WWE Divas, April 19th NXT Results – Aliyah’s Purrrfect Victory
Posted on Thursday, April 20th, 2017

WWE Divas, April 19 NXT Results

Billie Kay & Peyton Royce vs Liv Morgan & Aliyah


Last week on NXT we saw the Iconic Duo of Billie Kay and Peyton Royce once again finding a way to pick on Aliyah after Peyton defeated her two weeks ago. Billie got shoved into an ice bath by Liv Morgan for her troubles. So following WWE’s logic, the Aussies will both be meeting Liv and Aliyah in the ring in tag team action.

Winners: Liv Morgan & Aliyah


The spoiler reports took the time to say this match was ‘sloppy’. I beg to differ, although the rolly-polly pin Liv did wasn’t as crisp as it could have been. I quite enjoyed this, and I liked seeing all these four getting a chance to showcase their tag team wrestling. I always say there is an art to it, and all four seem to be embracing that. The Iconic Duo are a team, and they’re working on coming up with some good chemistry and double teams in the ring. That double knee drop to Aliyah’s arms was a really great idea and I hope they use that one again. The prissy LayCool mannerisms I could do without however – but I’ve already given my criticisms of those. Liv and Aliyah look as if they’re trying to co-ordinate themselves somewhat with tights that look a bit alike. It’s a nice touch; they’re friends but not an actual tag team so it looks like a good fit. This is Aliyah’s second appearance as “The Cat’s Meow” and I like the look, like the entrance theme but I still feel like she needs to do something more in her entrance. Liv’s entrance by contrast is hers, and you get the character straight away. Aliyah unfortunately still seems like a jobber with a fancier look. Once she’s in the ring, she looks a bit better. The little spots in this match were the ones that I really liked; Liv doing the Matrix dodge and sliding into the pin, as well as Aliyah sliding under Billie only to get punched in the face. Aliyah, Billie and Peyton are very gifted wrestlers and Liv is ever improving – so it’s just a shame this match was so short. I just feel as if these ladies could go out there for ten minutes and impress the crowd. I’d love for them to get a bigger tag match at the next Takeover because they’re clearly working hard towards something. If only the creative team were doing the same.

  • conan_kun

    Billie and Peyton keep trading wins and losses against Liv and Aliyah, look like NXT writer and creative team are not pushing them seriously. If they move to SD, will former NXT writer Ryan Ward book them better like Alexa became a star thank to her on SD.

    • Bobby Calloway

      I like that Liv and Aliyah are getting built up but some kind of storyline direction would be nice.


    I wish Peyton and billie could just stop with the prissy girl act. I loved how they were before -- just strong, fierce lethal bitches. they unfortunatly now appear weak and more like jobbers to the other girls than a serious threat and peyton get rid of those hideous white boots and wear some black ones!!!!!!!!!

    • Bobby Calloway

      Yeah their badass serious heel schtick where they were bullying Liv and attacking her on the stage was way better. Can’t see why they opted to switch to this prissy character instead.

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