WWE Divas, April 21st Smackdown Results – Twice The Tap-Out
Posted on Sunday, April 24th, 2016

WWE Divas, April 21 Smackdown Results:

Team BAD vs Natalya & Paige


This week on Smackdown sees Natalya hoping to gain even more momentum ahead of her title match at Payback. She teams up with the hometown girl Paige to take on Naomi and Tamina Snuka of Team BAD. Natalya picked up the win for her team on Raw, so can she do it when there’s only four women in the match to keep track of too?

Paige gets a big hometown pop and is given her own entrance, as is Natalya. But Team BAD are already in the ring. Natalya starts with Tamina, the latter getting a wristlock. Natalya tries to reverse, but is slammed by her hair. Naomi tags in with a kick to Nattie’s arm, followed by Bootylicious. Natalya comes back with a drop toe hold into a front facelock. She tags in Paige and they hit a double snapmare. Natalya back in with a low dropkick and an early Sharpshooter attempt. Naomi kicks her away and retreats to the apron, where she nails Natalya with a sneaky kick. She follows up with a leg drop. Tamina back in now with a double team clothesline. She hits a bear hug atomic drop, and Naomi comes in to dropkick Natalya down. Tamina tags in to snapmare her into a chinlock. She misses a knee drop and Natalya tags Paige. Naomi comes in to get hit with a series of kicks and knees. Naomi goes for a crossbody, Paige catches her and Naomi goes for her corner bulldog. Paige blocks this and plants her with the Ram-Paige. Tamina breaks the pin, but Natalya locks her in the Sharpshooter. Paige meanwhile locks Naomi in the PTO!

Winners: Natalya & Paige


I enjoyed this tag match a bit more than the one on Raw. With only four women in there, we could enjoy the story – without having to keep track of everyone trying to get their spots in. Team BAD had one of their better days and looked fine in the ring out there. They’re the lone team left standing from the Divas Revolution storyline and they clearly work as a duo. I don’t expect them to ever get anything resembling a top-of-the-division push what with the new wave of NXT girls – but I’m satisfied that they’re still working to improve. The match was mostly just about giving the faces a feel-good win for the UK audience – but I’m pleased WWE still promoted Natalya as a #1 contender in addition to celebrating Paige as the hometown girl. The double finishers spot was a good remedy for that: putting Paige over for the UK crowd and still giving Natalya momentum. But this really could have used an appearance from the Women’s Champion. Shouldn’t she be enraged that Natalya made her tap out on Raw? Shouldn’t she want revenge? WWE really missed an opportunity here – as Charlotte could have attacked Paige and done something really nasty to get some extra heat on herself. But as it stands, we got a rather meaningless match that was still at least watchable.

  • Francisco Baguer

    You do know the only reason Paige won was because it was her hometown. Naomi & Tamina dominated most of the match but Paige did a Cena like comeback for the win. Poor Naomi, last year in the UK she turned heel by attacking Paige & now a year later she gets the short end of the stick. I hope one day she can break the glass ceiling & be in a better position.

    • Bobby Calloway

      I doubt she will. WWE clearly don’t want to push a black woman as their top babyface -- and Sasha benefits from a built-in fanbase that proves she’s a draw. Naomi is stuck in this heel role that she’s not suited for -- so I don’t see her getting anywhere anytime soon.

      • Francisco Baguer

        Thats a big problem that just upsets me. While Naomi isn’t doing much, Sasha is being buried in the mid-card with no big payoff to her unbeaten record. Asuka has an unbeaten record with her beating Bayley & winning the NXT Women’s Title as the payoff. That proves how much the main roster WWE are racists. On NXT, HHH proved to us that he doesn’t judge people by ethnicity or race by giving the title to Asuka. So really if you ask me Vince is the bigger racist. He decided not to give the title to an Irish born Becky Lynch or Sasha Banks who is mix of Black/German descent at Wrestlemania & instead chose Charlotte who was a bleach blonde, all white, pure bred American as champion. WWE hates Civil Rights & Freedom of Speech.

        • conan_kun

          I just really want someone to take the title off of Charlotte sooner the better. The nepotism is really starting to make me sick. This girl wins the title after just 2 months in main roster? Won the NXT Women’s title after being there for like a year when Sasha was there longer and was a much better performer than her. She was NXT Women’s champ for 9 months and she’s been champ for 7 months in main roster already! I’m so sick of it. Yes she’s a great athlete but she needs to be far away from the title scene. Charlotte will suffer the same fate as Paige and that’s early burnout. You let these performers achieve so much so quick, it’s like OK what’s left for them to do now?

          Even you don’t like another Charlotte vs Natalya , I still hope they give Natalya the well deserved title reign she’s 6 years overdue for. Have her retain against Charlotte at Extreme Rules and then drop the title to Sasha at Summerslam. It’s okay for Charlotte challenges for Sasha’s title later but she seriously needs to not be champion for a long time. And I strongly believe that nepotism is a main factor here because Sasha was supposed to win at Wrestlemania and the plans were changed. Of course I know it’s very predictable that Charlotte gonna hold it and drop to Sasha at Summerslam by default as Sasha is advertised in list of superstars on Summerslam unless she suffering injury so every Women’s title match before Summerslam is meaningless to watch.

          And what a shame that they let lovable European babyface Becky eat pinfalls in every live events around the Europe Tour including her hometown Dublin, Ireland. Why not at least do non-title match with Becky vs Charlotte and Becky wins by DQ then chases away Flairs to stand tall in front of her hometown crowd instead of making her embarrassed in her home country.

          • Francisco Baguer

            Thanks for agreeing with me. Your right Charlotte is boring now & should drop the belt already. She could be so much better if they just get rid of her father & let her break out on her own & develop her own personality. I’m sick of LOL Charlotte wins, all the time.

            • Bobby Calloway

              I don’t think she’d be particularly strong on her own. Having her father helps her stand out. If she were by herself, she’d be Generic Heel #5

              • Francisco Baguer

                Did you not see her heel run on NXT? She was doing pretty well there as she was part of the BFF stable. Charlotte isn’t HHH who had Flair with him all the time. Charlotte should develop her own personality instead of trying to be like her dad.

              • Francisco Baguer

                Did you not see her heel run on NXT? She was doing pretty well there as she was part of the BFF stable. Charlotte should develop her own personality instead of trying to be like her dad.

                • Bobby Calloway

                  Yes but she was in a stable, and she didn’t have much of a top heel run. She feuded with Bayley for about a month and then turned babyface, so I don’t think she can make it on her own.

  • conan_kun

    3 of Four Horsewomen are facing, in a way, reflections of themselves. Natalya is a (former) champion that is part of a legendary wrestling lineage, like Charlotte. Emma was once the quirky, lovable girl next door, like Becky Lynch is now. Summer Rae is a self-entitled superstar who believes herself to be above everyone else, like Sasha Banks. Natalya, Emma, and Summer all came up before the Horsewomen, yet the Horsewomen have the success, got the headlines and the historic Wrestlemania match, whereas the other three got…the pre-show. What’s great is that all three have very naturally shown resentment towards their respective Horsewoman opponents, and feel that they should be in those Horsewoman spots.

    Emma is jealous that Becky has succeeded where she had failed – Emma was the nice girl that got rejected, whereas Becky is the nice girl that is accepted. Because Emma was a nice girl that finished last, it’s now time for nice girl Becky to get in the back of the line so it can be all about Emma.

    Summer is upset over all the attention that Sasha Banks has been getting, the attention that she feels – as her bringing up the “We Want Summer” chants shows – used to be hers. Sasha lost at Wrestlemania and is out of the title picture, so she is no better than Summer. Therefore in Summer’s eyes, Sasha doesn’t deserve the extra attention.

    Natalya has more honorable reasoning for her feud than the heels. She considers Charlotte a disrespectful, undeserving champion – disrespectful because of her attitude and undeserving because of her continued reliance on Ric Flair in her matches. Yet by her bringing up the fact that she also has a famous lineage, combined with her assertion that she has been Charlotte’s greatest challenge, you can argue that even face Natalya has a bit of jealousy motivating her.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Interesting idea that the Horsewomen are facing alternate counterparts to each other. It definitely fits, whether it was intentional or not.

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