WWE Divas, April 26th NXT Results – Let Them Riot!
Posted on Sunday, April 30th, 2017

WWE Divas, April 26th NXT Results


It’s been quite the game of one-upmanship for a while between a certain two women on NXT. Nikki Cross has been causing trouble ever since SANITY formed, and her partners’ male adversaries seem reluctant to hit a woman in retaliation. Ruby Riot came onto the scene to even those odds. Although she lost to SANITY as part of the big 8-person tag at Takeover, she picked up a singles win on NXT two weeks ago. This week it looks as if Nikki wants to call Ruby out – and the two will face each other one-on-one. There is also big news regarding Asuka and her next #1 contender.

Ruby Riot vs Nikki Cross

No Contest

William Regal announces that we’ll have a battle royal next week to crown a #1 contender for Asuka.


A slightly more engaging episode of NXT this week. While the main roster’s side feud between Emma and Dana Brooke hasn’t exactly been treated well, NXT is treating this side feud between Ruby Riot and Nikki Cross very nicely. The NXT division still has lots of kinks to work out, but it’s getting there. I’ve been pleased with how the feud got started, and the way it progressed this week was a great step in the right direction. Nikki’s promo was fun, and she’s really owning this psycho character. I’ve noticed that some Scottish wrestlers – notably Drew McIntyre in his early days – have trouble cutting promos because of their thick accents. But Nikki doesn’t have that problem, and it shows that she’s put work into her promos as well as her overall ring presence. Ruby got to cut a promo too, and I enjoyed it. I actually really enjoyed it. I wasn’t entirely sure about her when she debuted, but I’ve warmed to her now. The pull-apart brawl and the match not even getting started was the icing on the cake. It shows that NXT is capable of booking a good women’s feud if they want to. This little program has been better written and booked than Asuka’s feuds with Mickie James and Ember Moon put together. Speaking of our Women’s Champion, she’ll have a new #1 contender next week. And she didn’t seem too happy about it. I hope this is the indicator that Asuka is properly going heel – because I think the division needs it. Roll on, next week!

We also got to see our newest backstage interviewer Christy St Cloud. Christy has been working as part of Lilian Garcia’s podcast ‘Making Their Way To The Ring’ and was recently hired. Welcome to the WWE, Christy!

  • conan_kun

    Ruby and Nikki storyline is alike old school women brawling involving Luna against Sable. Ember in sling means that she is legit injured, hope she is cleared to wrestle at NXT Takeover Chicago

    • Bobby Calloway

      She was injured at the tapings wasn’t she? If it doesn’t heel then they might have to write her out of it.

      • Francisco Baguer

        Judging from the tapings: there will be a 4 way between Asuka, Ember, Ruby, and Nikki. This will be done primarily to have Ember win the title while keeping Asuka’s undefeated streak intact. I have feeling Asuka will face Ember one more time before she goes to the main roster. By this point Asuka should be a full fledged heel.

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