WWE Divas, July 7th NXT Results – Bayley’s Blissful Victory
Posted on Thursday, July 7th, 2016

WWE Divas, July 6 NXT Results:

Bayley vs Alexa Bliss


Last week we saw both Alexa Bliss and Carmella lock horns in the ring, battling for superiority. It was the blissful one who won, and she’s not satisfied with just that. She laid down a challenge for the former NXT Women’s Champion: Bayley faces her for the right to get another shot at Asuka’s title. May the best woman win.

Bayley opens with a snapmare and elbow to the back, followed by a low clothesline. Alexa responds by sling-shotting her into the rope, for a two count. Alexa goes to work with kicks and a necklock. Bayley tries to fight out and Alexa slams her to the mat. Alexa stays in control but Bayley comes back by powerbombing her into the corner! Bayley keeps things going with elbows to the corner. Alexa goes for a sunset flip but Bayley blocks the pin – and Alexa socks her in the face. Match goes to commercial break.

When they resume, Alexa is brawling on the mat. She tries to give Bayley another slingshot, but Bayley blocks it to send Alexa into the ropes. Bayley follows up with a jawbreaker off the middle rope for two. Alexa gives Bayley her Insult To Injury combo and climbs to the top rope. Bayley cuts her off, but Alexa puts her down with the Glitter Blizzard. Bayley kicks out, enraging Alexa. Both women trade bridge pins and roll-ups, before Alexa tries a backslide for two. Bayley then hits a uranage for two. She goes up top but Alexa sweeps her leg, bumping her off the turnbuckle. Alexa goes for a splash but Bayley gets her knees up and connects with the Belly-to-Bayley.

Winner: Bayley

Bayley gets on the microphone and reminds the fans about Asuka and Nia Jax knocking her down, especially Nia taking her opportunity at Takeover. Nia’s music plays and she makes her way down to the ring. Bayley challenges her to one more match to settle things.


It was very daring of WWE to give Alexa Bliss a shot like this; working two big matches in a row on the one set of tapings. It goes to show that a) they have big plans for her, and b) she’s been working hard to earn such a spot. Giving someone two long matches is usually reserved for the Sasha, Bayley or Becky types; the ones who you know can go twice in one night. So it is a testament to how hard Alexa has been working that she was able to prove she could do this. And she succeeded admirably. From bell to bell, this was an intense bout that I was fully invested in. It was more solid than Alexa’s respectable match with Carmella, which is to be expected given how much more experienced Bayley is. But credit goes where credit is due: Alexa controlled a surprising chunk of the match. There wasn’t the usual flurry of babyface offence at the start. Alexa took control very early and remained in control for 90% of it. To me, that says NXT really want to promote her as a rising star. She lost to Bayley sure, but look at how long she stayed in control. She gave Bayley quite a fight and, in kayfabe, looked like she was close to winning. Bayley put her over like a pro, and Alexa looked graceful in defeat. With showings like this, I’m even more confident that she will eventually take her place as one of the top stars of the brand. Bayley of course was her usual fiery self, and we love her for it. She’ll be in action against Nia Jax next, so that should hopefully be just as spirited a match as this. Well done, Bayley, you continue to do so much for the WWE women’s division.

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