WWE Divas, February 15th Raw Results – Riding In The Fast Lane…
Posted on Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

WWE Divas, February 15 Raw Results:


It won’t be long before another PPV will be upon us. Fast Lane takes place this Sunday and we’ve got two exciting Diva matches to sample. The first shows Charlotte defending her Divas’ Championship against Brie Bella. Six days away from her challenge, Brie is getting an interview live on Raw. The second match sees Team BAD taking on the unlikely duo of Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. In singles matches, both sides have a victory each. Becky takes on Naomi to determine who will have more momentum on Sunday. That’s also not all; as Paige will be in action too. She’ll be taking on the Diva that Rusev jilted months ago – it’s the returning Summer Rae.

Byron Saxton is standing in the ring to introduce Brie Bella. A replay is shown of Daniel Bryan’s retirement speech from last week, and the crowd chants for him as Brie takes the microphone. But before she can get two sentences out, the Divas’ Champion’s music plays. Charlotte agrees that there will never be another superstar like Daniel Bryan. But Brie corrects her when she uses past tense terms. Charlotte suggests that Brie forfeit her match at Fast Lane to be with her husband. Brie snaps back that her husband supports her 100%. Charlotte then gets in a barb that Brie is only here because she and Daniel need the money. She advises her to go home and take care of her sister and husband, since WWE doesn’t need her. Brie on the other hand knows that Charlotte is only trying to get in her head because she knows she won’t be easy to beat (I think the win/loss ratio in their series of matches begs to differ but okay). Brie says she’s added fuel to the fire and she is now disgusted at the champion Charlotte has become. This pisses Charlotte off enough for her to send her father out of the ring, before she reminds Brie that this was her one chance to bow out gracefully. She also gets in a dig about Brie’s “goat-faced vegan babies” – and that’s enough to make Mrs Danielson snap. She mounts Charlotte with a Thesz Press and unleashes a volley of Yes Kicks. Charlotte manages to get out of the ring but Brie continues to stare daggers at her.

The returning Summer Rae is already in the ring, back to her old attire. Paige is allowed an entrance. Summer shoves her as soon as she’s in the ring, and then rolls her up for two. Two arm drags from Summer, followed by a spike DDT. Paige no-sells the DDT and kicks Summer, dropping down to trip her up. A knee to the jaw follows, and Paige gets a couple of hammerlock takedowns. She drags Summer into position for the knees to the chest but Summer ducks a big boot and floors Paige with a spinning heel kick. Summer lands a couple of leg drops and chokes Paige at the ropes to keep in control. She heels it up and locks on a half-nelson, but Paige escapes with an arm drag. She keeps her momentum with various kicks. A running knee to the corner and another to the face follow, getting two. Paige goes for the PTO but Summer counters into a not great-looking cradle for the shock win!

Winner: Summer Rae


A segment from earlier in the day – on WWE.com – shows Becky Lynch arriving in the parking lot. Immediately she’s confronted by Team BAD, who act as their usual catty selves. Becky suggests they save the banter for the ring later. Naomi agrees – but Tamina doesn’t. She superkicks Becky!

WWE are feeling extra generous with the TV time today – as both Becky and Naomi get full entrances. Becky remembers the parking lot attack and goes to town with forearms and a pumphandle suplex as soon as the bell rings. Naomi actually rolls out of the ring and considers walking out of the match. But she climbs back onto the apron and nails Becky with a sneaky kick. Back in the ring she unleashes more kicks, and bashes Becky with an enziguri. A leg drop is followed by a keylock. Becky tries to fight out but Naomi goes for her corner bulldog. Becky blocks this and sends Naomi into the turnbuckle. Tamina gets up onto the apron to intervene – but Becky socks her. She then rolls Naomi up for two. Naomi reverses the pin, but Becky reverses that into the Dis-Arm-Her!

Winner: Becky Lynch

Tamina attacks Becky immediately and she and Naomi prepare to gang up on her. But Sasha Banks’s music plays! The Boss – now with straight hair to show she’s a babyface this week – makes her way to the ring. Tamina doesn’t let it deter her and lays Becky out with a Samoan Drop. But they retreat when Sasha finally enters the ring. Team BAD keep their distance while Becky and Sasha appear to be united…for now.


Well this was an unexpectedly eventful Raw. With a B-level PPV at the weekend, you wouldn’t expect to get such intense build-up. But the Divas were featured all over the show, and creatively at that. I can really appreciate that none of our go-home segments had two minute squashes with the opponents making barbs on commentary. Starting off with Brie and Charlotte’s promo, I enjoyed it for the most part. I like that they actually gave them mic time, as opposed to the obvious route of Brie or Charlotte squashing someone for momentum. Using Daniel Bryan’s retirement to put heat into the match was a genius move. And Charlotte played off the crowd well. She carefully got her heat and played heel to perfection. Her mic skills still leave a lot to be desired but she’s at least got the attitude down. She is a born heel and came across as naturally dislikeable in this segment. Brie meanwhile is a born babyface. It’s clear that she plays the face role far more naturally than she does a heel role. Sadly, her mic skills aren’t perfect either. A lot of the two women’s deliveries were downright cringe-worthy. But the emotions in the segment still prevented it from falling apart. And I’m actually looking forward to the title match on Sunday, in spite of Charlotte and Brie having faced each other so often. With news that Brie could be retiring, that just adds to the excitement.

Summer Rae and Paige was an unexpectedly good match. I say unexpectedly good because a) it was longer than two minutes, b) it actually made both women look good and c) Summer Rae didn’t embarrass herself in the ring. All three are usually variables when referring to these Total Divas-themed matches. Summer Rae has not wrestled in ages. Not since before she hooked up with Rusev for that feud with Lana that never got a pay-off. Summer was the only one to come out of that feud unembarrassed and yet she’s the only one who’s disappeared since. Her storyline with Tyler Breeze was ended with no fanfare, and the vast majority of fans had probably forgotten she was still employed. But she was booked very well in this match here. It’s well documented that she and Paige are great friends in real life, Summer being Paige’s first friend when the latter arrived at FCW. Both women traded hard-hitting blows and got to show what they could do. Unlike Cameron, who was a disaster on NXT in her first match in months, Summer looks as if she’s actually been training and working on her craft. The lone gripe I have about this match is the fact that she used a finishing move in the opening minutes of it. And the fact that Paige no-sold a DDT really made me roll my eyes. But I’m willing to overlook that because their match was just that fun. I was even ecstatic to see Summer pick up the win. What does this mean for her? Probably nothing at the moment, but we fans can dream.

The third and final segment for the evening was the stuff between Team BAD, Becky and Sasha. The match itself was shorter than the other segments, but had a WWE.com video and an after-match brawl to make up for it. Naomi managed to have one of her better days and not look disastrous in the ring as a heel. In fact, she worked pretty darn well. All of her kicks looked so effective. She killed it in the ring. Granted she didn’t have too much time to fill, but she looked comfortable out there. Hopefully she’ll learn something from working with Becky and Sasha. She and Becky worked pretty well together, and far more naturally than Becky did with Charlotte at the Royal Rumble. I had worried that Becky would end up as the ‘inferior one’ in this little feud, but that worry was lifted with her win over Naomi. And Team BAD got to attack her after the match to keep the heat on themselves. Sasha’s save actually felt pretty epic, even if not much happened. I even felt a couple of goosebumps seeing her and Becky standing side by side as apparent faces. This is the most babyface Sasha has looked since Team BAD’s split. We’ll see if it can stay that way after Sunday. WWE has done a nice job at getting me excited for two big Diva matches at the PPV, so hopefully Smackdown does not disappoint.

  • conan_kun

    Charlotte and Brie segment like rehashing Bellas feud, they used Daniel Bryan to gain cheap pops and heats. Brie complain about her family just reminds me who she’s talking to. Her husband retiring a millionaire isn’t that bad, her sister chilling in Cena’s million dollar mansion for a few months to heel her neck isn’t that bad, compared to Ric losing his son and Charlotte losing her brother tragically. That’s a real family tragedy so I have a hard time rooting in any way for Brie.

    First Paige is barely appeared on Raw and Smackdown after her feud with Charlotte ended, now lost to Summer Rae who never wrestle on televised show for around 8 months. Are they restarted Paige-Summer feud back to NXT in 2013? Thanks to WWE creative team overexposed her since her debut, now the fans are tired of her in her young age to get title shot again after she had got so many winthin 2 years. Hope they won’t repeat the same mistake to Sasha.

    Sasha didn’t act much babyface, usually they always rushed to a ring to save their partners but Sasha slowly walks then enters the ring when the damage is done. It’s better if they ended with 4 women brawling to make divas tag match more exciting but they missed this opportunity.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Her husband has been a wrestler his entire life and he’s been forced to give it up. He didn’t retire of his own choice but because his body isn’t physically able for it. He didn’t get to go out one last match or have that last moment of soaking it in. So yes that is a tragedy. Not as tragic as losing a loved one of course, but pitting different tragedies against each other to see who deserves more sympathy is neither here nor there.

      I agree 100% about Paige. The more I think over it, the more annoyed I am about how she was debuted on the main roster. Put over way too soon and too quickly. So even though I’m annoyed that Sasha was held back on the main roster, it’s a relief that she wasn’t put over in the same way. As both women are still so very young, they can take their time with them. Putting Summer with Charlotte would actually be a great idea -- since the BFFs never got much of a chance to be top heels together

      • Francisco Baguer

        Thats what happened when they pushed Paige way too soon after debuting. They tried to make the next AJ Lee, but when they realized that there was nothing left to do, WWE finally pushed her down the card & pretty soon she’s going to become a jobber. As far as Summer goes, I hope she & Charlotte team up to rekindle their NXT partnership.

  • Zane Truesdale

    Simplevecly makes everyone look good even tamina which no one else has done

    • Bobby Calloway

      One of the trainers at the school where she trained in Ireland called her the best wrestler that they had ever produced -- and I’d be inclined to agree. And judging from how she is in real life, she seems very much like Nattie in that she can work with anyone and help everyone out. She really helped Charlotte out when she was finding her feet first as NXT Women’s Champion.

      • Zane Truesdale

        Fin balor once said that she quit before she hit her prime even though she had traveled the world and was the top 4 worldwide at age 18

  • Zane Truesdale


  • Francisco Baguer

    The Charlotte & Brie segment feels like a rehash from the build to Summerslam 2014 with Charlotte acting like Stephanie. I don’t like the fact they try to use Daniel Bryan as way to give Brie sympathy & the fact they do it in a personal level. They need the realize that this isn’t the Attitude Era anymore where using reality into storylines is the norm. Trish & Lita never stooped to that level of bringing up their family members in their feud. Charlotte using the “goat-faced vegan babies” gave me bad memories of the Reid Flair stunt she & Paige did a few months back. WWE seems aware that this feud has little to no build, so they wait until the last minute to pull out something like this for publicity reasons only & desperation for attention days before a PPV. This title match is so predictable as everybody & their mother knows that Charlotte’s going to retain & drop the belt at Wrestlemania. With Brie retiring its clear that this Sunday will be her last match.

    • Bobby Calloway

      I have no problem with it. The only reason Lita and Trish didn’t get real life personal is because their private lives weren’t available for public viewing (Twitter etc). I’m sure Bryan was happy that his wife is being given a little something, and that the momentum that comes from his retirement is being channeled into helping put her over a little. Just because it’s predictable doesn’t mean it’s bad. I’m happy that if this is Brie’s way of going out that she gets mic time and character development. But to each their own of course.

      • Francisco Baguer

        You don’t get it. Its not 2014, this is not Stephanie McMahon doing this its Charlotte, they are completely different. Brie isn’t the same main event level diva she was in 2014, now she’s the jobber who’s career is pretty much over.

      • Francisco Baguer

        You don’t get it. Its not 2014, this is not Stephanie McMahon doing this its Charlotte, they are completely different. Brie isn’t the same main event level diva she was in 2014, now she’s the jobber who’s career is pretty much over.

  • Duckman

    I’m glad they gave summer a win, she is underrated, she deserves to be divas champ one day, she is great on the mic and can be a great heel. But Paige and summer will be in 50/50 booking hell from now on, smh

    • Bobby Calloway

      Hopefully this at least means we’ll see more of her.

  • Duckman

    It’s quite obvious Brie isn’t winning the belt for sympathy, Charlotte and Sasha is going to mania to be the money match, don’t know what Brie is doing after fastlane, but if she wins the title she will ruin the big money match for wrestlemania, just for a yes chant movement

    • Bobby Calloway

      Yep, this segment gave Brie the momentum too. So she’s most likely not winning. Someone over on Diva Dirt got the ‘bright idea’ that Brie is somehow retiring as Divas’ Champion.

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