. Nia almost doing a clean sweep will make the entire women division look weak. Now how do Sasha turn heel after she slayed the monster, Bayley being the first to get eliminated, so she turns on Sasha making more sense than Sasha turns on Bayley if Sasha dethrones Alexa. Bayley can be upset that the teens chosen Sasha over her as a reason.

    Good for Carmella winning back the briefcase since Charlotte and Becky can get into title match anytime soon without using briefcase to cash in.

    By the way I met some Raw superstars including Sasha, Alexa, Bayley, Nia, Emma at the hotel in Singapore yesterday.

    • Francisco Baguer

      I hope you had a good time there. I agree with your idea because Bayley’s character is dead and a heel turn against Sasha would really help her out in the long run.

      As far as popularity on SD is concerned, your wrong about one thing though, Becky got the bigger pop between her & Flair Jr. If only the latter stared acting more like a face or change her character then maybe she can get the kind of reaction Becky gets. Either way they are out now and Carmella is in the picture and soon be champion which is refreshing to see someone the other than a Horsewoman be on top.

    • Bobby Calloway

      wow, did you get to speak long to them or interact with them much?

      • conan_kun

        Not at all, they just walk past the crowd and wave to us plus security disallowed the fans to take picture with WWE superstars.

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