WWE Divas, June 30th Smackdown Results – Billie & Summer Go Bankrupt
Posted on Friday, July 1st, 2016

WWE Divas, June 30 Smackdown Results:


Sasha Banks returned with a vengeance last week, and continued that streak on Raw when she picked up a win over the Women’s Champion and her new student. Dana Brooke will be in action on Smackdown, taking on none other than the elusive Billie Kay from NXT. What’s more is that Summer Rae lost out on an opportunity for a match on Raw – and she looks to be trying to do something about that on Smackdown. She has words for The Boss herself. Stay tuned for more.

Dana shows off her power, shoving Billie into the corner and then throwing her across the ring by her hair. Billie responds with a northern lights suplex and goes for a monkey flip. Dana drops her on the ropes and gives her an awkward flapjack. Dana keeps in control with her handstand choke, clothesline and cartwheel splash. Billie kicks out at two and is able to come back with a headscissors takedown. She follows up with a discus punch and big boot for two. Dana jawbreakers her and lays her out with the Samoan Driver.

Winner: Dana Brooke

Sasha has been watching the match from backstage, and she’s approached by Renee Young for an interview. Sasha gives Charlotte credit for getting to the top – but it won’t last for long. Summer Rae now interrupts her, claiming that she’s “all flash and no funk” and saying that she hopes they don’t end up on different brands in a few weeks. Sasha challenges Summer to a match just in case.

Summer shoulder tackles Sasha, but her attempt at a knee lift is countered by Sasha giving her a back elbow and chop. Sasha follows this with a corner arm drag and alley-oop. She throws Summer around by the hair, but Summer sends her out of the ring. Sasha comes back in and starts attacking, Summer retreating to the apron. She attempts to suplex her, but Sasha blocks it – and Summer thinks on her feet with a boot off the apron. The match goes to a commercial break and Summer is still in control when they return – a boot to the head. Snap suplex by Summer and she goes for another, but Sasha counters into a small package. She rolls Summer for two and then tries a backslide. She sends Summer into the corner, snapmares her and goes to work with clotheslines. She blocks a kick but misses with the knees to the corner. Summer rolls her up for two and floors her with a roundhouse kick. Sasha kicks out at two and Summer dodges the double knees, nailing Sasha with a kick from the apron. She then DDTs her…but only gets two! Sasha drops her on the turnbuckle and connects with the double knees this time, locking in the crossface afterwards.

Winner: Sasha Banks


Prayers were indeed answered with this episode of Smackdown. Two matches, two different feuds showcased and two lesser-seen women given the spotlight. Thank the wrestling Gods that Billie Kay was finally given a match. Rumour has it that she took time off to get breast enhancement surgery. Whilst I don’t personally think she needed it, if she wanted to then good for her. It’s good to see her on the main roster, and I hope she gets some more to do because she wasn’t getting a whole lot on NXT. She was given a little in this match. Although she was there as Dana’s enhancement talent, she still showed off a couple of nice moves. She did her best to match Dana look good. Ms Brooke unfortunately didn’t have one of her better days. At the moment she reminds me very much of Tamina Snuka; she’s not quite there in the ring and she’s doing her best to cover it up with her character. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I think she wasn’t ready to get called up yet, and awkward showings like this are just proving me right. Her finisher in particular should be changed, as the set-up of it continues to look awkward and take too long. But Rome wasn’t built in a day and she at least got through the match without any major screw-ups.

Summer/Sasha was a mixed bag. It’s not as fun as their surprisingly nice bout on Superstars a couple of weeks back – and there was a sense of oil and water with them. I got the feeling that they were rushing through a lot of their spots, and the match was dangerously close to falling apart. Summer looked a little out of it in places. Most of that stuff was before the commercial break however, and they sorted themselves out afterwards. I’m not quite sure what it was in the first half – as the moves were nice – but there was something about the match that I just wasn’t feeling. The spots towards the end were nice and snappy though – especially with how Summer blocked all the knee attempts. I was impressed to see her get so much in. In contrast to the previous bout – where it was obvious that Dana would get the easy win – this one at least gave the impression that Summer might sneak a victory. But I’m happy to see her getting a little attention on the bigger shows. She has been putting the effort into her promos and most of her matches as of late, so she deserves it. In the brand split, hopefully she’ll benefit and find herself with more feuds and storylines. Sasha meanwhile got an interview like I had hoped and another win to make her look strong. I would like to see a big segment between her and Charlotte on Raw to really amp up the tension in this growing feud.

  • Francisco Baguer

    It’s unclear if this represents a promotion to the main roster, but Billie Kay made her WWE debut on this week’s episode of SmackDown. She didn’t have much to do, as she was quickly squashed by Dana Brooke. Furthermore, her entrance wasn’t shown on television.

    It’s entirely possible she was used because WWE was in Florida and short on talent with many wrestlers traveling to Hawaii for live events before heading over to Japan. Then again, we’re just a couple weeks away from the WWE Draft and there have been rumors of NXT talent coming up to give depth to the two brands after the extension. Perhaps she got to come up early?

    • Bobby Calloway

      Plus they still have lots of women out at the moment with injuries. Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise for Billie

      • Francisco Baguer

        Still, why are they trying to strap the rocket on Dana? Typical WWE wanting to push their bodybuilding, no talent, who can’t wrestle a lick. Dana Brooke makes Eva Marie look like a legend in comparison; thats how bad she is.

        • Bobby Calloway

          I’d say she’s more capable in the ring than Eva. She’s just green and shouldn’t have been called up. Still, she’s just in an enforcer role and it’s unlikely that they’d actually push her for the title at the moment.

          • Francisco Baguer

            Yeah she’s the enforcer, but what is Dana’s character? All I have seen is that Dana is a Lex Luger wannabe who shows off her muscles, has a bodybuilding background & not much else.

  • conan_kun

    Sasha and Summer should have feud with each other a few months ago with a storyline like Summer acknowledges she’s the one who build up Sasha with The Bo$$ character.

    Imagine 3 Australians Emma, Billie Kay & Peyton Royce are put together as Aussie Invasion in women division, perhaps a few years later since NXT should showcase Billie and Peyton more.

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