WWE Divas, October 28th NXT Results – A Trick From Nia, A Treat For Emma
Posted on Thursday, October 29th, 2015

WWE Divas, October 28 NXT Results:


Ahoy cats and kittens. Today’s NXT recap is a special one, and not just because it’s being typed up on my birthday. Divas will be all over the product this week. First of all, we’ll hear from the NXT Women’s Champion as she gives her opinion on the stunt Alexa Bliss pulled a couple of weeks ago. Likewise Alexa issues a challenge for Bayley. On the other side of things, Nia Jax makes her second appearance once again facing a talent from the other side of the world: Scotland’s Kay Lee Ray! We can also look forward to seeing Emma step into the ring with one of her fellow Aussies – Shazza McKenzie! Rounding off this smorgasbord is another message from Paris from Eva Marie.

Team Disingenuous are out with something that looks like a choreographed entrance. Shazza likewise gets an entrance too. As she enters the ring, announcers mention that she was Emma’s final opponent before she was signed to WWE. Emma takes the lead with a headlock into a shoulder tackle. Emma hits a low dropkick and starts dominating Shazza. She socks her with a punch and delivers a couple of hair-mares. She stands on the hair to give some more punishment. Shazza is able to roll her up for two, but Emma clotheslines her to regain control. Emma now puts on a necklock, which Shazza fights out of. Nonetheless Emma slams her down by the hair but Shazza is able to get a few kicks and throw Emma to the corner. Emma however gets a cheap shot and hits her with the Emmamite Sandwich. She now slaps on the Emma Lock for an easy victory.

Winner: Emma

Devin Taylor is giving one of her final interviews, talking to the NXT Women’s Champion. Bayley thinks that Alexa resents the fact that throughout everything, she has remained true to herself and not allowed herself to become bitter like so many others. And she’s going to stay the same, and stay NXT Women’s Champion.

Eva Marie gives us one final postcard from Paris where she says her trip is almost over and she promises to see the NXT fans soon.

Nia’s ditched the neon purple outfit for a more badass looking black number. She also shoves Kay Lee into the corner at once to show off her power. Kay Lee actually gets a waistlock in but Nia breaks it and head-butts her. Kay Lee dodges a splash in the corner but Nia flips her to the apron. Kay Lee gets a sneaky punch and goes for a springboard – but Nia moves out of the way. She drops a couple of elbows and then hoists her up in a torture rack. Kay Lee escapes and goes for a backslide. Nia blocks it but Kay Lee rolls her up for one. She gets a couple of dropkicks but they don’t move Nia at all. She goes for a springboard crossbody but Nia catches her and lays her out with a spinebuster. She lands a leg drop and covers her for three.

Winner: Nia Jax

Alexa Bliss is being interviewed with Blake and Murphy. She’s been to William Regal and issued a challenge: if Bayley can find two partners, she’ll face Alexa, Blake and Murphy in a 6-person tag match.


Well NXT sure offered me up lots of Diva action to enjoy on my birthday. The Women’s Championship picture was promoted in a good way. Since Alexa is the manager to a tag team, a 6-person match is a logical way to progress the feud. We rarely see them these days but they were everywhere in the Attitude Era. The popularity of Team Xtreme inspired WWE to put more Divas with tag teams so they could all work together – Trish Stratus with T&A, Ivory with the Right to Censor, Jacqueline with the APA, Terri with the Radicalz, Molly Holly with the Holly Cousins…you get the picture. But in this particular case, the women themselves are the main attraction – and their feud is what’s taking prominence. 6-person tags are usually lots of fun and I’ll be excited to see who Bayley recruits as her partners. Kudos to WWE for thinking outside the box with this feud. Also both Bayley and Alexa delivered very nice promos. They were far above Charlotte’s iffy work on last week’s Smackdown.

We also have another Diva feud going on. I had a feeling that Asuka would move on to Emma when she was finished with Dana Brooke – and it looks like that’s exactly what’s happening. I fully expect for them to build towards Emma vs Asuka at the next live special. So far since she’s debuted, Asuka has been presented as this unstoppable force that easily dispatches those inferior to her. Dana is a rookie and Billie Kay is little more than enhancement talent at this stage. Emma however could be considered upper card. Given that Emma tends to get more wins than some of the others, I have a feeling she might be different. I think Emma could be that opponent that really gives Asuka something to properly fight against. Emma hasn’t had much of a chance to have a nice long fought match in ages – so it’ll be really fun to see her going balls to the wall against Asuka for a PPV special. As for this squash, that’s pretty much what it was. It served to make Emma look like a ruthless heel and it did the job. Shazza McKenzie is another woman known for being intolerably adorable, and also incredibly impressive in the ring. She didn’t get to show much of it off in this match, but I enjoyed seeing her at NXT. She’s rather photogenic so I doubt this will be the last we see of her.

Nia Jax made her second appearance, again squashing an indie talent. And again, said talent was pretty impressive. I preferred this match to the Shazza/Emma one because they told a better story and kept it exciting. Kay Lee Ray like Evie tried to do what she could to offset Nia’s power. This match put over Nia not just as brawn, but as brains too. She was able to outsmart Kay Lee’s tricks in a lot of places as well, instead of just relying on brute force. I like that she got to explore some more depths to her in-ring character. The black outfit suits her much better than the purple one also. The only thing I wasn’t sure about was the leg drop after her finisher. It just seemed like a weird thing to do. Nonetheless Nia Jax continues to be presented as someone along the lines of Beth Phoenix, Kharma or Chyna. It’s good that they’re getting such top women from the indies in to work with her. She’s very green so it will do lots of good for her to work with these women and learn from them. Overall another solid and respectable episode from NXT – with some nice showings from the international women as well as the home-grown ones.

  • Francisco Baguer

    Very interesting & impressed seeing these international women aboard. Just like what WCW did for the crusierweights, NXT does the same bringing in these talented women from all around the world & having them compete under one roof is very fun to see, & makes me hope that these women get signed.

    • Bobby Calloway

      I definitely hope Shazza McKenzie and Evie are signed. Both have that lovely natural babyface charisma that helped make Bayley a star. Even so it’ll really help their careers with these appearances -- bookings are sure to follow.

      • Francisco Baguer

        I would also like to some Joshi to come in & get signed on NXT, following Asuka’s footsteps. It would be cool see some women from Japan to come over, but thats just me.

  • Rosa’sBaby

    Kay Lee Ray needs to be signed. Her and a (rumor) signed Nikki Storm would have a great fued. I don’t really like Shazza

  • Charlie Flickinger

    NXT has been so good lately, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all. Bayley vs Alexa has been perfect so far, and I cannot wait to see what happens next week.
    And the enhancement talent has really help Nia look good. I’m ready to see her take on someone who can give her a fight.

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