WWE Divas, October 26th Raw Results – A Ram-Paige In San Diego
Posted on Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

WWE Divas, October 26 Raw Results:

Team PCB vs Team Bella


On Sunday at Hell In A Cell, Charlotte made her first successful title defence. She defeated Nikki Bella and retained the Divas’ Championship without any need for ringside interference. The post-match celebration seems to indicate that PCB are indeed back together. And that alliance will be put to the test immediately – as both Paige and Becky Lynch will team with Charlotte in 6-Diva tag team action. They’ll be facing all three members of Team Bella.

Paige shows her newfound loyalty to PCB by starting the match with Nikki. An exchange of head-mares follows, Paige getting the upper hand with a Japanese arm drag and leg sweep. She hits Nikki with a knee to the corner, and another to the face. Nikki comes back with a spinebuster and takes a swipe at Charlotte. Alicia Fox tags in but gets head-butted by Paige. Charlotte tags in and she and Paige hit a double dropkick. Charlotte delivers a neckbreaker, sweeps the leg and lands a knee drop. She returns Nikki’s favour by knocking her off the apron. But Alicia is able to blindside her with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Brie Bella tags in now, she and Alicia hitting a double team. Brie hits Charlotte with the running knee next. At this point the crowd are chanting “we want Becky” and Brie taunts them for it – all the while smashing Charlotte’s chest with kicks. Charlotte ducks the last one and gives Brie a neckbreaker. This allows her to hot tag Becky, who blasts Nikki with clotheslines, leg lariat and springboard kick. She hits a T-Bone suplex but Brie breaks the pin. Charlotte comes in to spear Brie, and she is booted by Alicia. Becky throws Alicia out and rolls Nikki up for two. Nikki is able to get the upper hand with a forearm into the Rack Attack.

Winners: Team Bella

Charlotte is enraged but she comforts Becky afterwards. However…shock! Horror! Paige attacks them both! She lays both her team mates out with the Ram-Paige – and then locks the Divas’ Champion in the PTO!


I believe I called it yesterday. I noticed Paige’s body language in the Hell In A Cell post-match celebration. I wasn’t completely sure but I had a feeling she’d be showing her true colours sooner rather than later. So now she does and we have our next feud officially sorted. I think the creative team might have worried that Paige hadn’t come across as heelish enough on her first turn – and thus had her go through this little manipulation in an attempt to get her more heat. While she got some cheers for what she did, I think it’s still a wise move. It does add another layer to her character other than simply being a heel who wants what she doesn’t have. This Paige will manipulate and play mind games to really catch her opponents off guard. While this character isn’t anything original – Mickie James, AJ Lee – it’s a million times better than someone making fun of another Diva’s looks, or spouting nonsense about being superior just because she’s not feminine. I thought for the most part, the segment was well done and it helped inject some kind of life back into Paige’s heel turn. This does also thankfully remove the ‘whodunit’ element from this storyline – since we can now assume that Paige attacked Natalya too. I’d really like to see Paige take out Becky next so that she can have Charlotte all to herself.

The match itself was fine, though we’ve seen these stables face each other numerous times already. The work between Nikki and Paige was as good as last week’s Smackdown, so no complaints here. They changed things around by having Charlotte be the one to get worked on by the heel team – which was a touch I really liked. Another touch I liked was how Brie played off the crowd. She’s usually terrible for actual heel work, so I was pleasantly surprised to see her do this. It added a nice bit of flavour to the proceedings. And Becky coming in off the hot tag was another breath of fresh air. She has such explosive energy in a match that it’s impressive to see her really mount a comeback. We haven’t had much of a chance to see that – what with her mostly taking the heat in tag team matches – so it was a welcome change. And since the new top heel is a loner, it looks as if we won’t be seeing too many 6-Diva tag matches cluttering up Raw any time soon. WWE have now got the potential for a really highly anticipated Diva program – as Paige and Charlotte are two women that have not worked together much before – and they’ve kicked things off well enough. So let’s hope they’ll capitalise on this momentum.

  • conan_kun

    Damn those WWE creative team ruining Becky and Sasha, they still let Bellas taking main spotlight for appearing Raw, Main Event and Smackdown last 2 weeks, make Becky too weak in order to even with less-talented Bellas, Sasha barely appeared and wrestled on main roster. Paige should have attacked Charlotte and Becky weeks ago instead of filp-floping until now. They keep doing same PCB vs Team Bella, first at Raw after Summerslam, secondly two weeks on Raw after NOC and now Raw after HIAC, which all ended up Team Bella won to make Team Bella regained momentum.

    They made Charlotte and Becky too foolish to keep trusting Paige. This just feels like Elimination Chamber all over again. The storyline focuses entirely on Charlotte and Paige (back then Paige and Naomi) but yet the Bellas seem to still come out winners. It really doesn’t help anyone.

    Nikki’s winning streak is not really helping anyone as no one is feuding with her, and will probably lead to her getting another title shot very soon, like WWE creative team goes any means to shoehorn Nikki into Divas title match at Survivor Series and left Sasha out again, something completely counter-productive, when the audience is crying out for new blood.

    • Bobby Calloway

      I doubt Nikki’s win here means anything. That’s why she pinned Becky and not Charlotte, who is champ. If it meant she’d be getting another title shot, she would have pinned the Divas’ Champion. But she pinned Becky. I think it’s obvious Paige will be getting the shot next. Nikki’s tapped out cleanly to Charlotte twice now. I doubt they’d have her do that if they wanted to push her for the title again.

      • Mark North

        Or have a 4-way between Charlotte, Nikki, Paige and Sasha at Survivor Series…

        • Bobby Calloway

          To quote good old JR “anything can happen in the World Wrestling Federation” ;) but I think he says that on one of the video games instead…

      • Francisco Baguer

        Paige finally turns heel…. Again! LOL. She did something she should’ve done after the pipe bomb she cut on them. Everything that happened in between was pointless cause they break them up & put back together & dragged everything out, but they finally made it clear that Paige is now a full-fledged heel. I’m happy that Paige will be Charlotte’s next challenger, because finally the Bellas are gone & out of the title picture, & were never going to have to worry about them again now that Paige is the new top heel against the top babyface in Charlotte.

        • Bobby Calloway

          Well technically Paige didn’t turn back face. She was just a heel pretending to be a face ;)

          • Francisco Baguer

            Well regardless I’m happy that Paige will be Charlotte’s next challenger, because finally the Bellas are gone & out of the title picture, & were never going to have to worry about them again now that Paige is the new top heel against the top babyface in Charlotte.

            • conan_kun

              I’m still worried that WWE creative team will somehow shoehorn Nikki into Divas title picture again as Bellas are Vince’s favorites like John Cena, make it like Charlotte vs Paige vs Nikki, like Triple H during his 2002-2005 World Heavyweight title picture, when he lost the title, he will win it back sooner or later.

              I had no issue with Bellas but they are on main spotlight too long, make Becky rarely in single match and Sasha took a backseat

              • Francisco Baguer

                I doubt it. Nikki’s ego can’t be as big as Triple H was back then. Also given the circumstances of John Cena taking time off now, I’m sure Nikki’s gone with him & they are both gone. When she comes back from her break, I hope they repackage her.

                • conan_kun

                  In my opinion, I prefer Brie to stay as solo babyface diva. I wish Ziggler bring in Brie to feud with Summer Breeze due to their friendship in Total Divas. Example Summer Breeze confronting and insulting Brie and her ugly husband Daniel Bryan, led to Brie slapping Breeze on his face, Summer Breeze going to assault Brie but Ziggler running out to chase them off.

                  If Nikki taking a break, they should find some way to write her off, example Paige vs Sasha vs Nikki for No 1 contender, Sasha won, Paige snapped and assaulted Nikki to cause Nikki storyline injured.

                  • Charlie Flickinger

                    Right. Like with Nikki apparently about to take a break I want them to give her a reason to. Like have Paige attack her backstage before a match or something and ‘injur’ her so Nikki and John can take a couple months off together and come back refreshed.

  • Charlie Flickinger

    Meh. I would have much rather have had Becky turn. Like have Becky lose the match and then snap on Charlote. I feel like that would have gone over a bit better since Paige was already back and forth. They could have had Becky freak and then Paige is watching and stops Becky, only to lay Char out.
    The match was fine. A little plain for my taste, but it was all basically just set up for Paige’s re-heel turn.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Really, Becky? I don’t know but I think Becky plays the face role way better. I cringed when she did her heel routine on NXT in the Team BAE alliance. She seems the most natural babyface out of all the women in PCB but that’s just me.

      • Charlie Flickinger

        I agree that she’s the best baby face, but the crowd is clearly, already against Charlotte. And having Becky revealed as the one who took out Natalya and then have her attack Miss Flair I feel like Becky & Paige would have skyrocketed over maybe even Sasha. Paige got a HUGE pop when she took out the champ and an even bigger one when she put her in the PTO.

        • Bobby Calloway

          Maybe they’re hoping that Becky’s popularity will rub off on Charlotte a bit -- since they’ve really been trying to play up the friendship between them.

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