WWE Divas; Raw, Smackdown & NXT Results – WrestleMania Is Here!
Posted on Thursday, March 30th, 2017

WWE Divas – Raw, Smackdown & NXT Results:


WrestleMania is just around the corner! For the first time in history we’ve got about three female-related matches to look forward to. Bayley shall be defending her Raw Women’s Championship in a Fatal 4 Way – but the news has come in that it’s going to be an Elimination Match too. The champ addresses the WWE Universe in what could be her final Raw as champion. On Smackdown Alexa Bliss and the rest of the roster get stuck into a massive brawl ahead of their big match on Sunday – and there’s a certain return to look forward to. The Miz and Maryse continue their smear campaign of John Cena and Nikki Bella - and this time it seems they’ve got a response. NXT is likewise preparing for the next Takeover – and Asuka signs the contract for her next defence against Ember Moon.


All participants in the Women’s Championship match meet in the ring.

Charlotte & Nia Jax vs Sasha Banks & Bayley

Winners: Bayley & Sasha Banks


So Raw in its final show before WrestleMania decided to give us a promo, followed by a tag team match. Something we have seen consistently in the division ever since Bayley was called up in September. I don’t feel like counting how many Raws featured Charlotte cutting a promo as Women’s Champion, Bayley and/or Sasha rebutting her, and then Nia coming out as the wild card. Then a tag team match, featuring Sasha and Bayley utilising fun face team chemistry, while Charlotte and Nia find ways to co-exist. So despite how paint-by-numbers this go-home segment was, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Not kidding.

I think maybe because the four women are all against each other, rather than alliances being drawn, makes it a little different. But there were some negatives, particularly in the mic work. Charlotte’s promo was horrible. The long drawn out words, read like a newscaster trying to sound dramatic, not sure of where to put emphasis on what line made her the weak link in this segment. Her mic work sadly does nothing to serve the story she’s trying to tell. She’s trying to play the devil on the shoulder, driving a wedge between Bayley and Sasha. She should sound sneaky and manipulative, playing a Machiavellian villain. But instead she just says her words without any thought as to what they should mean. Sadly the Women’s Champion wasn’t much better. Bayley cut one of her weaker promos. She’s usually best suited to responding to taunts from heels as opposed to trying to be all cutesy and innocent. The mic work from Sasha and Nia was much better. We even started to see the Sasha/Bayley alliance falter just for a moment.

The ring work is what really made me enjoy things. They got a long amount of time to wrestle, and I just loved it. Sometimes we can get too worked up complaining about repetitive matches or combinations we’ve seen before. Sadly that’s always the way it is in the women’s division. With not as many women as men, matches are going to get repeated a lot. Sasha and Bayley themselves wrestled each other constantly on NXT back in the day. And yet that doesn’t stop them from being a highly anticipated feud. Even with the Ruthless Aggression Era women, feuds happened more than once; Trish feuded with Jazz, Victoria, Molly Holly and Lita multiple times. So we can sometimes get too hung up on that – and forget to enjoy the hard work of the women trying to entertain us. And I was thoroughly entertained by the great work in this match here. It was free of botches, awkwardness or bad pacing – and was just a really fun display of wrestling. Let’s not forget that two years ago was the infamous 30-second match that sparked ‘Give Divas A Chance’. We have come a long way since then with how the bookers regard the women – including the fact that we’ve got three matches at WrestleMania! Bayley picked up the win here, which surprised me, but I was happy. She had been losing a bit too much lately. So this put some momentum back on her side going into the PPV. With this being an Elimination Match now, it allows for the women to switch things up. I call Charlotte as the first elimination, with Bayley and Sasha then working together to take out Nia, and then they’re left to their own devices. Some have suggested that it’ll actually be Bayley who turns heel on Sasha, and that’s a twist I wouldn’t mind seeing.


Becky Lynch vs Carmella

No Contest

Becky Lynch & Mickie James vs Carmella & Alexa Bliss

No Contest

MizTV with more lost episodes of Total Bellas.


Smackdown went down a similar route as Raw, having an impromptu tag match as their go-home segment. It didn’t leave me feeling as satisfied as Raw’s did however. This multi-woman match on Smackdown is suffering from quantity over quality. It feels like that 10-woman tag at 26 – where there was build-up that involved some things happening but no real explanation as to why. Rather than a wrestling segment, I feel that this would have been better served entirely by having some promo time instead. Find out each woman’s motivation and why they want to become Women’s Champion. They’ve only really been given some vague snippets of conversation here and there on commentary. It feels like the bare bones of a story, drawing uncomfortable memories of the 2015 Divas Revolution angle. They did inject some excitement with Naomi’s surprise return, and I feel that her presence will help elevate the match into being a bit more than just an excuse to get the Smackdown women on the card. With the match being relegated to the kick-off show, Alexa will hopefully retain. As there is no real story behind this, it should instead be used to further the beef between her and Naomi. So Naomi should be within inches of winning her belt back – only for Alexa to cheat her out of it. That is a great way to kickstart their feud again – having the champ deny Naomi her WrestleMania moment. With a little bit of luck, this could be a fun match.

Now as for our mixed tag…holy cow!

I loved this.

Loved everything about this. Smarks can whine about John Cena from morning until midnight, but the man is golden on the microphone. They had been letting Nikki do most of the talking in this feud, but now it was time for John to take the centre stage. And this is easily one of my favourite promos of his (and I’ve been a fan since 2002!) – for some admittedly very superficial reasons. Most of them involve a certain two-time Divas’ Champion. I have been a big detractor of Maryse ever since I saw her in the ring in 2009. Upon re-watching some of her stuff from 2008 when she was actually putting effort into her matches, she definitely had the goods in the ring. But after her injury, she was a cancer to the women’s division. While Divas like Layla, Eve Torres, Kelly Kelly, Alicia Fox and the women from wrestling backgrounds like Jillian Hall, Katie Lea, Gail Kim etc were at least trying to work hard in spite of their limited TV time – Maryse got two massive pushes and squandered her chances. She phoned in all her matches and put no effort at all into her wrestling. When the spotlight was on her, she didn’t rise to the occasion. It wasn’t that she couldn’t; she just wouldn’t. WWE eventually wised up and took her out of a wrestling role, where she remained for the next year or so until she left. So to hear someone – and the company’s top guy at that – finally let her have it for all this was fantastic. Maryse was finally called out for how she hindered the division in her heyday. I’ve seen some complaints about what John said so it’s only fair to address them:

He shouldn’t have demeaned a woman like that

This is the Women’s Revolution. And feminism is not about women getting preferential treatment. It’s about equality. So John is showing that he views Maryse as an equal – by calling her out for all her nonsense himself. As opposed to treating her like a delicate little damsel because of her gender and having Nikki speak for him.

He forgot that she was a champion

My statements about Maryse’s wrestling above are repeated. And in kayfabe, Maryse’s character was based around making sneak attacks and running from her opponents half the time. She also lost her second title after only a couple of weeks. So yeah, she didn’t do much of anything at all.

He was slut-shaming

None of his comments towards her were sexual or about her sex life. The only comment about her as a woman was the “botox from your cheeks” line – which in turn is one response to Maryse mocking Nikki for being fake. Again, Maryse fired first, so John has every right to fight back and defend his girl.

A face shouldn’t act like that

Neither John nor Nikki is acting unprovoked. The Mizanins have been making sneak attacks and launching smear campaigns for weeks, not to mention they’ve fought below the belt. The faces have taken this in stride and finally responded with a taste of their own medicine – without being sneaky or below the belt. They gave the Mizanins a free shot to fight then and there, and they walked away.

Overall I think people are reading way too much into a simple storyline. One that has been so well acted as of late that fans seem to be convincing themselves it’s a shoot. Given that Maryse and both Bellas have been good friends since their developmental days, they probably have no problem at all with what’s being said. And the fact that they’re getting a high profile mixed tag match at WrestleMania…let’s not forget that Maryse’s two Manias were a battle royal and a useless 10-woman tag. This has suddenly become one of the most highly anticipated match-ups at WrestleMania and I now can’t wait to see it.


Ember Moon and Asuka sign the contract for their match at Takeover.


So that’s pretty much it. Asuka and Ember Moon sign the contract. Not even in the ring but in William Regal’s office. While I do want to find something positive in this, it’s very hard. This has got to be the worst built-up title match NXT has ever given us. Even Liv Morgan’s pointless squash with Asuka got better build-up. We don’t know who Ember Moon is, we’ve got only vague snippets of what kind of character she plays and yet she’s challenging for the title this Saturday. Asuka doesn’t like her and we don’t know why. It feels to me like this is just a formality. Say what you will about the iffy build-ups on the main roster – but at least you knew what Charlotte/Sasha/Bayley were all about. There’s the vague glimmer of an interesting story here, but no one has bothered to tap into it. They could have made a big deal that both women are undefeated in NXT so far and had the other roster members talking about it. No doubt that’s what they’ll do on Saturday in a video package – in an attempt to put some fire into the story that they should have been doing on the actual programming. It sucks for Ember because this could be her big moment – where she becomes the champion and is crowed as the new face of NXT. I don’t doubt she and Asuka will deliver a great spectacle in the ring, but the lack of build-up is definitely hurting it. Take the mixed tag feud on Smackdown. I was mildly looking forward to it when I first heard the rumours, but the great build-up over the last few weeks has made me really psyched to see it. Even the great go-home segment on Raw pumped me up for their match. Asuka says that Ember isn’t ready to face her, and I wholeheartedly agree. Just not in the way she means.

  • conan_kun

    Nia gonna be first to get eliminated via Horsewomen triple team her, then Charlotte is next, hope not Sasha turns on Bayley and cost her the title, thus Charlotte wins back the title again.

    What’s the point for Naomi vacating the title since Alexa never defended until Mania, they should have wait until Mania to see if Naomi cleared to wrestle. It looks strange that Becky and Mickie have no problem teaming up with each other and not reluctant to tag each other like Becky forgot Mickie cost her the title match months ago, Mickie even tried to save Becky (she runs past Carmella and goes after Natalya but gets outnumbered by Alexa and Carmella right away). Could it be this week SD is at Mickie’s hometown Richmond, Virginia, so Mickie may just play babyface one night only.

    Really disappointed that SD women title match moves to kickoff show, mean that WWE treated this match is pointless. Kickoff show matches usually have commercials cut in the mid match, example Becky vs Mickie in 2 out of 3 falls on SD with 2 commercials, made us unable to watch full match. Rather want this match being put on the main show death slot than on kickoff show, or else nobody gonna remembers kickoff show matches.

    I really hope The Mizanins win, Nikki turns heel, either she screws Cena during the match or after the match, Cena proposes to Nikki but Nikki rejects him, slap him and even kick him hard in the groin then walks away.

  • Francisco Baguer

    I won’t bother with my review and I’ll go straight to my predictions.

    Raw: Either Bayley retains or Sasha turns heel and wins the belt to kickstart the feud between her and Bayley. Sasha can then be the new top heel finally ridding Charlotte out of the spotlight and breath new life into Raw.

    Smackdown: Easy I pick Naomi to win. Naomi getting the big win in her hometown and win the championship that she never lost. That pop she got was amazing and if she wins in her hometown, the roof will blow off the building. It’s clear that Naomi is qualified to be the top face.

    • conan_kun

      Don’t forget WWE obsessed to embarrass hometown guys, even Charlotte and Sasha can’t avoid that, they lost the title in their hometown.

      • Bobby Calloway

        I agree. And if Alexa PREVENTS Naomi from winning in her hometown, then the heat she gets will be amazing too.

        • Francisco Baguer

          This isn’t Wrestlemania 30 so dont pretend she’s going to win the match like AJ Lee did. Alexa doesn’t have the charisma or talent that AJ did.

          • Bobby Calloway

            I think it’s the booking that decides who wins the match, mate.

            • Francisco Baguer

              Naomi deserves it. She is far more over and deserves the bel she never lost

            • Francisco Baguer

              Naomi should win the title. It would be stupid to have her comeback & not reclaim the title that she never lost.

              • Bobby Calloway

                She should win the title absolutely. But she should have a proper storyline rather than an end without a beginning.

                Also I don’t know if y’all read but the Smackdown match is back on the main show again.

                • Francisco Baguer

                  Yep Smackdown is back on the main card. As for Raw who do you want to win Bayley or Sasha? What order elimination do you prefer?


    Raw- Sasha or Bayley need to have the championship! If Charlotte wins I will be pissed as fuck! She does not deserve another wrestlemania moment two years in a row! I hope Dana distracts her and costs her the match!

    Smackdown- Come on people just give Naomi this moment! the poor girl deserves it after being over looked for 8 years! Plz just give it to her in her home town!

    NXT -- Asuka needs to retain in my opinion and then ember beats her at the next takeover

    • Bobby Calloway

      I like to think that Charlotte is being phased out of the title picture. It would actually be great for Dana to pop up and cause her elimination -- and transition her into a feud.

      What Naomi deserves is a meaningful storyline to crown her as champion instead of cheating her out of that for the sake of a cheap pop.

      Y’know I’d be okay with Asuka retaining. This match has been so poorly built up that I could see it going for longer to a second encounter.

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