WWE Divas, Payback 2017 Results – Raw Is Bliss
Posted on Monday, May 1st, 2017

WWE Divas, Payback 2017 Results:

Bayley* vs Alexa Bliss [Raw Women's Championship]


So Payback is the first PPV to take place after WrestleMania - and thus it fills the slot of being the show to close the doors on most of the Mania rivalries, while also setting up new ones. It’s the latter in the case of the Raw women’s division. Bayley will put her Women’s Championship on the line in her hometown of San Jose, against Raw’s newest acquisition - Alexa Bliss. Ms Bliss earned the opportunity in a Fatal 4 Way two weeks ago, and has talked nothing but trash since. Let’s see if she can become the first woman to hold both the Raw and Smackdown Women’s Championships.

Winner and NEW Raw Women’s Champion: Alexa Bliss


Last night’s Payback was the first of many things – first PPV since WrestleMania, first PPV featuring the new members of the roster, and actually the first PPV in ages where we’ve only had one women’s match. I’ve become so used to having a secondary match either on the kickoff show or on the main card that it’s quite surprising that this is the only match to critique. But it’s hardly something to complain about when the match in question was given a respectable time of eleven minutes, and had been given a nice bit of build up for a two week feud. For a first encounter, it wasn’t half bad. True there was a lot of chinlocks, hair-pulls and basic stuff in there – but I think it worked in the match’s favour. Alexa has a pretty good moveset as a heel, and knows how to dominate a match without stealing attention from her opponent. And she executes her basics very well; all her punches, kicks, knees and clotheslines looked particularly vicious. There were several noticeable fumbles and botches hidden in there – but that’s understandable when the last time Alexa and Bayley worked together was last year. It’s a testament to their abilities that everything else in the match makes you forget the botches and mistimed moves at first. As far as formula goes, the match was put together very straightforwardly. And I think sometimes that’s what you need. It wasn’t an elaborate spectacle like Naomi vs Charlotte, nor was it a balls to the wall battle like Bayley vs Charlotte. It was a standard heel vs babyface encounter, Wrestling 101 style. Both women kept to the basics and executed them well, while occasionally busting out something beautiful like Bayley’s uranage. The Women’s Champion was booked very well in the match, just like Naomi was on Smackdown. She pulled out all sorts of tricks towards the end, selling that she had lots of ideas in her head to try and prevent a title loss. The finish – with the post shot into the DDT – was tidy and made sure both women looked good.

I doubt that anyone thought we’d be leaving Payback with a new Women’s Champion, but there you go. I’m in two minds about the decision, but I’m leaning more towards ‘yay’ for now. Mainly because Alexa is red hot as a character right now, judging from the fantastic reactions she’s been getting since the move to Raw. A loss to Bayley may have killed her momentum and made it harder for her to be taken seriously as a title contender – especially when she just suffered two clean losses to Naomi in a row on Smackdown. The fact that she got the win in Bayley’s hometown just serves to put even more heat on her – and Raw is in desperate need of a new top heel now that Charlotte is out of the picture. Likewise Bayley is the underdog, not the invincible hero. If she wins all the time, it ruins that. Trish Stratus had pretty short title reigns and dropped her belts to Molly Holly and Jazz quite quickly. Personally I would have liked for the feud to last just a little longer before Alexa won the title, but there’s no reason it has to stop right now. I hope they make a series out of this with about three more matches – ending with a nice stipulation. Should Bayley win the title back? Well we’ll see what happens. But for ages we’ve been asking for new blood in the Raw title picture and it’s finally happened.

Grading time!

Bayley* vs Alexa Bliss

*Technical Ability: This match looked quite stiff in parts – just showing how well the strikes have been perfected among these women. Bayley’s elbow drop looked much more solid here than at WrestleMania and Alexa’s DDT looked nice and impactful. 18/20

*Chemistry: Unfortunately there were plenty of awkward clotheslines, dodgy Irish whips and other miscues hidden amongst the great work. There’s potential for great chemistry; they just need more time to tap into it. 14/20

*Creativity: Alexa showed a different sort of creativity – do the basics but do them in a fun way. Hair-pull slams, shoving Bayley into the middle turnbuckle etc all done with a little unique flair. She played heel very well here. The match was simple but effective. 16/20

*Personality: Damn near flawless. Alexa is a perfect heel and Bayley is a perfect face. 20/20

*Overall Entertainment: Not a MOTY candidate or something I’ll be in a rush to watch again, but a fine match and one that showcased both women’s talents nicely. 17/20

Final Score: 85%

  • conan_kun

    I thought Charlotte gonna be the first woman to hold the Raw and SmackDown women’s titles before Alexa achieves that, seeing they make Alexa on the banner over Bayley and Sasha, prove that how high WWE is on Alexa. Now Sasha has no reason to turn heel against Bayley now since Bayley is no longer the champ, she may go after Alexa’s title since she can’t wait to be women champ once again. Will Bayley or Sasha win the title from Alexa before Summerslam then Bayley vs Sasha for title at Summerslam.

    • Bobby Calloway

      So that proves the ‘report’ that said WWE were souring on Alexa was complete…pardon my French…bullshark.

  • Francisco Baguer

    A really unexpected result but a congratulations to Alexa for the win. It’s been evident these last couple of weeks that the crowd was solidly behind Alexa. People have grown sick of the same Cinderella story promos and goody two shoes Bayley. Bayley was lucky this match was in her hometown because I think people would start slowly but surely boo her. I wonder if now Bayley will start getting booed or get a John Cena type of reaction as the crowd will start to cheer for Alexa against Bayley. Maybe Bayley could be the one to turn heel instead of Sasha which might be a stretch but it would definitely help Bayley out before the audience starts to get bored of her.

    • Bobby Calloway

      If it was Bayley’s first reign with the belt then I’d be more annoyed. But her NXT title win was what put her over as the big face. Everyone knows she’s a star so I’m happy that things are switched up a little. A Bayley heel turn could be interesting but as always we’ll have to wait and see.

      • Francisco Baguer

        Guess I should be happy with this direction. For the 1st time in 2 years someone other than the Horsewomen is Raw Champion in Alexa, while SD has Naomi as their champion.

  • Danii

    I must say Alexa is growing on me but I’m not completely sold yet. Idk why but I still see her skill set in the ring not being all the way there yet. I mean I know she’s a heel and everything and isn’t supposed to be too showy but still! I’m sure if I keep watching her, I’ll be a fan. The crowd loves her though. Hopefully she has a nice long reign and lets the ladies knock her around a good bit. I want to see a Bliss vs Banks feud! I wonder if the rumors about them having beef is true..?!

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