WWE Divas, NXT May 10th Results – Riots, Crosses & Injuries
Posted on Sunday, May 14th, 2017

WWE Divas, May 10 NXT Results:


Last week on NXT we saw a massive battle royal to crown a new #1 contender for Asuka. The champ herself had other ideas however and attacked the remaining competitors. Not having the foresight, she was informed afterwards that she would defend her title against ALL of them at the next Takeover event. During Asuka’s attack, Ember Moon was seriously injured and her involvement is left in doubt. We will hear from her and the other participants Nikki Cross and Ruby Riot.

Ember Moon says she is out of the match thanks to her injury.

Ruby Riot and Nikki Cross are highlighted regarding their thoughts on the upcoming title match, which is now a triple threat.

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NXT can easily make me clap my hands one minute and wring them the next. I’ll start with the ‘wringing’ aspects first. I think we all knew that Ember would be removed from the match – since she was pulled from all advertising after the injury happened. That’s not what I’m complaining about. What annoys me is the utterly lacklustre way that WWE chose to do it. A brief clip of her saying “I’ll be back”? Why not have Asuka confront her backstage, say “I told you you weren’t ready” and threaten her even more? Y’know – something to give them actual heat. Especially since Ember has not even reacted on-screen to Asuka cheating in their title match. I said last week that WWE could use this injury as a way to inject some life into Ember’s character. But sadly that was not to be. Well there’s still time for them to turn this around, depending on how long Ember is out of action.

The clapping parts were the showcases of Nikki and Ruby. While I enjoy seeing matches take place, we can all agree that NXT’s main problem is the lack of character development in the division. And of course I’m going to say “yes, please” to video packages and segments that help us get to know our women. Ruby Riot’s was great. I wasn’t sold on her when she debuted, but she has completely won me over. I like the angle they’ve gone with her character; she’s different from the others but they don’t approach it in an obnoxious way like with Paige’s Anti-Diva nonsense – claiming she was better automatically because she was different. Ruby just says she doesn’t fit in but wants to be the best anyway. She comes across as a nice, edgy babyface and I’m fully behind her. More superficially, she spoke very naturally and miles better than Charlotte’s ghastly work on Smackdown this week. Nikki too is a character that we’ve seen before – unstable crazy chick – but it’s done in a different way. The attempt to interview her was great, and got her character across perfectly. After two Takeover events in a row where all we’ve got is bland matches to hype the championship up, this one looks like it’ll actually be fun. My money is on Asuka to retain, and she’ll finally drop the title when Ember returns from her injury.

  • conan_kun

    I dream for after Asuka kicks Ruby down, Sanity member like Eric Young hold Asuka’s leg, allow Nikki to steal the pin and win the title. Sanity will look so dumb if they didn’t even try to interfere on behalf of Nikki since there’s no DQ in multi women match plus they didn’t get banned at ringside like previous Fatal 4 Way. If Ric Flair can interfere for Charlotte, why can’t Sanity do that. I hope Asuka loses the title sooner the better or else it will damage the division with all women looked too weak after Asuka goes over entire women and hold the division back.

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