WWE Divas, April 13th NXT Results – Nikki Predicts A Riot
Posted on Thursday, April 13th, 2017

WWE Divas, April 13th NXT Results

Ruby Riot vs Kimberly Frankele


So we’re two weeks removed from Takeover where Asuka retained her title yet again. But let’s also not forget that we had another debut on the show. Ruby Riot arrived with a bang to help even the odds with Kassius Ohno, Roderick Strong and Tye Dillinger against SANITY – and had no problem giving Nikki Cross the old one-two. This week Ruby Riot will compete in her first NXT singles match. Her opponent is the former Kimber Lee - Kimberly Frankele.

Winner: Ruby Riot


Ah, NXT. No more continuation of the feud between Asuka and Ember Moon and no word on what the title picture is going to be like. But thankfully there was a feud that got continued this week. The match was quite short but thankfully not too squashy. I didn’t get a good enough handle on Ruby Riot at Takeover – but this was a better showcase of her abilities. I’m definitely far more sold on her now than I was at Takeover. Kimberly too performed very well, and these two produced a nice little match. She didn’t feel like a jobber anyway. Presumably she’ll get her time and be given the primping and polishing that all the other NXT girls get eventually. I actually quite liked the presence of Nikki at ringside – and especially that they didn’t go for the obvious route of the babyface being too dumb to not get distracted. This win now evens the momentum between Nikki and Ruby, and I am genuinely interested to see how things will unfold. Nikki has been doing very well as part of SANITY – but it is time that she got more action in the ring. Alas that’s pretty much all there is to talk about on NXT at this stage. They’re still rebuilding the division and they’re taking their sweet time with it. Ruby and Nikki however do look as if they’ll provide a solid part of the foundations.


    what were your thoughts on the icons and liv and aliyah segement backstage?

    • Bobby Calloway

      Sorry guys, missed that one.

      I liked it. Liv shoving Billie into the bath was funny (“she’s gone down under!”) and I guess this sets up the tag team match they’re to have I think next week. It’s mic time and some kind of character development -- even if it’s more of the same Aussie LayCool stuff. Billie has pretty good comic timing.

  • conan_kun

    A backstage segment with Billie and Peyton picking on Liv and Aliyah, lead to Liv shoving Billie into ice bath. Billie is fallen, and she can’t get up. Funny that Peyton just stand there to keep filming Billie’s embarrassing moment instead of pulling her bestie out of bath tub.

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