WWE Divas, May 3rd NXT Results – Asuka Says No One Is Ready
Posted on Sunday, May 7th, 2017

WWE Divas, May 3 NXT Results:

#1 Contender’s Battle Royal


NXT has been coasting for a while. Asuka is the longest reigning champion of the brand itself, and she has beaten them all. She’s been ranting and complaining about how there is no competition for her – and it looks like William Regal has a solution. Every available woman on NXT will compete in a battle royal to earn an opportunity at the NXT Women’s Championship. The complete list of participants are - Ember MoonBillie Kay, Peyton Royce, Liv Morgan, Aliyah, Nikki Cross, Ruby Riot, Lacey Evans (the former Macey Estrella), Sonya Deville (the former Daria Berenato), Kimberly Frankele, Rachel Ellering, Sarah Bridges, Victoria Gonzalez, Bianca Blair and indies star Candice LeRae. It’s also the main event!

#1 Contender’s Battle Royal

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No Contest


It’s quite the rarity to see battle royals for the women these days. Back in the ‘Diva Era’ they always happened, usually as an excuse to throw as many pretty faces out there as possible. That’s not to say they don’t serve a purpose, because when done well, they’re very enjoyable. The last time we got a battle royal was well over a year ago – before Asuka was even champion. It’s interesting to look at the division back then, and now. The major players in the division – Alexa Bliss, Carmella, Emma – have moved upwards to the main roster. Asuka eventually claimed the title, despite not winning the battle royal. Others like Eva Marie and Cameron would be gone within a few months. And the extras in the battle royal – Liv Morgan, Aliyah and the Iconic Duo – are now the ones leading the division. But one thing to compare this one with that is that Deonna Purazzo was the only woman from the indies involved. The others at least were all under contract – and Aliyah was the only one who hadn’t wrestled on TV yet. Here we have about four women who have been in the division, two who are still figuring out their characters, one who has just debuted and the rest are all a mixture of jobbers and indie girls. It’s a pretty big reflection of how shallow the division is when it comes to strong workers, and even shallower if you just go by the girls with developed characters.

But that doesn’t mean the brand is stuck for talent. There are plenty of girls just waiting for the creative team to invest some time and effort into them. I’m most impressed by Lacey Evans, who competed in a squash a few weeks back. She impressed me there with her personality, and did so again here. Her look is unique and she’s got buckets of charisma, so I want to see more of her. The girls from the indies were mostly there as filler, even Candice LeRae, which was a shame. But Rachel seemed to be quite over with the fans – and Aliyah got heavily booed for eliminating her. This battle royal was fun enough, and there were some really well thought-out eliminations. I will say that they did a good job of promoting the top women in the division – or at least making them seem like top women. Ember, Liv, Aliyah and the Aussies all got heavily featured in the match.

The ending segment was the cherry on the top. Asuka finally turned heel and it was glorious. It was so refreshing to see her let loose and brutalise those three. I don’t know if Asuka feels the same way about her title reign as we do, but it looked like she was relishing the chance to actually do something worthwhile on TV. It reminds me of when Gail Kim returned to TNA and let loose after years of being mistreated by the WWE. Hopefully Asuka’s time won’t be as terrible as the push that resulted for Gail. But anyway, we have another Fatal 4 Way announced for Takeover. This includes the unlikely duo of Nikki Cross and Ruby Riot. That’s not a bad move on NXT’s part – continuing their feud by having them compete in a championship match together. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nikki is the one that claims the title, but I doubt that would be best for the division. They’ve put over Ember Moon as the one that Asuka turned heel over in the first place – so she should be the one to win it eventually. However she has suddenly been pulled from the advertisements for the event. Clearly her injury is worse than we thought, and she won’t be healthy in time to compete. People assume this will be a triple threat now, which actually could work out nicely. Nikki and Ruby have been going balls to the wall, so putting Asuka in there could prompt some fun scenarios. They could even use this as a way to put more heat between Ember and Asuka – with the champ taking pride in injuring her. The fact that both the Aussies were left out of the decision also suggests that we may get a big tag match with them against Liv Morgan and Aliyah at Takeover as well.

  • conan_kun

    If Ember really can’t compete, will we see Peyton who is the last person gets eliminated before down to final three, at least trying to persuade Regal to let her replace Ember, of course Regal may reject her recommendation.

    Poor Aliyah getting boos because of NXT crowd is mostly smarks, they prefer indie guys over developmental guys, all because WWE turned NXT into their third brand more than just a developmental brand, now homegrown developmental guys getting lesser chance.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Yeah it was weird that she got booed just for eliminating Rachel. I really hate the Full Sail crowd. They’re easily the worst part of each show. I think Triple H wants to eventually do NXT tapings at other locations just to get away from the Full Sail smarks.

      • Francisco Baguer

        You do realize that fans have the right to cheer or boo anyone they want. How can criticize them for just voicing their opinions?

        • Bobby Calloway

          And you do realise that some fans just like to piss over people for the hell of it. Having opinions is fine. How you choose to voice them on the other hand

  • Francisco Baguer

    With Ember Moon injured, the title match is now a triple threat. Had Ember not got hurt, she probably would have won the title. I guess Asuka is going to have to hold the belt for a while until Ember has recovered.

    Honorable mention goes to when Candice LeRae’s involvement in the battle royal. When she got eliminated the crowd booed the match. Guess the crowd really loved her that much.

    • Bobby Calloway

      The crowd is full of smarks so she probably had a few fans there.

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