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Posted on Monday, March 27th, 2017


One of the things the Attitude Era is remembered for is all the puppies on display. There were also some kitties too! Stacy Carter came into WWF in 1999 as a valet to Jeff Jarrett and Debra – known as Miss Kitty and later The Kat. Over the next year, she would provide all sorts of fun and crazy moments for the fans. She had a catfight with Terri at WrestleMania 2000, she battled Tori in chocolate pudding, she managed Chyna, she bared her breasts on live TV and she was even Women’s Champion briefly. This is Diva Diaries with Stacy Carter, hosted by Josette Bynum. The video can be purchased here. The review is after the cut.


The Kat wearing a bikini made of bubble wrap during the Miss Rumble contest at the 2000 Royal Rumble.

The Kat wearing a bikini made of bubble wrap during the Miss Rumble contest at the 2000 Royal Rumble.

The opening of the interview is rather slow, as Josie and Stacy veer off topic and talk about their charities. About fifteen minutes pass before Josie brings us back to the topic of wrestling. Stacy was not a wrestling fan growing up, and had never really been exposed to it. She had to “be an adult” from an early age, taking care of her younger siblings and acting as a surrogate mother. As a result she rarely hung around with people her own age. By the time she was eighteen, she was introduced to Jerry Lawler – who was the owner of a wrestling promotion in Memphis. Stacy worked in the office doing clerical work and accounts, with no ideas of becoming a performer herself.

During the late 80s, the territories were struggling and the Memphis promotion’s TV show was lacking in ticket sales. Jerry brought in a man called Larry Burton to write some storylines for the show, and he wanted to bring in some beautiful women for some eye candy. He suggested that Stacy do a skit where she just interviews a fan before the commercial break. Stacy was a bucket of nerves before she went out, and Jerry literally pushed her out the curtain. She later became a colour commentator, despite not knowing what was going on. Finally she was upgraded to Jerry’s valet, which she enjoyed more than her previous two roles. She had no training but learned “on the fly” and found it very easy to work with Jerry. When he was signed to WWE in 1993 she eventually went on the road with him. The office called Jerry one day to offer her a job as an on-screen character. According to Stacy, a girl whose name she can’t remember was hired as a valet and subsequently fired when she was asked to get up on the ring apron to distract the referee – and said she didn’t know what a ring apron was. Stacy jokes that Vince must have thought “Stacy’s been with Jerry all these years. She’s bound to know what a ring apron is.”


Stacy managing Jerry in Memphis.

Stacy managing Jerry in Memphis.

Naturally she debuted on TV playing the assistant to Debra, while she was valeting for Jeff Jarrett. Stacy had met Jeff ten years previously when she had to pick him up from the airport and drive him to a show – something the two of them had a good giggle about before she went out. She arrived at TV on the day and the creative team still hadn’t decided what she would be called – and literally didn’t find out the name until she was announced. The program with Jeff and Debra was lots of fun. Stacy describes Debra as one of the sweetest people she ever knew, something Josie agrees with. She confirms the story that Jeff Jarrett held Vince up for money when it was found out his contract expired the day before his final PPV. According to Chyna’s autobiography, the amount was $300,000.

Autographed picture of Jeff Jarrett, Debra and Miss Kitty.

Autographed picture of Jeff Jarrett, Debra and Miss Kitty.

After Jeff Jarrett jumped ship to WCW, Stacy switched to managing Chyna. They had lots of fun picking out matching outfits to wear on TV, and Stacy enjoyed the pairing. She says she didn’t really appreciate how unique Chyna’s character was for wrestling at the time – “We were just having fun…being girly and giggly and laughing” – and is sad at the direction her life took after she left wrestling (this interview was recorded two years before her death). Stacy talks about how difficult it was for Chyna to deal with Triple H leaving her for Stephanie McMahon. While they were on TV together, Stacy claims they had planned to do a photoshoot for Penthouse or something similar but they never got around to it. Chyna distanced herself from her after she posed for Playboy.


Stacy talks a bit about some of the backstage bullying that she saw while she was in the company – confirming that it happened in the women’s locker room too. As she had been with Jerry for years, the other Divas all knew her already, so she never suffered any hazing. Lilian Garcia started on the same day as her and “the way they treated her…that’s just wrong” – involving things such as hiding luggage. Apparently the nastiest person backstage was the make-up artist Janet – “if she didn’t like you, your make-up didn’t look good.” Stacy claims that she one day locked the Godfather’s Hoes in a dark room. Josie confirms that she met Janet at several try-outs and she was horrible to everyone.

After being paired with Chyna, Miss Kitty was eventually booked to become Women’s Champion – winning it in a Four Corner Evening Gown in a Pool match. The plan was originally just for her to do a striptease after winning. But as it had been said on television that Miss Kitty didn’t wear underwear, it was Jerry who realised she would have to do something as a pay-off. The plan was that Stacy would drop her bra and Sgt Slaughter would rush in to cover her with the towel. If he missed his cue, Stacy’s back would be to the camera and only a few people in the crowd would see anything. But a mistake in the production room led to Stacy’s bare breasts being broadcast live on TV – something she did not realise until she came backstage to meet a round of applause from the roster. The next day the office got a call from the network to say that every PPV would have an N for nudity rating from then on because of it.


Winning the Women’s title didn’t sit well with a lot of the other Divas, Stacy claiming it made the locker room even worse. Ivory was very unhappy to have to drop the title to her. Stacy understood this and chose to ignore a lot of what Ivory said afterwards. She does affirm that she enjoyed the little storyline she did with the Right to Censor, and says Ivory taught her a lot in the ring. She felt the Right to Censor was very underrated as a group, and it gave a lot of TV time to people who were otherwise just sitting backstage doing nothing. She also felt it was a great response to the people who opposed the Attitude Era. She still has the script from the night where she cut her “Right to Nudity” promo.

The Kat as part of the Right to Censor.

The Kat as part of the Right to Censor.

Stacy was caught off guard by her release, and to this day has no idea why it was. She got conflicting reasons from different people – Vince telling her it was something JR had decided and vice versa. The excuse was that she had an “attitude problem” which she denies – citing that she had bared her breasts on live TV, wrestled in pudding and numerous other things that she had never complained about. She was especially surprised because she was released on a Smackdown taping – in the midst of getting ready to tape several segments for the Right to Censor storyline. She has two theories about her release; the first is that Jerry had made a crack about a car brand on commentary – not realising that said brand was the highest paying sponsor of the XFL – and she was released as a way of punishing him. The other is that Hugh Hefner had approached her to pose in Playboy. Chyna had a second shoot scheduled and hers was pushed back to make room for The Kat. Stacy suspects that Chyna was unhappy at this and pulled some strings to get her fired. Jerry quit in protest but they split up a few months later. She distanced herself from wrestling because “I had to feel normal” but when she was approached to do a reality show, she decided to do a few indie appearances to see if people still remembered her.


Stacy relays several fun stories – such as her mother getting an autograph from The Rock after yelling out “but I’m Miss Kitty’s momma!” as he was walking past her. She once got revenge on Janet, the cruel make-up artist, by stealing her stuff to paint Jeff Hardy’s fingernails. She was briefly married to indie wrestler Sinn Bodhi (who competed on Smackdown as Kizarny) and Highspots were at their wedding filming it – the DVD of which can be purchased there. Once at a Smackdown taping she was approached by none other than Susan Sarandon – asking for her autograph because her sons were huge wrestling fans.


A really good interview, and one that’s even more fun after you watch it a couple of times. For someone who wasn’t in WWF that long – from August 1999 until February 2001 – she has a lot to talk about. Still not as fun as the Bellas’ shoot interview, but significantly more engaging than Kelly Kelly’s. Josette Bynum is pretty good as an interviewer and gets the right balance that Tommy Dreamer was going for in Kelly Kelly’s; she shares some of her own opinions and coaxes some good stories without taking over the interview. I personally wasn’t a fan of Miss Kitty/The Kat when I was watching – as she wasn’t around too long for me to get to know her – but she seems like a very fun, daring lady. Even if you’re not a fan, it’s worth the watch.

Grading time!

*Career Information: Stacy shared lots of good stories from her time in Memphis as well, which I found interesting. For someone who didn’t stay in WWF that long, she had a lot to talk about. The only thing she didn’t speak in depth about was her feud with Terri in 2000. 16/20

*Screen Presence: Stacy and Josette clicked instantly and had a fun back-and-forth. Josette also knew how to let Stacy do most of the talking without cutting her off. 18/20

*Candids: Stacy had no problem talking about her relationship with Jerry Lawler. She didn’t bury him but she did share lots of intimate details. The stuff about Chyna and some of the others was nice and juicy too. She unfortunately didn’t mention a few of the other Divas – Luna, Tori, Trish, Lita, Molly Holly. 16/20

*Fun Stuff: She really delivered on this front with her stories. Everything she talked about was entertaining in some way. Could possibly have heard a little more though. 17/20

*Overall Entertainment: A pretty good interview that I actually wish could have run a bit longer. Very satisfied with what I listened to though. 18/20

Final Score: 85%


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