WWE Divas, April 27th NXT Results – The Asuka & Aliyah Show
Posted on Thursday, April 28th, 2016

WWE Divas, April 27 NXT Results:


After last week’s female-lite episode, NXT has seen to reward our prayers. Not only do we have two women’s matches, but all of them feature women WWE have under contract. The new NXT Women’s Champion Asuka competes in her first match since winning the title. As advertised last week, she’ll be facing Eva Marie. Elsewhere we can see Carmella in action. She’ll be in the ring with none other than Aliyah – making her singles debut!

The “you can’t wrestle” chants start immediately, and Asuka teases a roundhouse kick. Eva retreats to the apron, but Asuka puts her in a wristlock. Eva tries to reverse it, but Asuka puts her in a hammerlock now. Eva transitions to a headlock, but Asuka snapmares her into a vicious kick to the back. Eva retreats to the ropes again, and Asuka allows her a breather. The champ now slaps a waistlock on, but Eva is able to knock her down with a shoulder tackle! She ducks a kick but Asuka knocks her down now and smashes her with a flying hip attack. Asuka locks her in an arm bar but Eva gets a foot on the bottom rope. Asuka knocks Eva off the apron with another flying hip attack. Nia Jax has now come down to the ring as the match goes to commercial break.

When they return, Eva is in control with a splash to the corner and a running big boot. She follows up with a senton for two. Eva locks Asuka in a surfboard stretch, but the Women’s Champion quickly fights out of it. Eva dodges another hip attack and nails Asuka with a forearm. Eva and Asuka trade strikes before Eva hits a snap suplex, going back to the submission. Asuka works to her feet, sidesteps Eva and backslides her for two. Asuka follows up with a missile dropkick, leaving both women on the mat. Eva throws a few punches but Asuka blasts her with a dropkick. The champ goes to work with more kicks. Eva ducks a spinning back fist and slams Asuka by the hair. She goes for another senton but Asuka ducks and hits her with a low dropkick for two. Asuka is able to floor her with the roundhouse kick for the win.

Winner: Asuka

Nia Jax gets into the ring afterwards. Asuka teases a kick to her, but Nia just helps Eva up before they both leave.

Aliyah grabs Carmella into a headlock and snapmare – but Carmella lands on her feet. Aliyah sweep her, but Carmella jumps out of the way and hits an atomic drop. She follows with a dropkick for two. Aliyah counters a scoop slam and slams Carmella to the mat. She locks in a grounded full-nelson and transitions into a Lotus Lock. Carmella escapes into a pin for two. Aliyah hits a Gail Kim crossbody into the corner and lands a springboard leg drop for two. Carmella gets a judo flip and comes back with Thesz Press. She follows with a hurricanrana and superkick. Bronco Buster follows into a flat liner-triangle submission combo.

Winner: Carmella


Finally, NXT is back to form. After Raw disappoints us, NXT delivers. My endless criticisms of NXT for the last few weeks are short meaningless matches featuring too many women from the indies. Now we get two very nice, longer matches. Both feature top women and also shed the spotlight onto lesser-seen talent. Asuka’s match with Eva Marie was an ‘assume crash positions’ situation. Eva I don’t believe has worked a match that long or competitive ever before. Kudos to her for getting through it without looking lost or messing up. It’s been a while since we’ve really seen Eva in the ring and, while she continued to make many rookie mistakes, she looked a lot better. Asuka helped her through the match and it was even quite fun from time to time. I thought Eva’s senton looked very good this week, and she used some good heel psychology to work the crowd. The NXT fans were pretty split on her. Half were jeering “you can’t wrestle”, while the others were chanting “let’s go Eva” – so it seems that Eva has definitely turned her X-Pac Heat into actual heel heat. She probably learned a lot by working with the Women’s Champion and that can’t be anything but a good thing. Congratulations, Eva, on working a match that was long, hard-hitting and sometimes even enjoyable. And congratulations to Asuka for being ever the professional and helping a rookie out. They teased an altercation between her and Nia Jax afterwards, so I think we have a hint of what Asuka’s first feud could be after she and Bayley are done.

Aliyah meanwhile finally made it to TV. I was surprised to see her in a heel role, given that any of her indie matches I’ve seen her as a cutesy girl next door babyface. Truth be told, she didn’t seem that comfortable in the heel role. In other matches I’ve seen her in, she showed off a lot of face charisma. But with a few more matches in front of crowds, I’m sure she can embrace her inner bad girl. Ring-wise, this was a really fun match. Carmella and Aliyah worked excellently together, pulling off some really fun moves. Carmella in particular looked the best she ever has out there. Her shine and comeback were both creative, as well as excellently pulled off. She does still need to work on her dropkicks though. Aliyah demonstrated some nice submission skills and pulled off a very nice leg drop from the rope. I can appreciate that she played her heel role correctly and didn’t try to steal cheers from her opponent. Anyway, this match didn’t exactly progress any storylines, but it sure entertained me. I got to see one woman who hasn’t been in action in a while, and another who I’ve been dying to see on TV for ages. And both of them thoroughly entertained me. Good job to all the women this week.

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