WWE Divas, Raw & Smackdown Results – Brawls For All
Posted on Thursday, January 12th, 2017

WWE Divas – Raw & Smackdown Results:



Nia Jax and Charlotte attack Sasha Banks and Bayley.

Sasha and Bayley appeal to Stephanie McMahon.

Sasha Banks & Bayley vs Charlotte & Nia Jax

Winners: Charlotte & Nia Jax

Alicia Fox gives Noam Dar a big damn kiss!


Raw had quite a lot going on this week. It’s noted that the WWE product always takes an upsurge in quality around the time the ‘Road to WrestleMania’ begins – and that’s recognised as the build-up to the Royal Rumble. Last week we saw two feuds combined into the one segment, and this week continued that. Charlotte and Nia vs Sasha and Bayley was a logical next step, and I really enjoyed the match. The added element of Sasha’s injured knee helped make things feel a little less paint-by-numbers – and all the women in the match used some great acting and psychology to really sell that story. It’s just odd that the one story that was built into the match – Charlotte and Nia not being allies – didn’t get touched on at all. Despite Nia shoving Charlotte backstage, they co-existed just fine in the match. They even used teamwork to get Nia a dirty win. I wouldn’t get hung up on Nia pinning Bayley – especially since it was Charlotte who caused the distraction. And they do still need to preserve Bayley’s underdog status. The real story to come out of this is actually the Bayley/Sasha stuff. We can see that WWE are definitely laying the groundwork for a program between them. Whether Bayley will relieve Charlotte of the title at the Rumble and feud with Sasha into Mania – or they’ll be the big summer feud – we don’t know. But it’s definitely something to take note of. And yay for Alicia getting into memorable backstage segments this time. Hopefully memorable matches follow.


Nikki Bella prepares for her match with Natalya

Nikki Bella vs Natalya

No Contest

Carmella vs CJ Lunde

Winner: Carmella

Daniel Bryan announces Alexa Bliss vs Becky Lynch for the Women’s Championship next week – inside a steel cage!


In contrast to Carmella’s match against Aliyah, this one didn’t exactly light the world on fire. But it was to be expected, since it’s a squash against a local competitor. What was interesting is how in the post match segment, Carmella avoided going in for a kiss. Does she have an ulterior motive? Is there more on her mind than just hooking up with James Ellsworth? I’m happy that Carmella may have a storyline instead of just being put randomly with this guy. She’s shown that she can be aggressive in her feud with Nikki. Now let’s see her devious side.

Speaking of Nikki, what a brawl between her and Natalya! I loved it. This was exactly what I’d wanted from the Nattie/Becky stuff over the summer. This type of aggression. This type of intensity. Natalya has come a long way and improved her heel character a lot – and she’s finally making the most of the attention she’s getting. I loved Nikki’s aggression too. And the way she refused to tap out of the Sharpshooter just solidified her as the valiant babyface. This feud started off with a bit of a whimper but it has really kicked into gear now. Nikki and Nattie are giving us so much, and getting the fans so excited for their eventual grudge match.

Speaking of exciting grudge matches, how about a steel cage for the Women’s Championship? I loved how this segment played out, and it’s a real testament to Alexa and Becky’s work that they’ve been rewarded with such a match. And you know that La Luchadora will appear at some point. Good job, Smackdown!

  • Francisco Baguer

    Raw is Wrestlemania 30 Women Edition. Stephanie is HHH, Bayley is Daniel Bryan, Sasha is CM Punk, Charlotte is Randy Orton, & Nia Jax is Batista. Its such a rehash that its all too predictable. If they really want to be that lazy, they might as well have Bayley beat Stephanie in the opening match of Mania & then win the title that same night if they really want be uncreative.

    Smackdown on the other hand is home to fresh storylines & really good out of the box stuff like the brawl between Nikki & Natalya which will probably lead to a huge grudge match at Royal Rumble. Then we get the announcement of the cage match between Alexa & Becky which will be a really great blowoff to their feud.

    • Bobby Calloway

      I wouldn’t say it’s a repeat of the Daniel Bryan story. There’s virtually no involvement from the Authority. This was I believe the first time they even interacted.

      • Francisco Baguer

        Lets hope Bayley wins at the Rumble, but Charlotte and her ego she’s not going to job or put her over clean. If she’s beat Bayley twice on Raw what makes you think she’s going to lay down? She pretty much has HHH’s shovel to bury the women on Raw & squash them on PPV, because thats how selfish Charlotte is.

  • conan_kun

    Now when I seeing Bayley and Sasha on Raw made me thinks that were they the same women who fought against each other in awesome matches at NXT Takeover Brooklyn and Respect in 2015, they’re potentially to feud with each other after Bayley wins the title, but they’re looked weak and worthless for being dressed down by Steph easily without fired back. Especially Sasha, her NXT BO$$ character is completely diminished.

    The match stipulations for SD women title match are logical and made sense. Before TLC, Becky tried to throw Alexa through the table but ends up Becky being went through the table during contract signing, thus Table match is set. Now Steel Cage match is set because of last title match ends with outside interference, so they book Steel Cage match to prevent that, plus it can protect Becky from eating a pin again with Alexa retains by escaping the cage. On the other hand, Raw women title match stipulations from HIAC, Fall Count Anywhere to Iron Man match for Charlotte and Sasha felt unnecessary, they just simply want to make history. Will Becky vs Alexa in steel cage match next week ends like Eddie vs JBL back to 2004 too, the challenger loses via masked person interference and the masked person’s true identify revealed.

  • Scarlett Johson


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