WWE Divas, Raw & Smackdown Results – Blissertations & Bexplosions In The UK
Posted on Sunday, May 14th, 2017

WWE Divas, Raw & Smackdown Results:


This week WWE has embarked on its biannual tour to Europe! And that means episodes of Raw and Smackdown broadcast live (well taped actually) from the UK. Raw has a stacked card for the English fans – as Alexa Bliss must do battle with her fellow Raw draftee and one of the women she insulted last week Mickie James. Luckily she seems to have struck gold when it comes to Nia Jax. You can also see The Boss Sasha Banks in action when she takes on Alicia Fox. Smackdown sees a continuation of the drama between the Welcoming Committee, as Natalya represents them going against Becky Lynch. Should be a good one!


Alexa Bliss vs Mickie James

Winner: Alexa Bliss

Sasha Banks vs Alicia Fox

Winner: Sasha Banks


Truth be told, I am a little annoyed in hindsight that Mickie/Alexa was never given much of a shot on the air. With Naomi’s injury and WrestleMania eclipsing anything in its sight, there just wasn’t time to split Mickie and Alexa’s alliance and give it any meaningful payoff. Now Mickie is competing as the secondary lady in Alexa’s feud with Bayley. I think this awkward booking has hurt Mickie’s image in the eyes of the fans. She got lukewarm reactions when she entered and was even booed a couple of times in the match. They warmed to her towards the end of the match, but I think that’s just from consistently good work in the ring. The next couple of weeks should have Mickie being given mic time and segments that explain her character to the crowd. Joanne and Cletus watching casually probably just think she’s still a heel, since she was helping Alexa a couple months ago.

The match between the two wasn’t as solid as their bout on Smackdown. The chemistry wasn’t there early on and, while things tightened up as it went along, the end looked very bad. Alexa won very weakly and it looked like someone may have missed their cue. But I don’t want to talk about the ring work. I want to talk about the crowd. Did everyone listen to them throughout this match, and what happened afterwards? The fans were way into everything Alexa did, they chanted for Bayley at plenty of intervals and even gave Nia a great reaction. She got very audible pops and boos when she attacked Mickie afterwards. It goes to show that while we may wring our hands and complain about WWE’s booking from time to time, the fans are indeed taking much more of an interest in the women these days than they would back in the PG era. I hope that they don’t just make Nia into Alexa’s bodyguard; they should put her into a full-on feud with Mickie. That will do the trick of setting Mickie’s character up on Raw, and continuing the momentum they started with this sneak-attack.

Alicia/Sasha was a little too short to be memorable, and the crowd’s attention was diverted throughout the match. So it wasn’t a great showing, although I do think Alicia and Sasha could probably really impress a crowd if they were given longer. The announcers played up that this was stemming from how much the two interacted in the 8-woman tag last week – so it is a plus that the matches are at least getting reasons to happen. And anything that gets Alicia TV time is fair by my book. It’s such a shame about Emma though; yet another injury killing her momentum. Here’s hoping it isn’t serious, and that she recovers soon.


Becky Lynch vs Natalya

Winner: Natalya


In contrast to last week, which pulled off the Welcoming Committee angle surprisingly well, this didn’t do much for me. Maybe it’s because this entire storyline is flawed in the foundations – since it’s yet another six woman feud involving a power stable. But I’m really finding it hard to get properly invested in this. I’d honestly rather we had separate side feuds going on. Remember last year in Division Therapy? I told WWE not to be afraid of putting just two women into a feud, and this is starting to read like “we have no idea what to do on Smackdown now so let’s just throw everyone out there and hope they make sense of it”. Wouldn’t it be better if it were just Charlotte feuding with one of the members of the Welcoming Committee – Tamina for instance? And if Naomi feuded with Carmella to really establish herself as Women’s Champion. And Becky could reignite her beef with Natalya. Don’t get me wrong; I’m happy that every woman is being used right now, but it’s hard to get invested. What’s the goal here? Sure we’re indefinitely headed for a big 6-woman tag, but what then? Do the Welcoming Committee challenge for the title? Do Charlotte and Becky? I’m sure Smackdown will work it out eventually but I’m finding it hard to get excited about this storyline. The wrestling was so-so between Natalya and Becky. Good chemistry but the match was very short. And what is up with the stupid finishes this week? Alexa gets a weak win on Raw, and now Natalya does on Smackdown? A roll-up is more believable than a tiny bump off the middle rope. The only silver lining seems to be that Charlotte might not be turning face after all – since she seems to be acting like the token evil teammate on the face side for now.

  • conan_kun

    Why do Nia always volunteer herself to team with champ like she did to Charlotte before Shakeup, can’t they book her to go after the title even if current champ is heel. Look like Alexa wants to put her leg on the rope as leverage but their position is wrong, thus makes 6 times women champ, a living legend with total of around 20 times champ in many wrestling promotions look so weak for losing by just a weak punch.

    During Sasha vs Alicia, I thought Noam Dar may interfere and help Alicia win. Because a referee didn’t notice Alicia’s shoulder is up, Alicia may want rematch against Sasha, this time she may tell Noam helps her win, then culminate into Noam & Alicia vs Rich Swann & Sasha in mixed tag match on 205 Live or Extreme Rules PPV. WWE may want to use Sasha’s star power to draw for 205 Live.

    Carmella should get title shot after she pinned Naomi last week, hope she can have it on SDL after Backlash. It looks weird for Charlotte suddenly cheering on Becky like she forgot her issue with Becky, like Roman teams with Seth when Seth didn’t even apologize about turning on The Shield.

    Dave Meltzer mentioned on the latest installment of Wrestling Observer Radio that there was a lot of opposition in WWE on the idea of turning Charlotte babyface in the first place because they believed it was not exactly the right time for it. It is very possible that she only remains as a babyface for a little while before she turns back to a heel character. Can’t they have long term planning instead of this back and forth, do the storyline half-heartedly then scrap it last minute. I won’t surprised that Charlotte may pull the Ric Flair turning on Sting during 6 women tag match, turn on Becky and Naomi once she gets tagged in for the first time since they always booked babyfaces too gullible.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Nia is a bit of a pragmatist. She’s essentially intimidating Alexa into going along with her until the time when she can make her play.

      • NMKPLG

        I want Nia to turn face. She was realy likeable on breaking ground and I feel like she is probs easier to root for than hate.she just doesnt kno how to be a monster heel

  • Francisco Baguer

    To answer the questions involving the SD angle: Natalya and her crew’s goal is to eliminate Charlotte and then have a title shot. Its a story of 3 disgruntled workers who feel that its fair that a spoiled pampered brat like Charlotte walks in and get a title shot night one. Even though I agree throwing everyone out there is bad, it at least has a built-in storyline rather than throw everyone in there for nothing. Once again for a babyface, Charlotte isn’t acting like one and it doesn’t even look like she’s trying. She’s supposed to be reformed and turned to a new leaf, but she is still the same boring and stale Queen character that she always is. WWE needs to repackage her because that Queen gimmick needs to die already. When a heel turns babyface, its time for them to change their gimmick and personality.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Perhaps she’s not going to turn face?

      • Francisco Baguer

        Are you trying to say that Charlotte will be the one turn heel and not Becky? It wouldn’t make sense, because why Natalya and friends be ok with Charlotte joining them when they want to take her out? For that matter, if she’s still heel, why team up with the faces then?

        Honestly, aren’t you tired of this stale character of Charlotte? She literally has received no development in her character since August 2015. She has the same moves, finisher, theme, attire and cuts the same promos. Don’t you think it would be beneficial to turn her face or at the very least change her character and do something different?

        • conan_kun

          What did you expect from WWE, they always do illogical things, like let Cesaro and Sheamus team up reluctantly, remember Brie reunites with Nikki after Nikki abused her a lot but Brie acts like she forgot about her issue with Nikki, Paige turns heel against Charlotte but then turns babyface outta nowhere and team with Natalya last year after she disrespected Natalya a lot.

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