WWE Divas – Raw, Smackdown & NXT Results; Flairs, Glows & Eclipses
Posted on Friday, February 3rd, 2017

WWE Divas – Raw, Smackdown & NXT Results:


The Royal Rumble and NXT Takeover events saw championships being retained – as Charlotte and Asuka went home with their respective Raw and NXT Women’s Championships. Charlotte will step into the ring with her former #1 contender Bayley on Raw as they team with Gallows & Anderson and Sheamus & Cesaro respectively in a six-person tag match. There’s also a Royal Rumble rematch as Sasha Banks once again takes on Nia Jax. Over on Smackdown, the 6-woman tag from the Rumble is knocked down to four – where Becky Lynch and Naomi team to face Alexa Bliss and Mickie James. NXT sees a friendly bout between rising star Ember Moon and the up-and-comer Aliyah.

Charlotte, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson vs Bayley, Sheamus & Cesaro

Winners: Bayley, Sheamus & Cesaro

Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax

Winner: Nia Jax


Well Raw looked pretty dull on paper – two Rumble rematches stinks of lazy booking. But in execution it was a little better. Charlotte and Bayley’s involvement in the 6-person was minimal – so WWE are at least learning from their mistakes of giving that match away on free TV. Their intergender spots were fun to say the least, and so was Bayley’s little bit in the backstage segment. Fun little skits like that are partially why fans came to love Bayley in the first place. Too bad about Charlotte’s atrocious mic skills however. Nia vs Sasha again showed shades of a potentially longer and more hard-fought match – as this was more like an extended beatdown segment. There was that goof from the timekeeper, but what they were going for seemed like a good idea. They clearly meant to have Sasha pass out and the referee rule that she couldn’t continue. But the real story unfolded as Bayley came down to the ring. They moved forward with the planned program between Bayley and Sasha, clearly establishing the lines. A Sasha heel turn may be on the cards, and in fact I’d like for them to use this feud with Nia as a catalyst for it. Say Sasha faces Nia at the next PPV and wins by cheating in some way. We could have Bayley voice her disapproval for stooping that low, and tensions to be ratcheted up when there’s a #1 contenders’ match between them. It’s too bad that they couldn’t have a singles feud over the belt but it looks like Charlotte won’t be out of the title picture until WrestleMania at least. So after the bad booking at the Rumble, Raw did manage to redeem itself somewhat.


Carmella vs Delilah Dawson

Winner: Carmella

Alexa Bliss & Mickie James vs Becky Lynch & Naomi

Winners: Naomi & Becky Lynch


It’s becoming old hat for me to praise Smackdown at this point but I do love what they give us every week. As a fan of Naomi since her NXT Season 3 days, I’m overjoyed to see her getting some kind of push. She’s had them before but they’ve had other circumstances ruining them – getting her eye injured by Aksana, or being turned heel and forced to adjust so soon. Here however it looks like everything has come together; she’s polished in the ring, she’s got a good gimmick and the fans are starting to take note. I would love for her to be the next Smackdown Women’s Champion. Word on the grapevine is that Nikki was originally going to win it, but may end up retiring due to her neck problems. Regardless of how true the rumours are, Naomi is definitely over enough to warrant a shot at the gold. Especially if Becky Lynch is tied up feuding with Mickie James. We saw them interact more in the ring this week, but again it was wisely kept to a minimum. I really enjoyed the teaser we got, and I look forward to seeing how their feud progresses. This match functioned as a way to swap Becky out of the #1 contender’s spot and into her feud with Mickie, while Naomi fills her void feuding with Alexa – so next week will presumably see them going their separate ways and into their separate feuds. Alexa’s feud with Becky was a lot of fun, so I hope they show the same creativity with Naomi too. There’s a lot of material to draw on, as there is with regards to Mickie and Becky. Natalya and Nikki’s feud was also furthered in a good way, and the match between them is official. I got such a kick out of the idea of Nattie walking around with private security. They could have a lot of fun with this in the weeks leading to the Elimination Chamber.


Ember Moon vs Aliyah

Winner: Ember Moon

Ember Moon gives her thoughts on Asuka.


Ah, two of my favourite NXT women in the ring together. The spoiler reports described the match as ‘sloppy’, but I enjoyed it. The only sloppy part I found to be the headscissors by Aliyah towards the end – and even Ember worked with that pretty well. Both Ember and Aliyah need to get some investment from the creative team in terms of their character, but the wrestling is spot on judging from this encounter. Aliyah showed lots more flair than she’s shown in a while. Even in little things like the bridge up from the jack-knife cover and the way she tried to block Ember’s submission – so she too is growing in the ring. Much like with the triple threat from Australia, the match didn’t accomplish much in terms of story, but it did provide a showcase for two women to just wrestle. And sometimes that’s all you need. We did get an interview with Ember Moon afterwards, and her promo was a good one. It looks like they’re pulling the trigger on a potential program between her and Asuka, and hopefully we’ll really see Ember’s character develop along the way.

  • conan_kun

    Another Charlotte losing on Raw in non-title match. Charlotte is 16-0 on PPV title match streak but losing countless times on Raw. I don’t like “have the babyface loses much then snaps and turns heel” thing, it won’t suddenly change the fact that they already look like losers, they’re just losers with a different alignment and don’t suddenly look credible. Ziggler is latest example, the fans not quite invested on his heel character because he’s being book horribly for many years. Now Sasha’s credibility had been seriously damaged after she failed to retain the title 3 times thanks to WWE booking her terribly, even worse, the crowd may cheer on heel Sasha and boo Bayley as they think Sasha is the real sympathized figure.

    Wonder if they add Becky vs Mickie on Elimination Chamber, then there’ll be 3 women matches but probably on kickoff show as I don’t see they have 3 women matches on main card. I hope Naomi dethrones Alexa, even it’s just a short run till Mania but I know Alexa will retain since Naomi pins her clean twice mean that she won’t win at PPV. Next time Becky becomes champ, they should book her as strong champ instead of underdog as her chasing days should be over. I still don’t like Carmella and Ellsworth partnership, I can’t take Carmella seriously if she needs a man to interfere against the unemployed jobbers.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Agreed -- the booking of Charlotte is dull and repetitive. I doubt fans would boo Bayley. They might cheer for both but Bayley has always been able to steal chants away from Sasha.

      I’d rather they leave Becky vs Mickie for a bit, since it’s almost a bit too soon for them to clash on PPV.

      • conan_kun

        IMO, they should have done Fatal 4 Way at Elimination Chamber with Alexa vs Naomi vs Becky vs Mickie for SD women title where Mickie wins the title, then face Becky for title in single match at Wrestlemania, so both Raw and SD women title won’t be the same Fatal 4 Way stipulation as rumor said, since Mickie vs Becky is the most compelling women feud now, they may deliver great match if given a decent time.

        • Bobby Calloway

          I’d disagree. Alexa is a fledgling champion right now and Mickie winning the title like that would cut off her momentum too soon. It’s different with Becky who was already an established star but Alexa is still up and coming.

      • Francisco Baguer

        You know what I disliked on Raw: saturated rematches. Every PPV, the next night they always do a rematch. Was Sasha and Nia Jax that good we have to see it again the next night? They had Bayley/Charlotte and then Sheamus and Cesaro/The Club, then the next night creative is like “what can we do to have a filler spot?” “I know lets have Bayley with Cesaro and Sheamus vs Charlotte and the Club because its not like we’ve seen that before.” SD also made that mistake this week. Creative was like: “Did you enjoy that 6 woman tag match at the Rumble?” “Well I hope you like that much you’ll see it again 2 days later with the same match, same ending, minus Nikki & Natalya. Can you imagine if at Wrestlemania 22 Trish and Mickie had their great match, but then wrestle again the next night? That would be tedious.

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