WWE Divas, Hell In A Cell 2015 Results – Charlotte Does It With Flair
Posted on Monday, October 26th, 2015

WWE Divas, Hell In A Cell 2015 Results:

Charlotte* vs Nikki Bella [WWE Divas’ Championship] 


Last night’s Hell In A Cell featured the same match as the previous Night of Champions: Charlotte against Nikki Bella for the WWE Divas’ Championship. But since Charlotte defeated Nikki to win the title, a lot of things have changed. The night after, Paige broke it off with PCB and turned heel. But when they recruited Natalya to be her replacement, Paige seemed to turn over a new leaf – and now is desperate to win her friends back. But the question is whether Charlotte can keep her focus on her first title defence, rather than her personal drama. For added spice, both Team Bella and PCB are barred from ringside.

Both Divas take turns grappling and throwing each other into the corner. Charlotte hits a neckbreaker and goes for the ten-punch combo. Nikki however goes for a powerbomb, but Charlotte counters into a hurricanrana – and continues the punches. Nikki hits a hard forearm to send Charlotte outside the ring, even throwing the Divas’ Champion over the security wall. Charlotte tries to fight back but Nikki positions her so that she’s dangling from the wall – and then lands a stomp to her back. Nikki targets the back by driving Charlotte into the apron and then throwing her into the wall again. Back in the ring, Nikki sticks a knee into the back, transitioning to a snap suplex. She then delivers a slingshot suplex – but Charlotte lands on her feet and starts the chops. Nikki goes for a couple of backslide pins but Charlotte immediately kicks out. Nikki however regains control with the Bella Bomb. Nikki locks in a half-crab, alternating between applying her knee to the back for added pressure. Nikki breaks the hold to do a slingshot against the ropes, bouncing Charlotte’s back off her knees. Nikki whips Charlotte into the corner but the champ rolls up the top rope, bounces back and floors her with a big boot.

Charlotte goes for a suplex but her back gives out, allowing Nikki to regain control. She hip drops Charlotte’s back and lays her out with a spinebuster. The champ kicks out but Nikki taunts her with a slap to the face. Charlotte responds with a chop – and we get a chop/slap off between the two women. Nikki goes for her springboard kick – but Charlotte ducks! Nikki goes for it again but Charlotte channels Allison Danger and hits a Lovelace Choker for two. Charlotte climbs the top rope for a moonsault but Nikki climbs up two. After a few seconds that undoubtedly got made into a few memes, Nikki attempts a German Suplex from the top. However Charlotte flips backwards, landing on her knees and sending Nikki crashing to the mat! Charlotte blasts her challenger with a spear and goes for the Figure 8. But her back gives out and she can’t get into the bridge! Nikki’s able to grab the ropes and the referee breaks the submission. Nikki sends Charlotte out of the ring and hits the spot of the match: an Alabama Slam into the ring apron! She goes for the Rack Attack but Charlotte rolls around and locks the Figure 8! Nikki taps out and Charlotte has retained. Paige and Becky come down to the ring to celebrate with her.

Winner and STILL WWE Divas’ Champion: Charlotte


To say I loved this match would be an understatement. While this Divas Revolution storyline has been plagued with problems ever since it started, a big reminder to people is that the one thing that has rarely disappointed us is the wrestling. At least in my opinion. WWE has constantly frustrated us with the lack of attention given to the story and character development. But most of the women involved have done their best to put on good and hard-hitting matches. This marks Charlotte and Nikki’s third bout together and the old saying rings true: the third time is the charm. I thought their first bout was fine, their second was very respectable and this third one was very good. The build-up to it wasn’t anything special, but that’s nothing new. What else isn’t new is the women putting on good matches despite the storyline not being great. So it goes to show that the fault continues to lie not with the women themselves, but with the storylines. And Rome wasn’t built in a day. I can at least take comfort in the fact that the girls got around fifteen minutes for their match, the crowd cared somewhat about who was wrestling and the storyline was at least void of catty Mean Girls antics, lesbian teasing or twin switches.

Our Divas’ Champion had a real test to see how she would fare in her first title defence. Since the call-up, Charlotte has mostly been reduced to picking up the hot tag and getting minimal ring time in matches. Even in her title win, she got not too much offence in. Here however we finally saw that change. Although Nikki controlled a lot of the match, Charlotte got far more in and was able to show off a little. Countering the slingshot suplex by landing on her feet, reversing the top rope move and the final counter into the Figure 8 are all exactly the right amount of fancy touches a babyface champion should be putting into their matches. The only moment that didn’t look as solid was her punches after the hurricarana. Nikki meanwhile once again showed why she is evolving into one of the most improved Divas on the roster. Her awareness of psychology was brilliant to see. Everything she did in the match had a purpose and told a story. I can see that Nikki has been challenged in the ring by the sudden call-ups for the top workers like Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks – and working with them has definitely helped. Charlotte likewise sold nicely and made Nikki’s moves look killer. As the match went on, I was really impressed with some of the spots they pulled out. That Alabama Slam to the apron really made me pop – and it’s the first time I think I’ve ever heard a main roster Divas’ match get a “holy shit” chant from the fans.

Charlotte retains her title and effectively closes the door on Nikki’s time in the spotlight. And I think we’ve already got a hint of what the next storyline could be. I don’t think I’m the only one who noticed Paige’s body language after the match. I definitely saw Paige overstepping Becky and silently butting her out of the way to celebrate with Charlotte. It seemed like Paige was subtly trying to exclude Becky from the celebration – and I don’t doubt it’s a coincidence. This wouldn’t be the first time Paige has used body language and other subtle details to foreshadow the next storyline. The night before she turned heel, I noticed that she seemed to be foreshadowing it. I suspect that Becky might find herself the target of a sneak attack next. Or else she could fall under suspicion as to Natalya’s mystery attacker. Could Paige frame Becky for it, in order to drive a wedge between her and Charlotte? I’d personally love it if Paige’s master plan was to eliminate Charlotte’s allies so she’d have to go it alone against her. Notably the strong friendship between Charlotte and Becky has been played up a lot, so it would be a good storyline move to have Paige attempt to come between them. I really hope that’s what happens. WWE really delivered a solid Divas match here, so they should capitalise on this good press and deliver a good storyline to go with it.

  • Francisco Baguer

    It was a really good match & very happy that Bellas are out of the picture & we can move on. The only thing bothering me was the post match. It was a copy/paste celebration from Night of Champions minus Ric Flair. As for Paige, I really hope she has some grand plan in mind to get into Charlotte’s head by putting the blame on her or Becky for attacking Natalya & when she finally shows her true colors, then we have the match between her & Charlotte for the belt. I would be annoyed if they turn her face again in record time considering how she’s been smiling as of late, unless its like what Eve Torres did in 2012 against Kaitlyn.

    • Bobby Calloway

      It’s hard to tell with Paige hehe since she herself said she always looks fake when she smiles. But I think the body language where she butted Becky out of the way seemed to signal something. I’d love it if Paige tried to manipulate them like that. It could make for an interesting storyline.

  • conan_kun

    This match proved that Nikki is much better for her to go solo, Team Bella should disband and let Brie and Foxy go for their own.

    Off the point, since Ziggler feuds with Summer Breeze, will he bring in a diva other than Lana to join him. If Bellas are phased out from divas title picture and if Nikki taking a break, perhaps Ziggler brings in Brie due to their Total Divas’ friendship. Example Breeze insulting Brie and her husband Daniel Bryan, led to Ziggler chasing them off.

  • Danii

    This is my favorite Nikki Bella match! I’m totally seeing these two starting back up a red hot feud if or when Nikki returns to SmackDown!

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