WWE Divas, Main Event Results – Summer Arrives Early In The UK
Posted on Monday, April 25th, 2016

WWE Divas, Main Event Results:

Alicia Fox vs Summer Rae


Rounding off the female presence in WWE’s UK tour this week, we have a match on Main Event to look forward to. It may be only spring at the moment – but Summer Rae brings an early dose of summer to the UK crowd. Her opponent is the ever underrated Alicia Fox. Should be a good one!

Alicia smiles and slaps hands to signify that the UK fans should cheer her. Summer grabs Alicia by the hair and slams her to the mat, before going into a waistlock. Alicia reverses into a wristlock, but Summer shoulder tackles her. Alicia is able to come back with a back-roll headscissors, but Summer slaps her and gives her a vicious kick. Alicia tries to go to the top rope – but Summer blasts her with a roundhouse kick! She keeps in control by throwing Alicia around by the hair, and locking in a half-nelson. Alicia tries to fight out but Summer slams her back down to the mat. Alicia is able to reverse the hold into a roll-up for two, and comes back with two dropkicks. There’s a miscue with a third dropkick attempt but Alicia keeps on top with a northern lights suplex. She goes for the scissors kick but Summer dodges it. Alicia likewise ducks a spinning heel kick, but Summer is able to put her away with the Summer Crush.

Winner: Summer Rae


A short match but a fun one. Actually a really fun one. I can’t remember Alicia and Summer working together much in the past, so it felt fresh. And thankfully there was enough from both women. Alicia did some good stuff and so did Summer. They managed to make a short five-minute bout feel full enough. The kick to the top rope was a really good idea and set the tone nicely. I appreciate that Summer didn’t try to pack umpteen moves into a short space of time. She properly worked the submission hold she had one and made it feel like an important part of the match. Tamina Snuka is terrible for slapping on a token chinlock for no real reason, but Summer at least knew to use the submission hold properly. And likewise, the way Alicia turned it around was nice and effective. There was a botch with a mistimed dropkick, but the women at least carried on and kept the match going. The end was even nicely put together with reversals and attempted finishers from both sides. Summer picks up yet another win. It’s surprising that she keeps getting so many, especially when she’s been nowhere near the title picture. Do WWE actually want to give her a bit of a push in the division? Well we’ll just have to wait and see.

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