WWE Divas, September 30th NXT – Play Time Is Over For Peyton & Billie
Posted on Thursday, October 1st, 2015

WWE Divas, NXT September 30 Results:

Team Disingenuous vs Billie Kay & Peyton Royce


Last week on NXT we all witnessed the arrival of Japanese sensation Kana – now renamed Asuka. Her arrival was not all sunshine and rainbows however, as the party was crashed by NXT’s resident bullies. Emma and Dana Brooke vowed to make things very difficult for her on NXT and, although Asuka left quietly, one look from her said things were far from over. This week both Emma and Dana are in tag team action, facing the two Aussies without gimmicks – Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. We also have news about the upcoming NXT Takeover event.

Team Disingenuous is backstage with William Regal. He’s less than pleased at their behaviour last week, but he’s going to make the best of it. He’s booked Asuka vs Dana Brooke for NXT Takeover! Dana’s confident…until she sees a video of Asuka training. Emma has a look that says she’s happy she’s not in the match.

We get another Nia Jax vignette and then a video of Asuka training. We can see why Dana looked so worried.

Oddly enough Dana and Emma enter separately. Peyton and Billie have done their hair to match and adopted some matching gear. Peyton starts against Dana, rolling her up for two. She gets a crucifix sunset followed by an Oklahoma Roll – both for two. She goes for a scoop slam but Dana rolls off into a waistlock. She goes for a roll-up but Peyton blocks and tags Billie in. They hit a nifty double team before Emma tags in. Billie headscissors her and delivers a nice vertical suplex. Dana tries to take a swipe at Billie, and this allows Emma to attack her from behind. Team Disingenuous do some quick tags before Dana slaps a body scissors on. Emma back in to heel it up over Billie, with a body scissors of her own. Billie fights out and throws punches to both Dana and Emma. She knocks Emma down with a big boot and makes the tag. Dana comes in as well to get floored by two roundhouse kicks by Peyton, followed by a dropkick. She hits her spinning heel kick in the corner, followed up with a second one. She goes to hit a crossbody but slips and Dana covers it up with a pin. Dana stays on top with some punches but Peyton comes back with another dropkick. Emma breaks the pin and is able to throw Billie out of the ring. Peyton dumps Emma out and goes to roll up Dana – until Emma trips her at the ropes. Dana’s able to hit her finisher for the win.

Winners: Team Disingenuous


We’re back to just one Diva segment on NXT this week, but it was a lengthy one. It was really odd to have Dana and Emma enter separately when they have been promoted as a team for the last several months and worked essentially as a duo during the match. But I digress. This was the first time they’d properly teamed together in a while, and they worked pretty well as a team. Not as good as say Team BAD or the Bella Twins, but they’re coming along as a tag team. From a wrestling perspective, Dana was fine when she had to sell for her opponents. But she looked a little less solid when she was on offence; she was rushing a lot of her stuff and not really taking time to sell or get heat. But working with a variety of girls who have more experience should help her sort these little boo-boos out. She did look rather lost after that botch towards the end, and it was very obvious that she was trying to cover things up. The match didn’t fall apart but it was close to. Meanwhile the Aussies appear to be getting tested as a tag team themselves. Perhaps the rumours of Divas tag titles are actually true? If so I think having Peyton and Billie as a team would be a good niche for them. The gear looks nice and they showed good potential chemistry, so why not? They just need a name, mic time and characters. Hopefully after Bayley and Sasha’s rematch is over they’ll receive more attention. I think the two of them could become like Sarita and Taylor Wilde in TNA. They were two women thrown together but ended up as a nice tag team.

Elsewhere we also have a second Divas match announced for NXT Takeover. Dana Brooke taking on Asuka. I can’t say I think this is a fantastic idea. In fact I think Emma would be better suited to that spot. Asuka has wrestled American women before, but most of them had some experience working with Japanese stars. So it remains to be seen if Dana will be able to handle working against someone used to a completely different style – and if Asuka will be able to guide her through the match. Of course I will be more than happy if they have a good match and Dana shows that she’s been working hard. This was obviously decided three weeks ago at the tapings, and it’s another week until the special. So Dana and Asuka will have had four weeks to properly train together and get familiar with each other in the ring. I don’t expect it’ll be a particularly long match – since we do have a 30-minute Iron Woman match as the main event – but hopefully Asuka’s in-ring debut is a good one. And hopefully we also find out exactly when the mysterious Nia Jax will be debuting.

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