WWE Divas; Raw, Smackdown & NXT Results – Wicked Witches, Evil Queens & Poison Ivy
Posted on Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

WWE Divas – Raw, Smackdown & NXT Results:


As WrestleMania draws ever closer, things are heating up in the women’s division. Charlotte lost her Raw Women’s Championship last week to Bayley - partly thanks to interference from Sasha Banks. This week we get to hear from the new and former champion, as well as none other than the head honcho herself; Stephanie McMahon. There’s also another stop on the Nia Jax squash tour on Raw this week. Smackdown has some rather sad news regarding Naomi and her claim to the Women’s Championship – but happy news for Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch. And as announced last week Natalya‘s lengthy feud with Nikki Bella comes to a standstill this week as they face off in a Falls Count Anywhere match! NXT is also out to crown a #1 contender – as Ember Moon faces both the iconic Australian Peyton Royce and the plucky Jersey girl Liv Morgan.


Charlotte vs Sasha Banks

Winner: Sasha Banks

Nia Jax vs Sarah Pierce

Winner: Nia Jax


I would be about to complain about the criminal misuse of Emma – unless her makeover was into the Invisible Woman – if I didn’t thoroughly enjoy what Raw gave us. Seriously, there was something special about this segment here. It’s not as if the women don’t get to cut promos anymore like back in Mickie’s era. But a lot of the time the intended big time promos can ring a little flat (see every Sasha promo where she referenced Eddie Guerrero last summer). But the emotions in this promo felt like something special. Bayley’s mic skills are very divisive among fans, but I think this was one of her best promos yet. You could feel the sincerity coming from her; the euphoria at finally becoming Women’s Champion as well as the bittersweet feeling surrounding how she won it. Having Stephanie get involved was a great idea too. There is something about that woman; whenever she gets into a segment with someone, her charisma and mic work is so good she elevates everyone around her. She gave Bayley the perfect heel figure to play off, and that in turn made for a great war of words. There was some prima acting from Sasha too. After several months of repetitive promos against Charlotte, The Boss finally got to sink her teeth into some good material. I thought WWE would have her turn on Bayley right away or show signs of tension with her. Instead they didn’t. And I’m glad – because it means we don’t know what direction the storyline is headed yet. I would actually love for Sasha to cause a DQ in the title match at Fast Lane – not out of maliciousness, but out of concern for her friend. And that would lead to dissension between her and Bayley because of it. Overall the segment had a lot of great emotions in there – something that had been missing from the WrestleMania build-up last year.

The match between Charlotte and Sasha was quite fun too. Perhaps because they’re not wrestling each other on every PPV anymore, their work actually feels somewhat fresh. While there was definite fatigue in the amount of times they wrestled each other, the work going on was usually quite solid. I loved the headscissors into the school girl from Sasha, and the knee to the back of the head from Charlotte. Both looked like nice, snappy moves that added a lot to the match. Charlotte’s dragon sleeper looked especially vicious and effective, as did Sasha’s wheelbarrow bulldog. I can’t say much more except that I really loved the match, because it felt almost like a Smackdown one. No silly gimmicks, no annoying booking; just good old wrestling. I expect that Nia Jax’s little promo is a sign that she and Sasha will have a rubber match at Fast Lane. Hopefully this one will get more time.


Naomi is forced to relinquish the Smackdown Women’s Championship.

Alexa Bliss vs Becky Lynch [Smackdown Women's Championship]

Winner and NEW Smackdown Women’s Champion: Alexa Bliss

Nikki Bella vs Natalya [Falls Count Anywhere]

Winner: Natalya


What an unbelievably perfect Smackdown. It’s ironic that I say this, considering the sad news that surrounds our (now former) Women’s Champion. Poor Naomi; this marks yet another push that’s been derailed by a bad injury. It happened back in 2014 when she fractured her eye socket, and now it happens when she got the title. I do love how classy WWE were with the treatment of this. They didn’t come up with a sneak attack or some cheap way to write her off TV. They didn’t relegate this to a WWE.com announcement like when Melina had to vacate the Divas’ Championship. They gave her the star treatment, let her have her moment and say goodbye to the fans. And there is a silver lining to this. As much as I loved Naomi getting the feel-good win, I am glad that Alexa hasn’t been forgotten. She was blossoming into a great top heel, and I think her push was interrupted a bit too soon. Getting the title back means that she can continue to grow and take advantage of the spotlight. Alexa is transforming into the newest star of the division – and her work is starting to rival that of the Four Horsewomen. At least in terms of charisma and star power. I think Alexa deserves to head into WrestleMania as the Women’s Champion and get her moment on the big stage. However I do think a trick was missed here. I think they almost crowned the new champion too soon. With WrestleMania not being too far away, they almost could have held out on putting the belt on someone until then. That’s a match that has the oomph needed for the big stage. A tournament amongst the Smackdown women could have been fun. But going off how well Smackdown books its women anyway, I’m sure the eventual Mania match will be just as good.

Speaking of good matches, all I can say about the Falls Count Anywhere match is wow. Actually I can say more than wow. So good and so brilliant. Nattie and Nikki didn’t exactly bring it all at Elimination Chamber – but they sure did here. This was a fantastic display. The two laid everything on the table, and the match was lots of fun. Falls Count Anywhere has always been one of my favourite gimmicks, and the women have rarely had the chance to get involved in it until recently. This had the right blend of hard-hitting action, intensity and general fun factor. I remember in the Attitude Era when the Hardcore Championship had the 24/7 rule, and there would be numerous fun backstage matches all the time. The women weren’t left out of that as well, and it’s always fun for me to see that happen these days. From a wrestling standpoint, this was darn near flawless, and I think we have our first possible MOTY candidate for the ladies. And a third woman was thrown into the mix; it seems the reports of Maryse and Nikki having a program for WrestleMania weren’t false either. I was never a fan of Maryse – just read my thoughts on her pushes here and here. So know that I am 100% serious when I say that she looked like a real badass in her sneak-attack. Brilliant work from her. I’d still rather she sat on the sidelines while Natalya was The Miz’s partner, but if Nattie gets left off WrestleMania then at least she got the win here.


Ember Moon vs Liv Morgan vs Peyton Royce [#1 Contender's Match]

Winner and #1 Contender: Peyton Royce


If I could pick just one word to describe this match, it would be underwhelming. It wasn’t bad; I think the girls worked hard enough to try and make things entertaining. But there was definitely something lacking. Maybe it was because they had to work two matches in a row, following the tag that was on last week’s episode. Maybe it’s because Raw and Smackdown featured very enjoyable women’s matches this week. For whatever reason, this one fell flat. In heavy contrast to the last triple threat on NXT – with Billie Kay in Peyton’s place – this one was a lot less fun. A big part of that was the lack of Ember in the ring. She spent 90% of the match lying on the floor or getting booted off the apron. So this turned into a lengthy haphazard singles match between Peyton and Liv. And something just wasn’t doing it for me. Liv seemed a little gassed and out of her depth towards the end; she’s not used to working for this long and she had to do most of the work herself, so that was very obvious with some weak Irish whips and slow transitions into moves. Peyton too didn’t have a good night. I was really looking forward to seeing her in action like this, and I was completely underwhelmed. It’s not like this was a botchy mess. It just lacked a lot of excitement or fun. There were glimmers of hope in there – notably Liv did a very nice headscissors on Ember that the crowd really popped for, and Peyton used a sick-looking submission around the ropes – but excitement was not the order of the day. The result was a bland, boring encounter that never seemed to even get out of first gear. Peyton picks up the win and she’ll hopefully deliver a lot more in her eventual match with Asuka.

  • conan_kun

    Next week, Bayley may get forced to put her title on the line against Nia, whoever being the champ will face Charlotte at Fastlane. Charlotte may “help” Bayley to retain as she don’t want to face tougher opponent Nia. At Fastlane, Nia and Sasha may intervene the match to end No Contest, thus Bayley remains champ and Charlotte keeps her ridiculous streak alive, then they put Bayley up against Charlotte, Sasha and Nia at Mania, so the odds against the babyface make sense. Or else how do we get rumored Raw women Fatal 4 Way at Mania if Charlotte is entering Mania as champ while Sasha can’t get a title rematch against Charlotte, plus why do Steph put Charlotte in the most difficult situation against 3 strong opponents Sasha, Bayley and Nia.

    What next for SD women title picture, Alexa vs Becky vs Mickie or no SD women title match at Mania, instead almost all SD women in the battle royal with past divas. Anyways, now Nikki gonna feuds with Maryse, Becky is busy with Alexa and Mickie, what about other heels Natalya and Carmella as there’s no more babyface for them to feud after Naomi is out of action.

    Becky admitted that she always seems to fall for Alexa’s’ underhanded tactics en route to another disappointing loss. That she is aware of it suggests that WWE Creative really needs to switch up the manner in which she is losing these matches to Alexa, because at some point, fans are going to ask how she can be so naive as to let it continue to happen.
    It is the old story of the oblivious good guy who keeps falling for the same old tricks. At some point, fans become disillusioned and stop caring about this competitor who is too stupid to see what is coming and adjust their game to prevent it.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Agreed that Becky does need to stop falling for Alexa’s tricks. She does seem to have a lot of poor luck when it comes to being one-upped or betrayed.
      Natalya and Carmella might find themselves better served in the draft. I’d say Nattie will find herself back on Raw to possibly fill the top heel slot that Charlotte was in once she drops the title. Perhaps Alicia Fox or Summer Rae will be moved to Smackdown.

  • Francisco Baguer

    Raw: Its just rehash authority angle. Bayley is Daniel Bryan, Stephanie is HHH, Sasha is CM Punk, Charlotte is Randy Orton, and Nia Jax is Batista. If they are really that uncreative, they might as well have Bayley defeat Stephanie in the opening match at Wrestlemania, and then win the 4 way later just like Daniel Bryan.

    SD: Speaking of Bryan how hypocritical for to take the belt off Naomi a week after she won it, when he himself sat at for 2 months injured and kept his title. How is that they take the belt off Naomi without giving her time to heal for Mania, yet Becky can sit out injured without vacating her title? Its Alexa’s fault, she’s a sloppy and dangerous performer who caused Naomi’s injury. In their match Alexa botched twice for failing to get out of the way of the split legged moonslaut. How they give the title back to her when she’s idiot for hurting Naomi?

    • Bobby Calloway

      I disagree on both counts. The Daniel Bryan storyline had the Authority actively trying to sabotage his chances because they didn’t think he could represent the company. In this case, Stephanie is playing the devil on the shoulder trying to pit Sasha and Bayley against each other. She’s not doing it because she thinks it’s “best for business”; she’s doing it because she wants to see such a tight friendship implode and watch the drama. She doesn’t favour Charlotte or sabotage Bayley in any way. The focus here was entirely on trying to drive a wedge between the friends, rather than getting the title off her.

      In kayfabe, Bryan probably doesn’t want to subject Naomi to the same waiting game he was. If she’s injured and thus will be out for a while -- he’s deciding to look out for his talent’s best interests and allow her to take as much time as she needs to heal. If she’s still champion then there’s pressure on her to rush back. And as for calling Alexa an idiot for botching and claiming she hurt Naomi, we have no idea what the injury is or how it happened. Considering this is the *third* injury for Naomi in a little over a year, it’s clearly an ongoing problem. A lot of the time it’s simple wear and tear. Botches just sometimes happen, as they do in everyday life. Demonising someone for a mistake is pointless, unless they were being deliberately unsafe.

      • Francisco Baguer

        How can you appreciate Sasha vs Charlotte when its the same match we’ve seen 100 times? Don’t sound like an NXT smark who just wants these 5 star matches with no story, just flips and high spots. Not to mention how much of a Liv Morgan mark you are when she has no character. What’s Liv’s character? She’s Carmella and has the happy go lucky Sami Zayn underdog gimmick.

        • Bobby Calloway

          I liked the match because they had good chemistry and wrestled it well. A good match is a good match in my book. I just happened to enjoy this one because it wasn’t part of a never-ending badly booked feud.

          It seems as if you’re just annoyed that I like Liv because you don’t. I fail to see how I’m a mark for her. If you actually read the article, you’ll see that I noted that she looked gassed in the middle of the match and a bit lost. I like her work but I try not to be biased. If she does something I don’t like, I mark her down for it. While I agree her character is very similar to Carmella, it doesn’t bother me because I feel that she plays it well. They’re just two sides of a different archetype -- Carmella is the trashy princess who thinks she’s fabulous while Liv is a plucky tomboy who wants to prove herself. And Liv actually *is* from New Jersey, whereas Carmella is a Boston girl pretending to be a New Yorker. And an underdog isn’t exclusive to Sami Zayn -- they’ve kinda been around in wrestling since forever. Liv is small, green and young -- so an underdog is how she should be booked.

          • Francisco Baguer

            As far as this injury situation with Naomi is concerned, its clear that my favorites get injured way more often than the wrestlers I hate like Charlotte. Sasha Banks: as much as I like her, she wasn’t durable which its why as soon as she got pushed to the main event, she got injured not even month after winning the belt. In a very similar situation, Becky Lynch got injured less than a month after winning the belt. Do you see a trend? AJ Lee was injured, while she was champion and now Naomi is another one who got hurt. Granted a lot of this is has to do with the horrible road schedule, but its clear that the indy girls all get injured way more faster, than everyone else. All those flashy moves, take a much bigger toll on their bodies, once they are featured talent in the main event. All those women I listed all came from the indies and I now realize that they can’t last long with their styles. Don’t get me wrong that style works great when they are in the indies wrestling 5 days a month, but they can’t do it 5 days a week in the WWE without burning out.

            • Bobby Calloway

              Sasha definitely felt the effects of being called up to the main roster. On NXT it’s fine since the Takeovers are once every few months and the tapings are once a month, meaning they can take it easy on house shows. Thankfully she seems to have toned down some of her indie-riffic moves. But injuries just happen in wrestling and it’s not often just from bad luck -- you can get severely injured if you take a snapmare or hip toss wrong. I know a girl who broke her collar bone just from doing a side roll the wrong way in training.

              • Francisco Baguer

                Listen if you like Liv Morgan fine, I’ll understand. The real problem is that NXT has fallen from grace because all the stories have become basic: random girl attacks girl for no reason, girl says WTF and they feud because of that. All the girls from NXT are pretty much the same. All the heels like Billie and Peyton are just girls that act PG mean and talk about getting rid of the faces. All the faces like Liv are the underdogs who are happy-go lucky. Billie and Peyton’s characters doesn’t stand out because they are just another pair of heels whose characters are, “I’m a mean girl, Grrr.”

                • Bobby Calloway

                  I agree that NXT has fallen from grace, but the girls are trying. It’s ironically quite similar to how the division was from 2010-2012.

                  • Francisco Baguer

                    Funny because back then was when NXT was formatted like a game show and the dark period of 2 minute matches. Throughout this time, NXT put so much attention on the horsewomen, they haven’t created anyone to fill those top spots. The only women that stand out are Asuka and Ember Moon. Everyone else are just jobbers to be squashed by those two.


    Raw -- I honestly am just so bored with the product that I have nothing to say. I did have an idea though! I was thinking of a stable WWE could make and it consists of Emma, Paige and Summer Rae! They could all dress up in black and be bitter bitches and just destroy the entire division. They all started in NXT together and are getting no air time or anything so they can go against the other women!

    Smackdown -- Amazing! The falls count anywhere match was the best match in Nikkis career and one of the best in Natalyas careers too.

    NXT -- everyone says Liv seems really green idk but i just dont see it! in my opinion peyton seemed more green! She also has no moveset all she does is kick and suplex! I really hope she starts using more moves and different finisher cause its so boring! I love her gimmick but her wrestling is quite boring and needs some improving! Also whoever booked this match is an idiot! the reason it sucked was cause they kept throwing ember out of the ring which was annoying! i wish it was similar to the first triple threat they had which really impressed me. Also could peyton improve her ring attire cause shes meant to be heeel but is wearing white boots! idk it just annoys me

    • Bobby Calloway

      Well greenness isn’t about what moves you can do -- it’s about how well you execute them and general ring presence. Liv is very good for someone who hasn’t been training that long -- and she’s very athletic. Peyton I agree didn’t show a lot in this match but she has shown lots of prowess in others on NXT -- where she’s pretty spot on with everything. I’d say she’s suffered from Billie being pushed as the ‘alpha’ of their duo, so she gets the big singles matches.

      • NMKPLG

        oh I get what u mean! ya cause peyton executes them better there just boring asf and liv has a more interestig move set but can be sloppy and botch them

        • Bobby Calloway

          and again Liv is the babyface so her offence is meant to be the more fun and interesting. Sorry I only saw your comment now.

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