WWE Divas, December 31st Smackdown Results – Brie Mode Beats BAD Mode
Posted on Monday, January 4th, 2016

WWE Divas, December 31 Smackdown Results:

Team BAD vs Team Bella


For the final Smackdown of 2015, some of the supporting players in the Divas Revolution took centre stage. With Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks battling it out on Raw, it fell to the remaining Divas to close 2015 on the blue brand. Alicia Fox and Brie Bella – with their Slammy winner partner notably absent – take on Naomi and Tamina Snuka in tag team action.

Brie starts off hurling a few kicks at Tamina. Alicia tags in but gets a head-butt. She’s able to comes back with a split-legged sunset flip and dropkicks. She tries to whip Tamina but the latter blocks it. Alicia attempts to go for a neckbreaker but Tamina blocks again and flips her to the front – where she blasts her with a superkick. Tamina slams Alicia for two but misses a splash in the corner. Naomi tags in and fails to cut Alicia off. Brie comes in off the hot tag with a missile dropkick and her Yes Kicks. Naomi ducks and goes for the Rear View – but Brie dodges it. She goes for the running knee, but Naomi ducks and Brie gets Tamina instead. Naomi nails her from behind and goes for the bulldog into the corner. Brie blocks that and Naomi hits the turnbuckle. Brie connects with the Bella Buster for the win!

Winners: Team Bella


As expected, the New Year’s Eve edition of Smackdown was pretty light on the Divas action. It’s shocking to think of, but it seems that the days of Divas wrestling in sexy Santa outfits are disappearing. As expected, Becky and Sasha got the main focus on Raw – so the supporting players were thrown a bone. Even with a small four minute match, it was surprisingly fun. I always relish the chance to see Alicia Fox wrestling, especially with the back seat she usually takes when the leading Divas are duking it out. I hope 2016 has better things in store for her. Tamina in control was about as awkward as we’ve come to expect from the Superfly’s daughter, but she wasn’t out there for long enough to make it painful. Naomi meanwhile didn’t embarrass herself and was doing very nicely in the hot tag sequence. I’m glad that Brie has given up dragging her opponents into position for her Yes Kicks, because here the transition between that and the missile dropkick was much more natural. The teasing for the finishers was a nice little spot that made the match fun – and the counter to Naomi’s move was a good one. I was impressed to see Brie pick up the win. I’d been expecting Naomi and Tamina to find some way to distract them. But with it being the Holiday Season, WWE decided to give the feel-good win to the de-facto faces. These Divas all had supporting roles in 2015’s various feuds, and three out of four deserve a bit of spotlight in 2016. Tamina however I don’t see remaining with the company for the full year. Each year always has a notable departure or two, and I feel the 3rd generation Diva will be 2016’s.

  • Francisco Baguer

    As 2015 has come & gone we end in the typical random tag match thats has no meaning in the grand scheme of things. The booking is just a bad as ever with Team B.A.D trying & failing to be the New Day, while Team Bella is directionless after their leader was injured. It doesn’t help that we end the year with a depleted roster consisting of only 8 active women,which makes TNA’s KO division look big by comparison. Let me share with you all the women who all left this year that caused the roster to feel depleted.
    AJ Lee: Walked out on the company like CM Punk did before her.
    Layla: Retired
    Nikki Bella: Currently on the shelf after suffering a major neck injury that may or may not require surgery.
    Natalya: Spent the majority of the year in MIA.
    Cameron & Emma: Both jump shipped to NXT.
    Rosa Mendes: Pregnant.

    • conan_kun

      At least TNA creative is much better in booking women wrestlers, unlike WWE, they won’t book unequal numbers of faces and heels, book some woman acting face and heel inconsistently, inexplicable turn heel without explanation.

      • Francisco Baguer

        Your right, & at least TNA doesn’t do rematches every single week, like what WWE is doing recently. Also TNA at least as roster of women who are clearly established between face or heel instead of flip-flopping.

  • conan_kun

    Summer Rae have in-ring promo to remind WWE Universe that she is The First Lady of NXT, brag that she carried Charlotte and Sasha and made them famous during BFFs days in NXT, like The Miz always took credit for Daniel Bryan’s success, put over Becky on Becky’s debut match in NXT, triggered Charlotte, Becky and Sasha coming to the ring and confronted each other.

    Or Summer Rae reunite with Charlotte who going to full heel soon? At least better than Ric Flair stealing spotlight of divas division plus Summer and Charlotte can bring back their BFFs days in NXT, Summer can be Charlotte’s manager who doing dirty works for Charlotte.

  • Zane Truesdale

    The best part about this is that everything revolves around becky Lynch. Shes easly the highlight of the divas division and makes it worth watching

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