WWE Divas, April 4th Raw Results – Who Has The Hart Of A Champion?
Posted on Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

WWE Divas, April 4 Raw Results:


WrestleMania 32 is done and dusted now. Charlotte came out on top to remain champion, and she is now the new WWE Women’s Champion – and the Divas’ Championship is to be retired. Tonight on Raw she will be formally presented with the new title – and you can bet the other women will be close at hand. We also have a match to look forward to. Summer Rae came up short in her 10-woman tag the night before, so she’s going to be facing Sasha Banks. We can also anticipate a surprise one night only return for the evening.

Summer Rae is in the ring with a microphone, saying that if she had been in charge of her team, then maybe they would have one. But she says she still had a better night than Sasha Banks. This brings out The Boss, who grabs the microphone – and hits her with it! The bell rings but Summer cowers outside the ring. She’s able to jawbreak Sasha on the ropes and floor her with a spinning heel kick. Summer applies a half nelson and even slaps Sasha. This prompts a comeback from The Boss – in the form of double knees. After a botched spot, Summer throws another kick. Sasha tries to go for the Bank Statement but Summer holds onto the ropes and blocks it. She tries to roll Sasha up but The Boss kicks out. Sasha immediately turns it into the crossface to get the win.

Winner: Sasha Banks

Lita is in the ring with the entire WWE women’s roster. She says that she is so proud that the next generation of WWE fans have a whole slew of female role models to look up to. So she is going to formally award the new Women’s Championship to Charlotte. Although the champ comes down to the ring, the crowd chants for Bayley. Charlotte acknowledges the chants and thanks the fans and the other women – because the Women’s title is the future. The crowd chants “women’s wrestling” – but Charlotte kills the mood by saying it’s all down to her father’s influence. Her speech gets even more pompous as she touts that she’s only been on the main roster less than a year – and has accomplished so much. Sasha’s had enough and walks out of the ring, while Becky looks like she’s ready to punch someone. The entire ring empties in protest, to Charlotte’s anger. But Natalya has grabbed a microphone and climbs back into the ring. She says that Charlotte needs a lesson in humility. She suggests that Charlotte put her genetics on the line against hers, which the champ understandably refuses. Natalya’s response? Put her in the Sharpshooter!

During Zack Ryder’s match against The Miz, Mr Hollywood gets into an altercation with Mr Ryder at ringside – leading to himself getting a good shove. Later in the match, none other than Maryse appears! The Miz’s wife slaps Mr Ryder in the face, distracting Zack. This allows Miz to capitalise and win the Intercontinental Championship. No news on whether or not this is a one-off or Maryse is looking to make a full-time return. She has been advertised as being in her husband’s corner this week on Smackdown.


The night after WrestleMania is one that WWE fans have come to regard as a dud when it comes to the women. Usually with some debuts or special swerves for the men, the women usually aren’t a priority. And to our surprise, we got two female-related segments. I was surprised there was actually a match at all – even if it was just a two-minute job. I liked seeing two new women face each other – since Sasha and Summer only ever wrestled each other once. They packed a lot into the short match and it was moderately fun. The botched spot was what it was but that just comes from packing a lot into a short space of time. The match’s purpose was to put Sasha over and keep in the limelight somehow. Judging from her mannerisms and behaviour in the match, she’s a definite babyface now. One wonders if she’ll get another feud on the side – because the title picture just went into a new direction.

The celebration segment looked as if it was made with good intentions but the whole thing was unfortunately just very awkward. Having Charlotte break kayfabe and then suddenly mood whiplash back into character didn’t work. Sasha managed to do it on NXT last year, but it’s a line that should be treaded carefully. Having Lita thank the fans would have been better. Charlotte also missed an opportunity to get heat when she acknowledged the chants for Bayley. Thankfully the physical parts of this segment were much more enjoyable. Natalya is now the one getting a push it seems. I’ve wanted her to be in the spotlight for a while, and injuries derailed her momentum from returning back in September – so this looks like a good opportunity. Although they just had a match at Roadblock, I’d be open to another one – especially since Natalya is one of the best women to watch in the ring. I can’t think of a better candidate to help Charlotte establish herself as the new Women’s Champion. Rather than keeping us guessing with questions, WWE went ahead and told us what we’ve got in store. Hopefully it’s a good one. Notably Brie Bella was absent from the group segment, no word on her status with WWE yet.

  • Francisco Baguer

    Usually a Post-Mania Raw could be good for the women, but this one wasn’t the case. 2 years ago saw Paige defeat AJ Lee for her 1st championship & last year saw AJ’s last match. What does WWE do this year? Have a 2 minute squash with Sasha & a copy paste segment from Wrestlemania, but with everyone else in the ring besides Lita. For WWE, claiming this is the start of a new era for women’s wrestling, they sure still have that mentality of cramming all women in a segment who just stand there. Also why Natalya? Of all the different women they could have chosen for Charlotte, they chose the one who fought her nonstop for 2 years? I mean anything would better than Charlotte vs Natalya Part 15. You have Natalya compete in a random filler match to all of a sudden being a contender for the title in just 24 hours.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Well I’d hardly say that Paige winning the title off AJ could be good for anyone, considering what a disaster the resulting push was :P

      Charlotte and Sasha have also fought each other non stop, more times than Natalya and Charlotte. Most of this roster has worked with each other a lot over the last few years. At least Charlotte and Natalya’s matches are legitimately good -- and Nattie is getting some prominence at last. I don’t doubt that Sasha and Becky’s time will come and I’m annoyed neither of them are champion right now, but I’m not going to complain at Natalya getting pushed either.

      • Francisco Baguer

        Guess that proves that Sasha & Becky have been buried. Becky never got her revenge on Charlotte after all those months of being cheated out of the title. Sasha is still unbeaten but has no direction going forward. Natalya is probably just a placeholder like Brie & just has a one & done shot at the belt, before Charlotte moves on.

      • Francisco Baguer

        Guess that proves my point on Mania, that Sasha & Becky have been buried. Becky never got her revenge on Charlotte after all those months of being humiliated and cheated out of the title. Sasha is still unbeaten but has no payoff & no direction going forward. Natalya is probably just a placeholder like Brie & just has a one & done shot at the belt, before Charlotte moves on.

        • Bobby Calloway

          Buried is a term used to describe when a wrestler’s credibility is destroyed and they’re intentionally made to look weak. Becky and Sasha did not win, but they still wrestled a long and hard-fought match that only ended due to outside interference. Had Charlotte squashed them, *that* would be a burial. Sasha has still yet to be pinned or submitted on the main roster

          Additionally Sasha posted an ambiguous photo to her twitter, with her outside a hospital. There’s some speculation she was injured -- which would explain her being abruptly written out of the title picture

          • Francisco Baguer

            That still doesn’t explain why Becky is out of the picture as well. Charlotte spend all those months embrassing Becky, putting her down & delegitimize her. Then she would beat her, making her right. As result Becky or Sasha for that matter can’t get their heat back. The key to any good feud or rivalry is that at the end, no matter who wins or loses the final battle, all the women get elevated.

  • conan_kun

    What’s wrong is they let Charlotte retain at Wrestlemania, when there’s lovable underdog babyface Becky and most popular woman Sasha in Triple Threat Match at Mania, they should let one of them to win the title from Charlotte but they didn’t do that. Why do the crowd care about despicable heel Charlotte’s heartfelt promo, they will think that it was just a typical heel’s insincere promo. If it’s new champ Becky or Sasha does the in-ring promo to put over women’s division, the crowd may behave better to invest the segment.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Battle royal possibly but they seem to be outright going for a Charlotte/Natalya program. Possibly just an interim feud or something like Brie’s was

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