WWE Divas, NXT Takeover Orlando Results – No Eclipse For Asuka
Posted on Sunday, April 2nd, 2017

WWE Divas, NXT Takeover Orlando Results:


It’s WrestleMania weekend, everybody! It began on Friday with the Hall of Fame inductions and continues with the latest NXT Takeover event. Asuka is enjoying the longest NXT Women’s Championship reign since the title’s introduction in 2013 – and she boasts that she has run out of competition. The one woman she hasn’t defeated is the new star on the horizon - Ember Moon. The two will finally meet in the ring with the title on the line. But that’s not all; SANITY were throwing their weight around for weeks, and Nikki Cross had been going unpunished. Until last week’s NXT; Ruby Riot debuted to even the score, and she’ll be making her in-ring debut. It’s all four members of SANITY against Tye Dillinger, Roderick Strong, Ruby Riot and a mystery opponent.

SANITY vs Tye Dillinger, Roderick Strong, Ruby Riot & Kassius Ohno

Winners: SANITY

Asuka* vs Ember Moon [NXT Women's Championship]

Winner and STILL NXT Women’s Champion: Asuka


Ruby Riot has hit NXT quite fast. Debuted on TV and in the ring after only three months I believe. She didn’t see much action in this match, but it was a lot of fun. If you’ve got any number bigger than six in a match then it’ll either be really fun or else a cluttered, botchy mess. Thankfully this one was the latter. It’s been so long since we’ve seen a high profile mixed tag team match, but I would love it if we could see more of them. Back in the Attitude Era, the success of Team Xtreme led to many more stables getting female members added – T&A got Trish Stratus, the Holly Cousins got Molly Holly, DX got Tori, Right to Censor got Ivory, the Acolytes got Jacqueline and The Radicalz got Terri. That was because there was such demand to see these tag teams mixing it up in the ring, and fans wanted to see the women get involved too. I think it would be great for some of the greener girls who don’t really have characters to be put with the existing tag teams – Aliyah for one could benefit from that. Anyway, back on topic. Ruby and Nikki started the match and got a couple of intergender spots later on, but the action was mainly between the males. Ruby pulled out a really fun headscissors turnbuckle smash, and a dropkick off the apron to Nikki. The latter mostly just took Ruby’s offence, but she still made her presence known. It was great to see all four members of SANITY finally wrestling together in the one match – and it’s something I could stand to see more of. With the heels picking up the win I smell a singles match between Nikki and Ruby quite soon.

Now the Women’s title match…I’m going to be honest and state that I wasn’t looking forward to it as much as I should have. This is the first match since the Four Horsewomen left to really have that big fight feel. People had been speculating on it for months and it is a bit of a dream match. I believe Ember made her debut in front of the Full Sail crowd facing Asuka for the title. But the lack of story behind this really hurt the excitement. This goes back to the difference between the dreaded ‘Divas Revolution’ storyline in 2015 and the Four Horsewomen feuding with each other; the match itself is nearly worthless without a story behind it. It’s exactly the same thing that prevented Asuka vs Mickie from being more than ‘pretty good’. And it’s a real shame because this had potential to be a really exciting encounter. You have Asuka, who is probably the best wrestler in WWE right now – male or female – who is undefeated, the longest reigning NXT champion ever and is nearing closer to Goldberg’s undefeated streak. And you have Ember Moon, who is very exciting to watch in the ring and was one of the most hyped women on the indies for years, and she’s also undefeated. The material practically writes itself. And yet the match was treated like a formality to get out of the way. This was reflected in the lukewarm reactions at the beginning; the crowd only half-heartedly chanted for the women at first and didn’t pick up until the ring work was well underway. It goes to show that the women have no problems producing great matches – but that the creative team NEED to give fans a reason to care about them. I can’t fault anything about the ring work; my problems were entirely with the story.

I did see a shade of hope towards the end. Asuka throws the referee into the ropes to block the Eclipse. It looks like a definite heel move, and it sets things up brilliantly for a bit of story continuation. Asuka cheated in order to preserve her undefeated streak. In contrast to her confidence that she could run roughshod over the NXT women, for a moment she believed she might not be able to beat Ember. And she cheated to preserve it. That puts Ember over in a huge way without her actually winning the match. Since she’s debuted, Asuka has mown thrown any woman who has come at her. Asuka is unstoppable. So the fact that Ember is the one Asuka didn’t think she could beat, and cheated to do so makes her look pretty good. I beg NXT to capitalise on this. Have Asuka become as nasty and violent as possible – with Ember firing back. Turn Asuka into the monster heel of the NXT division, and thus make Ember the valiant babyface the entire division could rally around. They dropped the ball when building this match up, but now they have a chance to redeem themselves. Please don’t screw it up.

Grades time.

SANITY vs Tye Dillinger, Roderick Strong, Ruby Riot & Kassius Ohno

*Technical Ability: Spot-on for the most part all around. A couple of odd exchanges by the heels but nothing glaring. 18/20

*Chemistry: Ruby Riot and Nikki Cross worked well enough together in their short time, but not enough to gauge how much they’d gel in a singles match. Roderick Strong had chemistry with just about everyone in the ring. 17/20

*Creativity: Lots of it, making this 8-person feel like a lot of fun. It called back to the great mixed tags from the Attitude Era. Just about everyone got something good. 18/20

*Personality: Really good work all around. SANITY are nailing this gimmick and now that we can see all four in a match together, they work incredibly well as a unit too. Cillian Dane was the standout in the personality department. 17/20

*Overall Entertainment: As far as 8-mans go, this was fun to watch and showcased each member nicely. 17/20

Final Score: 87%

Asuka* vs Ember Moon:

*Technical Ability: As I said above, Asuka is probably the best worker in WWE right now. And Ember’s no slouch either. Everything they did was darn near flawless. 19/20

*Chemistry: Although this is their first televised bout, they have wrestled each other on live events before and clearly built up a flawless chemistry between them. Hopefully in the next match – which should have a better story behind it – they’ll be off the charts. 19/20

*Creativity: Mostly just straightforward wrasslin. Done well and enjoyable to watch but not necessarily that mind-blowing. The German suplex from the ropes was eye-popping, as was the nice ending. 16/20

*Personality: They had virtually no story to work with, so they had to create one in the ring. Asuka was great as usual, but Ember felt held a little back for some reason. I was waiting for her to explode, and she didn’t. 13/20

*Overall Entertainment: Liked but didn’t love. I can’t fault the wrestling at all but it needed to feel more special. 12/20

Final Score: 79%

  • conan_kun

    I hope Nikki can reignite her supposed feud against Asuka, while Ruby chasing Nikki, Billie and Peyton continue their campaign to ban the Eclipse. If they mix those feuds together, is it possible that Asuka vs Ember vs Nikki vs Ruby vs Billie vs Peyton in 6 Pack Challenge for NXT women title ever happen.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Asuka vs Ember 2 would be a better choice. They’ve put some kind of fire into their feud so hopefully they capitalise.

      • Francisco Baguer

        I could forgiven the outcome of this match if Asuka just turned heel. For the 3rd time they haven’t capitalized it. I hope to be proven wrong given that Asuka pretty much cheated to win. A heel Asuka would be really refreshing because Asuka can be so much better if she was an unstoppable monster heel who attacks the entire NXT women’s division and, claim its full of wrestlers with no personality, bad attitudes and who wrestled in an unrealistic manner.

        • Bobby Calloway

          wait for NXT and hopefully this is a definite heel turn.


    NXT- im not gunna lie I was really disappointed in this match! I dont blame the performers I blame NXT! they treated them like a filler match! There were only 2 memorable spots and the rest was pretty boring! The crowd didnt help either! it kinda all just fell really flat! I feel bad for the women and what NXT has become! Back in 2014 and 2015 women got so many more opportunities with multiple stories going on at the same time! Now its only about the title which causes an extreme lack of character development!

    • Bobby Calloway

      They did treat this like filler. It felt like Beth’s half-assed feud with Candice back in 2008.

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