The WWE Highlights of Chyna – Top Chyna Matches & Segments…
Posted on Monday, April 25th, 2016

The WWE Highlights of Chyna:


Another soldier down. 2016 has seen the deaths of many notable icons such as stars David Bowie and Alan Rickman. British comedian Victoria Wood passed away only yesterday. And ECW original Balls Mahoney was only last week. Chyna passes away at the age of forty-six, having not been seen in a WWE ring since 2001. She entered the company in 1996 as one of the original founders of D-Generation X. As the Attitude Era kicked off, she was one of the figureheads of it. With the only significant females in WWE being glamorous Divas like Sable, Sunny or Terri – Chyna was something completely different. An imposing amazon of a woman, Chyna went into the ring toe-to-toe with anyone who asked. She became the first woman to enter the Royal Rumble, compete in the King of the Ring tournament and hold the Intercontinental Championship – which she held three times. She was even WWE Women’s Champion for a while. Let us relive the highlights of such a decorated career.

Best Segments:

A Breathless Debut – In Your House 13: Final Four:

Chyna’s debut in WWE was a relatively simple one. She had previously been trained by the Killer Kowalski in Massachusetts and had been wrestling for a year on the indies before a chance meeting. Triple H and Shawn Michaels took a liking to her after watching some tapes, and lobbied for her to join WWE. Vince McMahon was reluctant, as he was afraid that the audience wouldn’t be able to buy a woman beating up men. The rest as you know is history. But Chyna was courted by WCW too, who wanted her to become the lone female member of the New World Order. She joined WWE eventually (and WCW would introduce their own knock-off called Asya) and appeared as a plant in the crowd, choking Marlena while Triple H was in the ring with Goldust.

Stunned – No Way Out 1998:

Chyna joined D-Generation X as a bodyguard to Triple H. She was dangerously effective and ran rampant over his opponents. At this point, she rarely got in the ring herself – but kept her interferences to low blows and occasional power moves. Although she was a force of nature, the WWE superstars seemed reluctant to fight back against a woman. The exception was one Stone Cold Steve Austin. Chyna got in his face for attacking Triple H. Stone Cold at first tried to ignore her, but Chyna continued to provoke him. After flipping him the bird, Austin responded by giving her a stunner. This generated an atomic pop from the crowd and shocked the fanbase. Chyna later credited Austin with making her career – as this moment made it okay for men to hit her.

Ready to Rumble – Royal Rumble 1999:

Chyna made history many times in her WWE career. And one of those times was at the last Rumble of the 20th century. In the lead up to the event, the coveted number 30 spot in the Rumble was still open. As D-Generation X were feuding with the Corporate Ministry at the time, a special battle royal was held to determine who would get the spot. Vince McMahon himself looked as though he would be the lucky guy – entering himself in the match on the spur of the moment. But Chyna did the very same and threw him out, thus earning the number 30 spot. She entered the Rumble, becoming the first woman to do so (and Beth Phoenix and Kharma later becoming the second and third). She even managed to toss Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry outside, before Stone Cold threw her out too. But a win is a win, right?

Mamacita – Raw 2000:

Chyna in her first two years in WWE was known as a terrifying brute. And it seemed like romance was the last thing on her mind. But that didn’t stop Eddie Guerrero from pursuing her. He arrived in early 2000 with the rest of The Radicalz – jumping ship from WCW. Although Chyna pinned him in a 6-person tag at WrestleMania 2000, she couldn’t resist his Latino Heat forever. The very next night, she turned on her ally Chris Jericho to help Eddie win the European Championship. Audiences began to see a softer side of Chyna – or ‘Mamacita’ as Eddie called her. Although they started out as heels, they quickly became fan favourites because of just how adorable they were together.

Women’s Champion – WrestleMania X-Seven:

Chyna herself didn’t look back on this period of her career with much pleasure, but it still is a notable part of it. Around the late 2000 period, Chyna posed for Playboy magazine. That sparked the wrath of the Right to Censor – who were determined to rid WWE of any immoral content. They targeted Chyna relentlessly, even giving her a spike piledriver to severely injure her neck (kayfabe, don’t worry). Chyna decided that she would challenge Ivory for the Women’s Championship. She came up short at the Royal Rumble but got a second chance at WrestleMania – with the rest of the RTC banned from ringside. The reason this isn’t on the list of matches is because it’s just a squash. Chyna became the Women’s Champion in two minutes, also thoroughly pissing off Ivory for covering her in that fashion.

Best Matches:

10) w/Billy Gunn, Road Dogg & K-Kwik vs The Radicalz [Traditional Survivor Series Elimination] – Survivor Series 2000:

This might seem like a weird choice to have on here, but it’s actually one of my favourite Chyna matches. And it’s another first for her: she gets to compete in the first (and to this date only) intergender Traditional Survivor Series match. The storyline was that Eddie Guerrero had been caught doing the dirty on his fiancée – and thus the relationship imploded. Chyna got consolation in the form of her old D-Generation X partners, and newcomer K-Kwik (yes that is a young R-Truth in there). Chyna was looking especially solid in there, delivering some really great stuff with help from top workers like Eddie and Perry Saturn. Although she is the first eliminated, thanks to Eddie bashing her with the IC title, it’s still a really fun performance.

9) vs Molly Holly – Smackdown 2001:

Here’s a little-seen match. Molly Holly was always one of my favourite women to watch in the ring, and she was one of the best workers WWE ever had. So I am delighted that she got to work with Chyna during the latter’s brief period as part of the women’s division. It’s a short match but one that uses psychology oh-so-well. Molly is the smaller competitor, trying to do what she can to offset Chyna’s size. She tries to go for holds first, before trying to go to the air when that doesn’t work. And in the ring with a solid woman like Molly, Chyna looks like a champ. The match ends quickly with a huge clothesline from Chyna, followed by a powerbomb.


8) vs Road Dogg – King of the Ring 1999:

At the start of 1999, Chyna had made history by competing in the Royal Rumble match. So it was time for her to make history a second time. The King of the Ring tournament was considerably more prestigious back in the Attitude Era. It was almost held up as an honorary ‘Big 4’ show along with WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, SummerSlam and Survivor Series – so a woman competing in the tournament was a huge honour. The spot originally belonged to Triple H, but he gave it to her after receiving a WWE title shot anyway. It was one of Chyna’s first high profile matches, and WWE did a good job of selling that Road Dogg was unsure of how to wrestle a woman. They kept Triple H’s interference to a minimum and Chyna was able to control the match in a very nice way. The Dogg however was prepared for her signature low blow – and defeated her with a pumphandle slam. Unfortunately this match is really hard to find online, so you’ll have to make do with an edited version.

7) w/Too Cool vs The Radicalz – WrestleMania 2000:

I might be a little bit biased here but this was always one of my favourite intergender matches. Chyna teamed with the team that was pretty fly for two white guys – Too Cool – to face ¾ of The Radicalz (Chris Benoit off wrestling Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho). This was when Eddie was still gunning for Chyna’s affections – and she was reluctant. Chyna is built up as the hot tag for this match and delivers some fun WrestleMania type spots – such as a double handspring elbow to Saturn and Malenko, as well as a double low blow. She even claimed the win for her team with a sleeper slam on Eddie. Just a really fun 6-person tag.

6) vs Lita – Judgment Day 2001:

This marked Chyna’s final WWE match, and it was a highly anticipated one. Ever since claiming the Women’s Championship from Ivory, Chyna had been unstoppable in the division. Ivory, Molly Holly and Trish Stratus had all fallen rather easily. But there was another woman amongst the crop of glamorous Divas who many thought might give Chyna a run for her money. Lita had shown no qualms about jumping off ladders or going through tables – and had even wrestled men from time to time. So if there was anyone who could take it to Chyna, it was her. What’s interesting about this match is the story that they tell: Chyna at first seeing Lita as another fly to be squashed, but then eventually seeing her as a threat. Even though Chyna shook Lita’s hand after she retained her title, she acted very heelish during the match – suggesting she would have turned heel in the storyline eventually.

5) w/Eddie Guerrero vs Val Venis & Trish Stratus – SummerSlam 2000:

Chyna and Eddie began their pairing as villains – which I mentioned above. But this was the Attitude Era, where lovable villains inevitably became fan favourites. And that’s just what happened with these two. As they were both powerful wrestlers too, they became quite the power couple. Val Venis was the IC Champ, and had gained the managerial service of then-rookie Trish Stratus. So the four of them were placed into an intergender tag match, with the title on the line. The rules stated that Trish would only retain the title for Val if she got the pin. But the title would go to whomever pinned her or Val on the other team. It came down to Chyna and Trish, and Chyna had the Intercontinental Championship once again. A really fun match.

4) vs Triple H – Raw 1999:

Triple H and Chyna spent most of their early Attitude Era days as allies. But don’t forget that the WWE Championship could always turn the best of friends into the bitterest of enemies. And this could extend to the #1 contendership for it too. She and Triple H faced each other in a match to determine who would challenge for the title at that year’s SummerSlam. Triple H of course was one the biggest stars of the Attitude Era, and a really dynamic wrestler. So it’s a great story to see him and Chyna going at it, battling for the #1 contendership. Triple H doesn’t baby her for being a woman. She takes his hits and dishes out some of her own. It’s too bad the match couldn’t go on longer.

3) vs Jeff Jarrett [Good Housekeeping Match] – No Mercy 1999:

So here it is. The moment Chyna really arrived as a star. Jeff Jarrett had been acting increasingly chauvinistic. So he said that if Chyna really wanted to be Intercontinental Champion, she would have to beat him in a Good Housekeeping Match. Such a match would have various household objects legal as weapons – but only household objects would count. Jarrett realised this when he hit Chyna with the IC title belt to win the match. The referee reversed the decision and re-started the match as a result. Apparently the guitar counts as a household object – because Chyna smashed it over his head and made history. The first woman to become IC Champion. According to her autobiography (so take it with a grain of salt), Jarrett’s contract expired before the PPV – and he demanded $300,000 in order to drop the title to a woman. Whether he was 300k richer or not, Chyna still made history.

2)Vs Chris Jericho – Armageddon 1999:

Chris Jericho has never been particularly fond of his memories working with the 9th Wonder of the World. Mostly due to how strictly Vince McMahon was censoring their stuff. One day he was told not to hold back and really go for her. The next he was told off for giving a woman a black eye. Either way, they still feuded over the Intercontinental Championship. Chyna successfully retained at the Survivor Series – but Jericho retaliated by smashing a hammer over her thumb. Their rematch at Armageddon was far more competitive and spirited. Chyna really tries her hardest to fight for her title, and tells a great story out there. In the end though, Y2J makes her submit to the Walls of Jericho. The two would form a brief partnership for the next few months afterwards.

1)vs Jeff Jarrett – Unforgiven 1999:

Before Chyna claimed the title in a Good Housekeeping Match, there was another bout before that. And it’s easily her best WWE match. This is a fantastic battle from bell-to-bell. Chyna tells a good story, taking plenty of lumps from Jarrett and coming close to overpowering him on occasions. It’s my favourite Chyna match and it’s one she was probably very proud of. This was her transition to wrestling more regularly, and it marked a good arrival into the division. Unfortunately for her, the win was tainted when Jarrett’s jilted manager Debra came down to the ring and hit him with his guitar. And referee Harvey Whippleman disqualified Chyna as a result.

I have to say that it definitely hurt to read that Chyna had passed away. And not just because she had been one of my childhood favourites. A woman that was at one point on top of the world, only to suffer setbacks the way some of us always do. In her later years, she was just trying to put her life back together. If Mick Foley’s heart-warming blog post about her is to be believed, she had already begun doing that. Her manager described her as anxious about her personal demons, but still hopeful for her future. Despite these personal demons, it was still very sweet to see so many well-wishers and tributes to this great lady – from fans and friends alike. One of the first tributes I read was from Triple H of all people. We bid goodbye to a woman that entertained us immensely during one of pro wrestling’s biggest boom periods – and will do our best to remember her legacy fondly. Farewell, Joanie Laurer, the 9th Wonder of the World.


  • G.I.R.L.

    Thank you for this. Brings tears to my eyes. She is dearly missed. Rest in peace, amazon. You deserve it.

    • Bobby Calloway

      No problem at all. Thank you very much for reading. She will be definitely missed.

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