WWE Divas, WrestleMania 33 Results – A Night of Thrill Rides, Glows & Attitude Adjustments
Posted on Monday, April 3rd, 2017

WWE Divas, WrestleMania 33 Results:


And WrestleMania 33 is over and done with, folks! WWE’s grandest event of the year took place in sunny Orlando, Florida. This marked the first event since WrestleMania 26 where two Women’s Championships were featured on the card. Fittingly enough, both were up for grabs. Bayley must defend against three very strong and competitive women; the crafty former champion Charlotte, the wild and unpredictable Nia Jax and her own best friend The Boss Sasha Banks. It’s an Elimination Match to boot! Over on Smackdown Alexa Bliss is going to have to defend against five other women – including the hometown girl Naomi! And that’s not all! John Cena and Nikki Bella will team up to face The Miz and Maryse in a battle to see who is the true power couple in WWE!

Bayley* vs Charlotte vs Nia Jax vs Sasha Banks [Raw Women's Championship]

Winner and STILL Raw Women’s Champion: Bayley

John Cena & Nikki Bella vs The Miz & Maryse

Winners: John Cena & Nikki Bella

Alexa Bliss* vs Becky Lynch vs Natalya vs Carmella vs Mickie James vs Naomi [Smackdown Women's Championship]

Winner and NEW Smackdown Women’s Champion: Naomi

We were also graced with the presence of our newest inductee into the Hall of Fame – 3-time Women’s Champion, 1-time Divas’ Champion, Royal Rumble participant “The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix.



Last night was quite the enjoyable show all around, I have to say. The show last year was a bit of a letdown from many angles, though it did produce a fun women’s match between Charlotte, Sasha and Becky. All three returned to the grandest stage of them all one year later – and with several more titles to their name. I was shocked to see the Raw match go on so early. Surely that deserved a higher placement on the card. But I digress. The match I wasn’t really a big fan of. I did think it started off very strongly, showcasing each of the competitors and throwing in some nifty spots. I did love the story of Charlotte teaming up with Sasha and Bayley to take out Nia. Ms Jax was put over pretty nicely here, considering what it took to put her away. Nia took her lumps and thankfully avoided feeling like a spare part – up against three very over stars. The big boot into the German suplex was a real “ooh” moment that made me think we were going to get a really fun and competitive match. I had a feeling one of the heels would be out first, though I expected Charlotte rather than Nia. After Nia’s elimination is where I feel the match started to unravel. Too much time was spent with just two women in the ring – first it’s Charlotte vs Sasha and now it’s Charlotte vs Bayley – making it feel more like a gauntlet match. I wanted to see all four taking it to each other, much in the way they did in their awesome Fatal 4 Way that won Sasha the NXT Women’s Championship in 2015. Perhaps the elimination format worked against it? Sasha I felt went out far too early – and what a cop-out from a storyline perspective. The big selling point of the match has been the friendship between Sasha and Bayley, and all people were talking about was what would happen when the two were in the ring fighting for the Women’s Championship. The answer was absolutely nothing. They looked like they were building to something with the accidental plancha to Bayley on the outside, but then Sasha got eliminated and it was all forgotten about. Any kind of story progression would have been welcome. They didn’t have to outright turn on each other afterall. They wrestled a friendly match on Raw not three weeks ago. In some ways it almost felt like this match had the middle cut out of it and went straight to the finish. Bayley suddenly won and I was like “that’s it?” According to the results, the match was twelve minutes. But it felt a hell of a lot shorter to me. I did like some of it but what we got was very underwhelming. The only silver lining is that Bayley got her WrestleMania moment. No interference, no shenanigans; she beat Charlotte clean and established herself as the reigning Women’s Champion.

The mixed tag felt like a breather match to relax the crowd after the spectacle of the Tag Team Championships – and the return of the Hardy Boyz. Miz and Cena had the majority of ring time, which I expected. The news of Nikki’s neck problems led me to believe her ring time might be limited. What I had also expected – but sincerely hoped against – was that Maryse would do next to nothing. She pretty much fulfilled everything John Cena said about her on last week’s Smackdown - “steal a paycheck and you are a waste of space” - and about the only thing she did of note was pulling Nikki off the apron. I wonder what the point of making this a tag was. They could have made it a singles bout with both women in their respective husbands’ corners and it would have been the same. What this match really showed is that Maryse simply does not belong in this new competitive women’s division in the WWE. Earlier in the night, four of Raw’s women went balls to the wall in an elimination match – and the Smackdown women would do so later. Maryse went to her usual strategy of avoiding any wrestling whatsoever. They did have Nikki’s neck problems to think of. But she did a suicide dive, took a bump off the apron and did a TKO with no visible problems – so she certainly looked as if she could have wrestled for a bit. Maryse even went on Twitter to hype up how much she had been training. Just compare it to the NXT mixed tag, where the women had limited involvement but still managed to make an impression. Nikki has evolved into a great wrestler, and she had to miss last year’s Mania because of her neck injury – so she really deserved a better opponent for this year’s show. Natalya would have been a better choice, with Maryse acting as the valet. It’s like when WWE chose to put Christy Hemme of all people into the ring with Trish Stratus at WrestleMania 21. Despite having an opponent who didn’t seem like she wanted to wrestle, Nikki pulled off a nice dive to The Miz and at least got to share the stage with her man. Of course the real story unfolded after the match was over. People expected this and there were even speculations that Nikki would swerve us and turn heel on him. But he popped the question and she said yes. So despite the underwhelming match, it still gave us a different kind of Mania moment.

I had my worries about the Smackdown match, especially when Triple H vs Seth Rollins ran five minutes longer than it needed to. Although it made it to the main show, it clearly suffered from the time cuts. The match barely clocked six minutes. To put things in perspective, last year’s Team Total Divas vs Team BAD & Blonde was nearly twice the length. Matches were definitely getting their times slashed after Triple H/Rollins. That ran twenty-five minutes – the longest bout on the card – and was followed by only ten minutes for the WWE Championship, just five for the Universal and then six for this. That’s not to mention the musical act (although that was probably an attempt to allow the crowd to relax). So with only six minutes to work, it was time for a spotfest. This went very much the same way as the Vickie Guerrero Invitational – with a melee of big moves and fun spots. I’m not complaining because the match was indeed quite fun. I tend not to mind shorter matches as long as they don’t feel short. Everyone thankfully got a chance to shine and impress – which I think sums up the Smackdown women’s division perfectly. It’s a testament to the women involved that they can produce matches like this. If creative tells them “you’ve got six minutes”, then they decide that they’ll make it the best six minutes they can manage. They made the most of their time, unlike the Raw women, who had twice this match’s length. Becky was on fire throughout the whole thing. Naomi may be getting the top face spot, but Becky isn’t going to shrink quietly into the corner. I popped more for her suplexes than I did for Brock Lesnar’s before her. And she got to suplex James Ellsworth too. Could we be seeing a feud between Becky and Carmella brewing on Tuesday nights soon? Carmella was re-introduced to the women’s division with this match. She did get a bit lost in the shuffle but she did a couple of nice kicks, and that Stratusphere was a thing of beauty. Mickie too felt a little like the odd one out but I did pop for her Thesz Press off the top, and she sold very well for the others. Natalya got two of the best spots of the match – the sunset flip into the German suplex and the double Sharpshooter. Can always count on Nattie to make a short match memorable! The Women’s Champion impressed with how she managed to put herself forward. She seemed like the champ, despite five women battling it out around her. But Naomi is now the new champ. She got a moment in front her hometown crowd. I would honestly have preferred for Alexa to retain and make Naomi really work for her victory, but I was a little choked up at seeing her get this moment. Hopefully Smackdown can cool it with the hot potato title switches, and give Naomi a long run as champion.

WrestleMania was a bit of a mixed bag. While I thought the overall show was excellent, the Raw match and the mixed tag were the weak parts of the show. But let’s take a look at the grades.

Bayley* vs Charlotte vs Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax [Elimination Match]

*Technical Ability: Nia was the weak link on paper but she did well and wrestled on WrestleMania like it was no bother at all. The other three were as solid as they usually were. 17/20

*Chemistry: Charlotte had her usually good chemistry with Sasha, and nice enough with Bayley. We didn’t see the other women wrestle each other enough to gauge theirs however. 14/20

*Creativity: Some of it in the early parts. But once Nia was eliminated, it was just big moves and one spot to the next. The match was very dull because of this. 10/20

*Personality: It felt like going through the motions in parts, but Bayley at least sold the importance of the occasion. 11/20

*Overall Entertainment: I was ready for a brilliant, explosive match that would be up there with WrestleManias X8, XIX, 22 and 30. It looked like that’s what we were going to get right up until Sasha was eliminated. The rest was just meh. 13/20

Final Score: 65%

John Cena & Nikki Bella vs The Miz & Maryse:

*Technical Ability: John Cena had MOTN at WrestleMania 31 but here he just sold for The Miz – who has admittedly evolved into a really fantastic worker. Maryse did nothing of note, meaning Nikki couldn’t do that much either. 11/20

*Chemistry: Nothing to write home about. 12/20

*Creativity: Glimmers of hope like Nikki’s dive to The Miz, Maryse pulling Nikki from the apron and the double finishers. Other than that it felt like John and Maryse were there to phone everything in. 9/20

*Personality: At least everyone sold the intensity of the match. Maryse may be a lazy wrestler but she is a great character. Nikki too was great at working the crowd from the apron. The Miz too was everywhere with his character. 16/20

*Overall Entertainment: Perfectly serviceable and fun to see John and Nikki wrestle side-by-side on the big show, but not something I’ll be in a rush to watch again. 14/20

Final Score: 62%

Alexa Bliss* vs Becky Lynch vs Natalya vs Mickie James vs Carmella vs Naomi:

*Technical Ability: For a match that was incredibly rushed, very few botches at all. Kudos to the girls. 16/20

*Chemistry: Mickie was the only one who didn’t gel with a lot of the girls, but that’s to be expected since she hasn’t been back on Smackdown for that long. There weren’t a lot of mini-matches in there but everyone mostly clicked. 16/20

*Creativity: Plenty, just the case for WrestleMania. The sunset flip German, the Bexplex to Ellsworth, the double Sharpshooter, the end with the Slayomission…bravo to all involved. 17/20

*Personality: Hats off to Alexa Bliss; against five other women, she still came across as the Alpha Bitch. Naomi and Becky too felt like they were everywhere. The others didn’t have much room to breathe. 13/20

*Overall Entertainment: Loved it very much. I wish it could have been given more time but it was easily the best women’s match on the card. 17/20

Final Score: 79%


    Raw- Honestly was so underwhelmed with their performance! Its true once Nia was eliminated everything fell flat! It was the booking more than the talent!

    SD- im so happy u thought the sd match was better! cause i did to! It was fun and I really enjoyed it!

    • Bobby Calloway

      Yeah they made the most of their short time. It was an entertaining five minutes for sure.

      • Francisco Baguer

        My Wrestlemania Thoughts: Wow that was a very good show. So proud and happy that my favs Bayley and Naomi got their moments.

        Bayley has won and defeated Charlotte clean. The reign of terror is over and Bayley is now the top star of Raw and hopefully she will move on to other feuds with Sasha and others with Charlotte out of the picture.

        As of Smackdown, I knew it was no surprise that Naomi was going to win in her hometown and I was so happy to see that. Hopefully Naomi can now have long, healthy run with the championship as a top face of Smackdown.

  • conan_kun

    They should have cut down HHH vs Seth and Roman vs Taker for at least 5 minutes each to dedicate those time for Raw and SD women title match. Charlotte’s PPV title match streak should have ended here instead of Fastlane plus Naomi and Bayley’s first title win should be at WM instead of at minor PPV and random Raw. I don’t like Bayley spent the whole time sleeping outside since taking Charlotte’s Corkscrew Moonsault until Sasha gets eliminated, plus Charlotte lost by just Flying Elbow Drop is a weak finish.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Let Roman/Taker run as long as it needs to, since it is his retirement match. But yeah HHH/Rollins ran far too long. They could have scrapped the musical performance too or at least shortened it.

  • Danii

    For Maryse to be one of the longest reigning Diva’s Champions, very disappointing to not see her interact with Nikki Bella. She was such a favorite of mine :(

    • Bobby Calloway

      She’d been tweeting about training for the match so it was pretty disappointing alright.

      • Danii

        I was so pumped to hear her music hit and at least have her walk the ramp half way! She was her own superstar away from The Miz and at one point more over than him! Blaaaah oh well lol

    • NMKPLG

      Its cause Nikki was injured thats why they both barley did any moves.

      • Bobby Calloway

        She was able to do a suicide dive, spear and TKO -- and take a bump off the apron. If it was someone else I’d be more forgiving but with Maryse’s track record…

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