WWE Divas, February 17th NXT Results – A Little of This, A Little of That…
Posted on Thursday, February 18th, 2016

WWE Divas, February 17 NXT Results:

Asuka vs Deonna Purazzo


Last week on NXT, BayMella clashed in the ring with the Women’s Championship at stake. Although they were attacked by the new alliance of Nia Jax and Eva Marie, it was Asuka who really cleared house. At the same time, the Japanese star made it clear she had her eye on the championship. Asuka will be in action this week, taking on Deonna Purazzo from the indies. Deonna also seems to have annoyed Emma and Dana Brooke, who have some choice words for her.

Deonna is actually getting an interview about her rematch with Asuka. She preserves her babyface credentials by talking up Asuka’s in-ring ability. She vows to be ready for her this time. But now Team Disingenuous is here. Dana tells Deonna that they are the ones who run NXT. She also says that Asuka got lucky when she beat them. Emma sarcastically wishes Deonna luck.

Asuka teases going for that knockout kick from last time, but Deonna remains unscathed. She instead gives Deonna some kicks to the legs and torso. Deonna fights back with punches but Asuka gets a leg scissors into a knee bar. Deonna quickly gets to the ropes to break the hold, and is able to hit a flying crossbody for two. Asuka shrugs off more forearms from Deonna. But when the latter slaps her, Asuka gets nasty. Deonna goes for a double axe handle, but Asuka cuts her off and goes into an ankle lock. She transitions into a German Suplex for two. She then locks Deonna in an arm bar, going into the Asuka Lock. Deonna escapes but Asuka hits her with two spinning back fists and a roundhouse kick for the win.

Winner: Asuka

After being shown a replay of the attack on Carmella and Bayley last week, we’re taken to an interview with Nia Jax and Eva Marie. Eva claims they made a statement, which Nia claims was justified – because she should have been in that match, and everyone knows it. Eva says that Asuka needs to stay out of their business, while Nia says she’s going to end up like the rest of the division: broken. Next we’re told that the two of them will face Bayley and Carmella in a tag team match next week.


After a title match last week, we’re up to a breather episode of NXT. This one is more about laying the groundwork and setting the stage for future matches. But we need that every now and then. An exciting episode every week would just create impossible standards to live up to. It was surprising that the Diva who got the most attention this week was the one not employed by the company. Deonna is just there as a jobber but she got a real opportunity. Her promo wasn’t the best, nor did she do anything of note in the ring against Asuka. But more people are bound to know who she is after this week. Perhaps this is a sign that WWE are high on her. She has reportedly received a try-out match and – after being given mic time and plenty of other spots – she might find herself on NXT permanently. I would like if they did a storyline like the one with Brian Kendrick back in 2003. He kept trying to convince Stephanie to give him a chance on Smackdown. We’ve never seen a Diva get that kind of storyline before, so it could be a good idea.

Asuka got another squash to remind us of her strength. It’s not really needed at this stage. But her wrestling is insanely good, so there aren’t any complaints about featuring her. It could never get boring to watch her in the ring. And it looks as if she’ll have to deal with the new alliance of Eva and Nia before she can go after Bayley. Nia and Eva sounded quite good in their promo. It was short and to the point. And they’re going to be facing Bayley and Carmella next week to test out their teamwork. Even though it’s a logical and predictable follow-on to what happened last week, I still like that NXT made it feel important. They tell us we should be excited to see how Bayley and Carmella react on next week’s episode. That makes it feel like a storyline, as opposed to something that we take for granted. So even if it was a breather episode of NXT, I still have nothing to complain about.

  • Francisco Baguer

    Deonna had a chance to speak, unfortunately Dana & Emma came in. Whats with those 2 in interrupting the new girls? Are they like the Welcoming Committee in the Women’s Divison. Didn’t they learn anything from Asuka? You’d think after the 1st time they got their heads kicked off by her, Emma & Dana would learn not to tease or underestimated the new blood. Speaking of Asuka, it was just another day for her as she continues her quest for the Women’s Title. Finally, Eva Marie & Nia Jax are acting out like a female version of the Mega Bucks. Would be nice for Eva to be like Ted Dibiase & Nia acting like Andre the Giant.

    • Bobby Calloway

      They did kind of establish Emma and Dana as a pair of foolish bullies who try to intimidate everyone only to get their asses kicked a while back. It gets them on TV anyway

      • Francisco Baguer

        Perhaps this could be a sign of trying to make Emma & Dana the Laycool of NXT, if they try to intimidate anyone who comes in.

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