WWE Divas, October 29th Smackdown Results – Team BAD Give Natalya A Halloween Trick
Posted on Saturday, October 31st, 2015

WWE Divas, October 29 Smackdown Results:

Natalya vs Paige


It was two weeks ago on Smackdown that Natalya was found brutally attacked backstage. Afterwards Paige immediately found herself under a cloud of suspicion – and if this week’s Raw is anything to go on, she embraced it full throttle. On Smackdown Natalya makes her first appearance since the attack, and she’s facing the number one suspect in a match. But all doesn’t look to be as it seems – as Team BAD have something to say on the matter.

Natalya is alone, Charlotte and Becky likely still recovering from the attack on Raw. We get a pre-filmed promo where Nattie says she has no proof that Paige attacked her, but she’s going to punish her for everything else she’s done. Paige superkicks Natalya as soon as the bell rings and is in control with kicks and head-butts. She throws Natalya into the corner and starts stomping. Natalya reverses and Irish Whip and hits Paige with a discus clothesline. She follows up with a release German Suplex – and that sends Paige out of the ring. But what’s this? Sasha Banks’s music plays – and Team BAD are here. They mock Natalya for getting attacked, claiming she’s always seeking attention. Paige then hits a distracted Natalya from behind and lays her out with the Ram-Paige.

Winner: Paige

Team BAD enter the ring and surround Natalya. Tamina superkicks her and a three-on-one beatdown ensues. Naomi hits Natalya with her foot jawbreaker, then Sasha hitting her with the Bank Statement. Team BAD then raise each other’s hands in celebration.


Natalya returns sooner than I’d have expected. I thought she’d be off TV until the next PPV at least. But the match between her and Paige was very enjoyable in spite of its short length. Like their bout on Raw a couple weeks back, it was very hard-hitting and looked like an actual fight. I’m happy the match was short because it makes me crave a longer one with more hype behind it later down the line. The only thing that didn’t look too good was Team BAD’s interference. I’m not a fan of entrance music playing in the middle of a match, since it really mucks up the way the rules are. That should cause an automatic No Contest, since it counts as interfering. Things would have flowed much better if Team BAD had simply just walked out without entrance music playing and cut their promo after Paige had picked up the win. Beating her down was a fine segment and I liked that it incorporated all three members. I’m also happy that it means some kind of storyline focus for Team BAD now. However I don’t think this was the best way to do it. The crowd cheered them on as they did it. I think it’s safe to say that Sasha at this stage is too over to be booked as a complete heel. The only Diva I could imagine her getting booed against is Becky. But anyway I think I guess where this could be going. Survivor Series is the next PPV on the way. Add Paige to the amount of people in Team BAD and how many do you have? Four – as in enough for a Survivor Series team. I imagine Paige, Sasha, Naomi & Tamina will make up one team – against Charlotte, Becky and Natalya. For some reason I could see them bringing Bayley along as a mystery partner. But given how this latest storyline has been all about tag teams feuding, I would be very surprised if we don’t get a Survivor Series match. But as long as it’s booked better than last year’s, I’ll be okay with that.

  • conan_kun

    I don’t like PPV without Divas title match or else it’ll draw complaints, I prefer Charlotte vs Paige for Divas title at Survivor Series.

    Now Charlotte and Becky will be busy to involve in 3 feuds simultaneously since only Charlotte, Becky and Natalya are babyfaces:
    1) against Paige
    2) against Team Bella
    3) help Natalya to fend off Team BAD

    I know that it was supposed to be Charlotte-Paige feud, but WWE creative team still keeps letting Team Bella gets in their business.

    When AJ Lee won Divas title from Paige at NOC last year and retained against Paige at HIAC, starting next night on Raw, there’s no more confrontation between AJ and Paige already. However, after Charlotte won Divas title at NOC and retained against Nikki at HIAC, they still book Paige, Charlotte and Becky against Team Bella last week on Raw by Nikki pinning Becky clean and Main Event with Becky lost to Brie via Nikki’s interference, this may set up Charlotte and Becky facing Bellas again next week on Raw.

    It means that they won’t let Nikki phase out of Divas title picture, they will shoehorn Nikki into Divas Title match at Survivor Series somehow eventually.

    Starting from Nov 4, the roster took 2-way European tour house shows, Charlotte, Becky, Paige and Team Bella are on the same tour, while Team BAD is on another tour, means that they will book either “reunited” PCB vs Team Bella or Charlotte vs Paige vs Nikki for Divas title, of course the champs won’t drop their titles at house shows.
    And Raw in Machester on Nov 9, Charlotte, Becky, Paige and Team Bella are on included superstars list, mean that Nikki won’t take time off.

    • Bobby Calloway

      A face turn for Team Bella? I suppose it could work.I think they really need Team BAD as faces though. Sasha cannot be pushed as a heel. Anyone she goes against -- with the possible exception of Becky -- will get booed. As well as she plays the heel role, she needs to be a face.

      • Francisco Baguer

        Exactly, I mean it just annoys me how WWE is ignoring the fans who chant for Sasha: a woman who is undefeated since coming up to the main roster, whose popularity skyrocketed through the roof following her match against Bayley at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn and her little interaction in the divas match the following night at Summerslam lead to disappointed fans sounding off the next night and have continued to petition for Banks’ presence to this day. Sasha Banks has the potential to be a breakout star and for whatever reason her involvement on the main roster has her handcuffed and hasn’t been handed the opportunity to conduct a promo, which is one of strong suits in NXT or enough chances to backup those claims of being a “boss.”

        • conan_kun

          You see WWE can’t even bother to push male superstars who are hugely popular by the fans like Cesaro, Ambrose, can we expect they will do better in Divas division. Besides Sasha, they can’t even utilize Charlotte and Becky well at all.

          • Charlie Flickinger

            Right. Sasha plays the Heel to perfection, however she’s so over, because she’s smokin’ hit AND skilled AF in the ring, and instead of saying ‘You know what. Let’s push her Boss Character as a face. Make her a overly competitive face character. Turn Charlote heel. Everyone boos the walking fridge anyway, so let’s have her att k Becky and give her an egotistical heel character.’ They have her attack someone who is slightly over, but not Becky wise to where she’s gonna get some actual heat. Wwe clearly don’t know how to handle Sasha. I almost wish she had stayed down in NXT and then popped up at Wrestlemania to scalp some bitches.

            Also off topic: but has anyone heard plans about including the NXT championships at Wrestlemania? I heard they were grooming Eva to win the women’s championship there, and i PRAY to every wrestling goddess for that to not be an actual thing.

      • conan_kun

        Sasha’s boss character is suitable as heel if she can make the kid crys like she did in NXT Takeover Respect, after seeing them 3-on-1 beat down Natalya won’t make them babyfaces sooner or later, on the other hand, Team Bella keep interacted the fans before and after the match, especially Nikki keeps breaking kayfabe by hugging kids in recently weeks proved that they can’t play heels better than Team BAD.

  • conan_kun

    I think the best option is Raw during Divas title No 1 contender match featuring Paige vs Sasha vs Nikki, Paige ended up pinning Nikki to win. After the match, Sasha snapped then assaulted Nikki by targeting Nikki’s leg, eventually led Nikki to stretcher off in order to write Nikki off the TV so Nikki can take time off with Cena.

    The following week on Raw with Sasha vs Natalya, the match ended by Team BAD attacking Natalya, led to Brie and Foxy turn face and run out to help their fellow Total Divas cast Natalya fend off Team BAD. Remember John Cena turned babyface just weeks before Survivor Series 2003 and joined Team Angle against Team Lesnar, despite Cena vs Angle at last month PPV.

    That’s way babyfaces and heels are even, Charlotte with Becky can concentrate to feud with Paige and Team Bella will be out of title picture. Later Natalya recruits Becky as fourth member and Sasha recruit her former BFFs member Summer Rae as fourth member, made it Natalya, Becky, Brie and Foxy vs Sasha, Summer, Naomi and Tamina at Survivor Series.

  • Charlie Flickinger

    I’m thinking they’re gone write Alicia & Nikki out. Alicia tweeted about getting ready for vacation about a week ago. And if they do that they could have a 3 on 3 match on raw. NBC vs Team Bella. Team Bad interferes again, this time taking it to Nikki & Alicia, writing to two out for the time being. Survivor Series is Team Bad & Paige vs Team NBC & Brie Bella. With Paige & Sasha as the survivors on their team.
    Also Tamina looked SO good in that attack. All of Team Bad did, but DAMN that right hand about took out Nattie’s eye again.
    And your right. Sasha is way too over to be booked at a black hearted heel. They need to push her the way they did AJ Lee. Make her a quick thinking heel, who stands up for what they think is right.

    • conan_kun

      If Charlotte didn’t defend her title at Survivor Series, the fans may complain, like Nikki didn’t defend at many PPVs such as classic PPV Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania 31, Summerslam draw too much complaints.

      Speaking of Team Bella, they are still booked for Europe tour starting this week so I can’t see them out of storyline soon.

      • Charlie Flickinger

        The difference between Charlotte and Nikki Bella is I doubt Charlotte won’t defend at more than half of her PPV matches.
        And while the Bella’s may be in the European tour, why not remove them there? The UK will bury them anyway. Why not give them a little bit of sympathy in front of the hostile crowds?

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